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I promise you, I’m usually not one to boast, but when your dermatologist says to you, “EA. You never look any older. Whatever you’re doing, keep it up,” you might blush a little, thank her profusely, then secretly pat yourself on the back for all the kale, berries, salmon, and green tea you’ve been eating and drinking. Just like I did 🙂

Now, to be honest, by no means do I have flawless, porcelain skin. Those teenage and college years of soaking in the sun {exactly what I tell my kids NOT to do} are hard to erase, but I do think I look at least a few years younger than my age, so…

I’ll gladly keep on eating my kale salads, and drinking my coffee and green matcha tea, if it helps put a little glow back in my skin, AND I’m happy to share some of my favorite healthy smoothie recipes with you, so you can have gorgeous glowing skin too!

Did you know May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? Be sure and schedule an annual skin examination like I do, and help spread the word!

7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin


This Cacao Date Smoothie from one of my favorite healthy smoothie recipes cookbooks, 25 Anti-Aging Smoothies for Revitalizing, Glowing Skinby Sarah Koszyk, is one of the most popular recipes here at The Spicy RD. And, for good reason. It’s absolutely delicious!

Two key nutrients for healthy skin in this Cacao Date Smoothie include walnuts {plant sourced omega-3 fatty acids}, and cacao, which is rich in flavanols to protect skin from sun damage and enhance blood flow to skin for a healthy glow.


Photo & recipe by Emily Kyle Nutrition

This Wild Blueberry Lavender Smoothie from Emily Kyle Nutrition is almost too pretty to drink, don’t you think?

Skin health nutrients include: Wild Blueberries {rich in skin soothing antioxidants}, Swiss Chard {rich in vitamins A, C, & E}, and avocado.

Preliminary research suggests avocados have compounds that may help protect skin from wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. I think we can all drink to that!

{Learn more! 30 {Delicious} Ways to Boost Your Health with Wild Blueberries}


Photo & recipe by Kristina at Love & Zest

Coffee lovers rejoice! {Caffeinated} coffee drinkers may be less likely to develop basal cell skin cancer, than non coffee drinkers. In addition, a recent study found that daily coffee consumption may provide protection against the most serious form of skin cancer, malignant melanoma.

More research is needed to determine all factors that may be involved, but it’s a good enough reason for me to indulge in this refreshing Coffee Lovers Protein Shake! Who wants to join me???


Photo & recipe at Lively Table.

If you search the internet, you’ll find lots of healthy smoothie recipes with mango, but this luscious Mango Ginger Turmeric Smoothie takes things up a notch with curcumin, a potential skin cancer fighter, and ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s also loaded with carotenoids & collagen enhancing vitamin C, to truly get your skin glowing!

Bonus! Rich in protein and fiber, it’s sure to fill you up AND help you get your glow on!

Healthy smoothie recipes will never go out of style! These 7 delicious smoothies are full of skin nourishing foods to give you gorgeous, glowing skin. Try a different one every day of the week!


Photo & recipe by Stephanie at Grateful Grazer

As I sit at my desk writing this post, I’m drinking my 1st cup of green tea for the day. It’s a ritual I partake in every day, not only for the overall health benefits {and daily zen!}, but also because green tea contains catechins, powerful antioxidants that may protect against skin cancer and inflammation in the skin.

This Energizing Tropical Green Tea Smoothie contains not only green tea from matcha, a super potent form of green tea, but also spinach and mango which provide a boost of skin nourishing vitamins, A and C. Now, who wants to join me for a cuppa’???

{More nutrition tips & recipes you’ll love! 10 Must Make Matcha Recipes + The Health Benefits of Matcha Tea}


Healthy Smoothie recipes | smoothie bowl topped with peaches, almonds, granola, and chocolate chips
Photo & recipe by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.

No healthy smoothie recipes round-up would be complete without at least 1 smoothie bowl, right? This Cherry Almond Smoothie Bowl features cherries, which contain apigenin, a potential skin cancer fighter.

Cherries are also rich in vitamins A + C, plus you get an added skin glowing benefit from chia seeds, a plant based source of omega-3s. Add some bling with your favorite healthy toppings, and you have the ultimate skin enhancing smoothie bowl!


Healthy Smoothie Recipes | Butterscotch Pudding High Protein Smoothie on a blue striped dish towel with a spoon in the background.

Last but not least, this Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Butterscotch Smoothie , one of my all-time favorite healthy smoothie recipes, is quite a mouthful to pronounce, but it goes down smooth and easy-just like buttah’!

It’s got a sprinkle of turmeric to protect your skin, along with a “secret” ingredient, rich in skin glowing beta carotene. Wanna’ know what it is? Check out the recipe-if you’re a butterscotch lover like me, you’ll be so glad you did!

Want more healthy smoothie recipes? You’ll love the Green Kitchen Smoothies Cookbook!

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What are your favorite healthy smoothie recipes? Let’s Chat!

What are your favorite skin healthy foods? Any skin care products you love and recommend? Which of these healthy smoothie recipes will you try first????

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  4. Hope this is the right spot to leave comment for the book giveaway. I’m looking for any recipes for meals and snacks that are quick to prepare. I really enjoy the recipes you post. I’ve been making your Lentil Feta Bruschetta ever since you posted it. I usually use sprouted lentils and my own bruschetta sauce, but it still comes together quickly.