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Drinks on Me! 15 Refreshingly Healthy Mocktail Recipes

These healthy mocktail recipes are a festive & delicious way to celebrate & stay hydrated, without a lot of extra calories. 

Collage with 4 different healthy mocktail recipes in glasses

Although I definitely love a good cocktail, like my favorite Triple Citrus Rosemary Pomegranate Margarita, there are times I’d rather not imbibe, but still want something festive, yet healthy too. Enter these 15 Refreshingly Healthy Mocktail Recipes I’ve wrangled up with the help of my food blogger and dietitian nutritionist friends.

All of these recipes are gluten free, vegetarian {most are vegan too}, and are no/low in added sugars. Bonus! Some of them get an antioxidant boost from fresh herbs and spices, or give your belly a dose of microbiome friendly kombucha. Win-win!

So, without further adieu, let’s get this mocktail party started!

14 Refreshingly Healthy Mocktail Recipes

Healthy Mocktail Recipes | Kombucha Mocktails

strawberry kombucha mocktail in a mason jar with strawberries and limes on wood table.

Strawberry Kombucha Mocktail Mojito

This gorgeous healthy mocktail recipe from Tawnie at Krolls Korner, features fresh strawberries, raspberries & mint, along with a probiotic boost from the kombucha. So refreshing!

healthy mocktail recipes - pineapple ginger kombucha mocktail with rosemary in 2 glasses

Simple Pineapple Ginger Kombucha Mocktail

This Pineapple Ginger Kombucha Mocktail from Elaine at Flavour & Savour, is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink made with probiotic-rich kombucha. Quick and easy to make with store-bought kombucha!

2 kombucha mule mocktails in copper mugs with mint and lime on top

Simple Kombucha Mule Mocktail

Enjoy a mocktail with probiotic benefits! This gingery kombucha mule from Kaleigh at Lively Table, is a gut-healthy version of the refreshing Moscow Mule everyone loves, myself included!

Healthy Mocktail Recipes | Fresh Fruit & Fruit Juice Mocktails

healthy mocktail recipes - sparkling watermelon agua fresca in two glasses with mint

Sparkling Watermelon Agua Fresca 

All you need to make this Sparkling Watermelon Agua Fresca from Amy at Veggies Save the Day, are 4 ingredients plus ice & a blender. It’s a refreshingly delicious way to use up any leftover watermelon hanging out in your fridge!

2 glasses of cantaloupe mint sparkler with mint garnish

Cantaloupe Mint Sparkler

Ripe, juicy cantaloupe, fresh limes, and pineapple mint pair together deliciously with sparkling water. If you can find it, Ayala’s Lemongrass Mint Vanilla Sparkling Herbal Water is PERFECT in this Cantaloupe Mojito, sans rum!

7 glasses with water, fruits, and herbs

7 Infused Water Recipes

Quench your thirst with these 7 Infused Water recipes from Bintu at Recipes From a Pantry. Loaded with fresh fruit and herbs, you’ll learn how easy it is to make healthy & refreshing Fruit-Infused Waters with step-by-step images. 

Healthy Mocktail Recipes | Festive Sparkling Water Mocktails

sparkling water in a glass with raspberries and lime

DIY Sparkling Water Bar

Impress your guests at your next brunch or shindig, with this DIY Sparkling Water Bar. Set out fresh fruit, herbs, pure flavor extracts, and bottles of sparkling water for a festive party, sans alcohol!

7 glasses with colorful fruit juices

Sparkling Rainbow Mocktail Recipes

These gorgeous healthy mocktail recipes from Lindsey at Nutrition to Fit, are 100% fruit and vegetable based, topped off with your favorite sparkling water. Choose from grapefruit basil, coconut matcha, blackberry plum, and raspberry lime mint. Or, create your own!

2 glasses of fruity green tea spritzer plus loose tea leaves

Fruity Green Tea Spritzer

Refresh and rehydrate with this pineapple-infused Fruity Green Tea Spritzer from Karman at The Nutrition Adventure!

Healthy Mocktail Recipes | Specialty Drinks w/ Herbs & Spices

Wild Blueberry Ginger Mint Green Iced Tea on a blue and white coaster.

Wild Blueberry Ginger Mint Green Iced Tea

Bursting with antioxidants, this healthy and refreshing Wild Blueberry Ginger Mint Green Iced Tea is a delicious non-alcoholic drink to celebrate with all summer long! Get the recipe here at The Spicy RD!

pretty sweet woodfuff lemonade being poured in a glass with wild flowers and a straw

Healthy Sweet Woodruff Lemonade

This gorgeous mocktail from Elena at Happy Kitchen. Rocks is made from fresh lemon juice, honey, water, & sweet woodruff, an herb I had never heard of, up until now. If you are interested in herbal medicine, like I am, you can learn more about the potential medicinal benefits of sweet woodruff. If you can’t find (or don’t grow) sweet woodruff, you might try making this with the dried herb instead.

healthy mocktail recipes - 2 glasses of blackberry ginger mint mocktail with straws and a can of zevia

Blackberry Ginger Mint Mocktail

This Blackberry Ginger Mint Mocktail  from Amy at Veggies Save the Day, is a refreshing sugar-free beverage. All you need to make it are blackberries, mint, lime, and Zevia Ginger Ale!

Healthy Mocktail Recipes | Lemon & Lime Based Mocktails

1 glass of fizzy ginger lemonade

Fizzy Ginger Lemonade

Relax and recharge with this delicious, health-infused, anti-inflammatory Fizzy Ginger Lemonade from Raia at Raia’s Recipes. Made with water kefir, it will give your digestive system a healthy boost!

healthy mocktail recipes - 2 glasses of sparkling raspberry limeade with fresh raspberries and lime slices

Sparkling Raspberry Limeade Mocktail

Make any day special with this low carb sparkling raspberry limeade mocktail recipe from Lisa at Low Carb Yum. It’s a low calorie sweet fruity drink to help you make every moment sparkle.

strawberry basil lemonade in a blue rimmed glass with a straw
Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This simple Strawberry Basil Lemonade was inspired by some of the most delicious fresh California strawberries I’ve ever tasted. Serve it straight up, or mixed with sparkling water for a refreshing, no-sugar added drink. As a bonus, you’ll get over 100% of your daily need for vitamin C!

Healthy Mocktail Recipes Essentials

A well-stocked mocktail bar cart is so fun to put together! We still have the bar cart from Crate & Barrel that Mr. Spicy lured me to his apartment to see when we first started dating. This was his pick up line…

Wanna’ come over to my place & see my new bar cart??? Ha, ha!!!

Mr. Spicy

Let’s Chat!

What do you like to drink, other than water, to cool off and stay hydrated? What are your favorite mocktails? Which one of these healthy mocktail recipes are you going to try first???

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