Eat healthy, and simplify your dinner routine with a FREE flexitarian & gluten free meal plan and shopping list. Enjoy!

Flexitarian & Gluten Free Meal Plan 2

Happy February!

I got a lot of great feedback on the flexitarian gluten free meal plan & shopping list I posted a couple of weeks ago, so I’m here with another one to help you save time, eat healthy, and take one task off your to-do list for this week.

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All of these recipes are gluten-free, or can be adapted to gluten-free {see notes & prep tips below}. They are also suitable for a flexitarian diet, as many of you have also expressed interest in how to move to a more plant-based or flexitarian diet.

We currently have a “mixed bag” of eaters in my family~ SiSi, my 16 year old daughter is following a vegetarian diet, Big Tex, my 14 year old son, and I follow a gluten free diet, and my hubby, Mr. Spicy, happily eats pretty much anything I cook for him ~ so, hopefully this adaptable gluten free meal plan will make things easy for you, especially if you have a variety of mouths to feed like I do 🙂

How to use this flexitarian, gluten free meal plan…

  1. Use the meal plan and provided shopping list for 4 night’s worth of dinners, including simple side dishes.
  2. Plan on 1 night of leftovers ~ I call this “hodge podge night” at our house, because I put out all the leftovers from the week, and everyone gets to pick and choose what they want to eat.
  3. For the remaining 2 nights of the week, plan on eating out, ordering take out, or planning a super simple meal from staples in your pantry ~ {i.e. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Trader Joe’s Organic Cream Tomato Soup, & Fruit}.
  4. I’ve also included prep/cook time for each recipe along with dietary substitutions {i.e. vegetarian, low FODMAP, paleo}, plus notes, tips, and my favorite product recommendations.
  5. Print the grocery shopping list if desired. Note: I’ve included ingredients for a family of four, with gluten free options for 4 + vegetarian options for 1. If you follow a low FODMAP or paleo diet, please note tips/ingredient swaps and adjust shopping list as needed.

You can access all the recipes by clicking on the links below, and you can also follow my Weekly Dinner Meal Plan board on Pinterest as well.

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Flexitarian, Gluten-Free Meal Plan | February 5-11 2018

Clean out your fridge to make these Easy Vegetarian Enchiladas for dinner on busy nights! The veggies and beans are full of fiber for a healthy, gluten free meal.


Main Dish: Quick & Easy Vegetarian Enchiladas {Gluten-Free, Vegetarian}

On the Side: Fresh Orange Slices Sprinkled with Cinnamon

Time: Prep 20 min, Cook 15 min, Total 35 min*

Notes & Prep Tips

  • These vegetarian enchiladas are a great way to get more prebiotics in your diet for a healthy gut microbiome. If you top ’em off with Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, you get some belly friendly probiotics as well ~ yippee!
  • Have you tried Cara Cara oranges yet? They’re my favorites! For extra yumminess and a dose of antioxidants, sprinkle cinnamon on top of orange slices.
  • Pre-made enchilada sauce is a staple at our house. I have tried Fronterra Enchilada Red Sauce and Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce ~ both are tasty!


Main Dish: Harvest Chicken Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Recipe at The Real Food RDs. {Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, & Low FODMAP Options} made w/ Roast Chicken {or pre-baked/grilled chicken}

On the Side: Nothing ~ this is a complete meal!

Time: Prep ~ 15 min, Cook (w/ Chicken) 20 min, Total 35 min

Notes & Prep Tips

  • Vegetarian & Vegan options: Serve without chicken, or top with chickpeas or lentils. Add optional feta or goat cheese if desired for vegetarian version.
  • Low FODMAP option: 1. Limit sweet potato to 1/2 cup per serving. 2. Omit red onion 3. Omit apple/pear or swap with blueberries or strawberries 3. Omit garlic in dressing & add garlic oil, if desired.
  • Paleo option: Omit cheese.
  • If you like turkey, this Easy Roast Turkey Breast would be a delicious swap for the chicken.


Main Dish: Avocado & Hummus Quesadillas Recipe at Cookin Canuck {Gluten Free option, Vegetarian, low FODMAP option, Grain Free option}

On the Side: Carrot Sticks & Strawberries {or fruit of choice}

Time: Prep 10 min, Cook 8 min, Total 18 min

Notes & Prep Tips 

  • I doubled the recipe for my family, so the shopping list will reflect this.
  • Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Options: Swap whole wheat tortillas for corn tortillas, or Siete Foods Grain Free Tortillas {So good!}
  • Low -FODMAP Option: I save time by making these with pre-made hummus, but for a low FODMAP option, this low FODMAP hummus recipe from Kate Scarlata looks super easy to make! Also, use corn or gluten-free tortillas as noted above.


Main Dish: Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Salmon(Recipe at Bucket List Tummy) {Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Low FODAMP options~see notes & prep tips below.}

On the Side: Grapes or fruit of choice.

Time: Prep 10 min, Cook 15 min, Total 25 min

Notes & Prep Tips

  • I doubled the recipe for my family, so the shopping list will reflect this.
  • Since we have 3 salmon eaters in my family, I’ll save the leftover piece for lunch the next day. This Easy Asian Seared Salmon Salad for One is a delicious way to use up leftover salmon.
  • Gluten-Free Option: Swap regular panko/bread crumbs w/ gluten-free ~ I like Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs.
  • Low FODMAP Option: Swap honey with maple syrup & limit broccoli to 1/2 cup serving.
  • Vegetarian Option: Serve vegetarian eaters the broccoli and potato with a veggie burger on the side.


If you’re on social media and make any of these meals, let me know by using the hashtag #spicyrdmealplan ~ I’d love to see what you’re eating for dinner!

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P.S. Are you interested in pre-done, completely customizable meal plans for special diets including Low FODMAP & vegan diets? Check out my meal plan subscription service at Gathered Table. Enjoy!

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