Eat healthy, and simplify your dinner routine with a FREE flexitarian & gluten free meal plan and grocery list. Enjoy!

Eat healthy & simplify your dinner routine with my Flexitarian & Gluten Free Meal Plan + FREE Grocery List.

I’m trying something new this week, and I’d love to get your feedback!


It’s been awhile since I’ve put together any meal plans for dinner, but I’m trying to get back into it, and hopefully this will motivate you too, especially if you’ve fallen out of a meal planning routine like me, or want to get 2018 off to a healthy start.

After wanting to learn more about probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, and gut health, your second most requested topic is Easy Meal Planning Tips {When You Hate to Meal Plan}.

I hear ya’!

And, while I promise to write a post soon on my favorite easy meal planning tips, I thought it might also be helpful for me to put together not only a weekly gluten free meal plan, but a pre-done grocery list for you {and ME!} as well.

I’ve provided 4 night’s worth of menus, including simple side dishes, as this is what tends to work for my family. In addition, I try to plan for one night of leftovers, and 2 nights eating out OR making SUPER simple meals from staples in our pantry {i.e. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Trader Joe’s Organic Cream Tomato Soup, & Fruit}.

I’ve also included estimated prep and cook time for each recipe along with notes, prep tips, and favorite product recommendations.

All of these recipes are gluten-free or can be adapted to gluten-free. They are also suitable for a flexitarian diet, as many of you have also expressed interest in how to move to a more plant-based or flexitarian diet. Not to mention SiSi is following a vegetarian diet again, so I’m trying to stick to recipes that are already plant-based OR can easily be adapted for anyone following a vegetarian diet. While Mr. Spicy & Big Tex eat a lot of plant-based meals, I know they will enjoy having some meals with meat too.

It’s a EASY win, win for everyone. Myself included.

You can access the recipes by clicking on the links below, and you can also follow my Weekly Dinner Meal Plan board on Pinterest as well.

Flexitarian, Gluten-Free Meal Plan | January 15-21 2018


Main Dish: Crunchy Lentil Tacos w/ Avocado Feta Guacamole {GF, Vegetarian}

On the Side: Fresh Orange Slices

Time: Prep 15 min, Cook 10 min, Total 25 min*

Notes & Prep Tips

  • *Time listed above accounts for using pre-cooked lentils. If you cook your lentils from scratch, this adds ~ 20 more minutes.
  • TIP! Pre-cook a big batch of lentils and freeze them-it’s so easy!
  • Have you tried Cara Cara oranges yet? They’re my favorites! For extra yumminess and a dose of antioxidants, sprinkle cinnamon on top of orange slices.
  • Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is available at several grocery stores, or you can purchase through Amazon or Thrive Market.


Main Dish: Harvest Salad w/ Crispy Cornmeal Chicken, Apples, & Gorganzola (Recipe at Rachael Hartley Nutrition) {GF, Vegetarian Option}

On the Side: Gluten Free Focaccia (Simple Mills Mix), or my Best Ever Gluten-Free Rolls.

Time: Prep ~ 15 min, Cook (w/ Chicken) 17 min, Total ~32 min

Notes & Prep Tips

  • Vegetarian version: Serve without chicken, or swap with chickpeas or other beans. Be sure to review recipe & adjust grocery list!


Main Dish: Instant Pot Corn & Potato Chowder (Recipe at Krolls Korner) {GF, Vegetarian}

On the Side: Fresh Apple Slices

Time: Prep 15 min, Cook 15 min, Total 30 min

Notes & Prep Tips 

  • I swapped the canned corn with frozen (as noted in the grocery list).
  • Save time by purchasing pre-diced potatoes, such as Simply Potatoes 
  • Just like those fresh orange slices are tasty w/ cinnamon sprinkled on top, so are fresh apple slices. Or, for a sweet treat, try them dipped in this raw vegan caramel dip ~ my kids LOVE this. Me too!
  • Don’t have an Instant Pot yet? You can still make this on the stovetop, or try making it in a slow cooker.


Main Dish: Creamy Cheesy Farmers’ Market Polenta (Recipe at With Food & Love) {GF, Vegetarian, Low FODAMP option}

On the Side: Fresh Grapes

Time: Prep 5 min, Cook 25 min, Total 30 min

Notes & Prep Tips

  • I swapped the fresh corn with frozen (as noted in the grocery list), but if you are making this in the summer or fall when fresh corn is in season, use that instead.
  • Depending upon the season, swap the other veggies with whatever you have on hand.
  • Make it low FODMAP! Omit garlic, or swap minced garlic w/ garlic oil. Swap sugar snap peas w/ your favorite LF veggie(s), and use green tops of onion only.
  • I keep Bob’s Red Mill Polenta stocked in my pantry. It’s also delicious w/ this Artichoke-Rosemary Tart~yum!

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Let’s Chat!

Do you find these gluten free meal plans helpful? What about the grocery list-or would you just prefer the links to the recipes? Would you prefer getting the meal plan and grocery list earlier in the week-maybe Thursday or Friday~so you can plan your grocery shopping over the weekend? What other information would be helpful for me to provide with the meal plans?

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