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Customizable Healthy Meal Plans

Say “bye-bye” to weeknight “what to make for dinner” worries, and say “hello” to tasty, nutritious recipes delivered straight to your inbox each week. You’ll save time by not having to meal plan or make a grocery list. In addition, you can put your mind at ease that you’re serving yourself healthy AND delicious meals.

Looking for nutrition information, including calories per day and macronutrient breakdown? That’s included too! Don’t like some of the options? Feel free to add/replace it with your favorite recipes and make them your own!

Customizable meal plan choices include 28-Day “Refresh, Anti-Inflammatory, Diabetes, Low FODMAP, Plant-Based, Simple Eats, and more! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch, and I’m happy to provide you with different options or create a customizable meal plan JUST FOR YOU!

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Bowl of quinoa and vegetables for a 28 day refresh meal plan.
28-Day “Refresh” Meal Plan
Colorful salad in a white bowl with kale, red cabbage, edamame, apples, and dried blueberries.
Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan
Plate topped with greens, orange slices, salmon, and avocado for a diabetes meal plan.
Diabetes Meal Plan
Bowl of pasta with arugula, tomatoes, chickpeas, and parsley for a low FODMAP meal plan.
Low FODMAP Meal Plan
Bowl with vegetables and quinoa for a plant based meal plan.
Plant Based Meal Plan
Bowl of tortilla soup topped with pumpkin seeds, radishes, avocado, and cilantro for a simple eats meal plan.
Simple Eats Meal Plan