40 Fermented Foods Recipes for Gut Health & Immunity

EA Stewart, RDN, www.eastewart.com

Are you consuming the 3 K’s (kefir, kimchi, & kombucha!) + other fermented foods for gut health and immunity?  If not, read on to discover which fermented foods to eat for better gut health, less inflammation, and an  optimized immune system!

Yogurt Kefir Cheese

Fermented Dairy & Non-Dairy Alternatives

Don't eat dairy? You can choose a wide variety of plant-based varieties from coconut, soy, or cashew milk.


Kimchi Sauerkraut

Fermented Vegetables

Choose refrigerated varieties of kimchi & sauerkraut to ensure you're getting live strains of bacteria.


Kombucha Water Kefir

Fermented Beverages

Read labels & choose varieties low in sugar. Also, some versions contain alcohol.


Miso Tempeh Natto

Fermented Soy

Warning! Natto is not for the faint of heart in my honest opinion! But, I love tempeh & miso!