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Please note that all recipes are either naturally gluten-free or have been modified to be gluten-free, in which case I offer both gluten-free and non gluten-free versions.  They are meant to be enjoyed by all, whether you are on a gluten-free diet or not!  

Key to abbreviations: Veg=Vegetarian, V=Vegan, LF=Low FODMAP, LC=Low Carb, P=Paleo, GF=Grain-Free



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Entrees {Vegetarian}

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Salads {Entree Salads and Side Salads}

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Soups and Stews

 Side Dishes {Beams, legumes, grains, potatoes, veggies}




  1. What a list! I came across a couple of your vegan dip recipes lately and they are always great. Particularly the pineapple salsa!

  2. Hello!

    There are two enticing photos of what appears to be a granola blend in the collage illustrating your favorites, above. There is no link or information about these. Both are on the right hand side on the first and second row. Could you please add links from the photo or describe what we’re seeing, please? I stumbled across your blog while trying to find some info I wanted to share with another runner. The chocolate-lemon energy bites will be another experiment in real food fueling. Always looking for no-bake-vegan fuel ideas.



  3. Thanks for your hard work. I am trying to switch my food habits for Health reasons. Your Recipes will help me. I found the site via a New York Times article on my Face Book. I am not positive, I will double check.
    You hard work is appreciated.

  4. As I read your blog it attracts me especially your super delicious and nutritious healthy recipes. This Blueberry Lassi smoothie is really good and great. I want to try this. Me and my friends for sure are very excited to try this recipe. Perfect for a warmth up. Thanks for this very fantastic recipes. Beautiful!

  5. The flavor was surprisingly awesome. I used 4 5-ounce cans, 3 eggs, added chopped celery, and was more generous with the onion. It’s a great go-to meal when I’m running low on other staples, because I always have canned tuna on hand. Rice makes a perfect side dish.

  6. I really like your blog and recipes

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