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I know you’ve heard it before…one of the best things you can do to nourish your body, stay healthy, and feel fabulous, is to eat more fruits and vegetables daily. The challenge for most of us, however, is putting these words of wisdom into practice, which is why I want to help you make this year to be the year of no excuses by sharing my favorite easy tips for eating more fruits and vegetables every day.

How to Determine Your Optimal Vegetable & Fruit Rx

  • Keep a food journal for 1 week, and see how many fruits and vegetables you eat. Make a note of how you feel {mood, energy level, any digestive issues, hunger level, etc.} and record it in your food journal.
  • Only eating an average of 1-2 servings per day? That’s ok-you’re not alone! Start where you are, then add 1 more serving per day next week {or the next month-make it works for you! Keep adding a serving per week/month until you’re eating {on average} 2 1/2+ cups of veggies daily and 2 cups+ of fruit* daily. Keep a daily vegetable and fruit chart for motivation!
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to limit your daily fruit intake to 1-2 servings per day and omit fruit juice, as fruit contains more calories than vegetables. Limiting fruit juice to no more than 1 cup daily for weight maintenance, as juice calories can add up quickly.
  • Trying to get your kids to eat more vegetables? I am too! In the meantime, if your children prefer fruit to vegetables, it’s ok to give them more fruit but still offer veggies every day. It took several years for my kids to start eating salad, but patience pays off while forcing foods never does.
  • Do you have IBS or other digestive issues? Not all fruits and vegetables may be your friends. I can help you determine which low-FODMAP fruits and low-FODMAP veggies are optimal for you without causing digestive symptoms. Click here to set up a consult!

Easy Tips for Eating More Vegetables & Fruit Every Day

  • Start 1st thing in the morning with 2++ servings! Add veggies to egg dishes, avocado & veggies on toast, and fruit & veggies to smoothies or juices. Hey, how about some pie for breakfast?!
  • Keep your fridge, freezer, and pantry stocked with frozen, fresh, dried, and canned/jarred veggies and fruit.
  • Oh, and don’t forget that fruit bowl on the kitchen countertop.
  • Start craving green juice! I prefer blending over juicing because it’s much quicker, less clean-up, and I feel fuller with the added fiber, but feel free to use a juicer too.
  • Prep those veggies immediately, and you’ll be more likely to eat them! (Check out my Meal Prep post!)

4 Awesome Reasons for Eating More Vegetables & Fruit

  • Rich in fiber and prebiotics to help you feel fabulous! Fiber fills you up, helps keep your blood sugar under control {which means a good mood, more energy, & fewer food cravings}, keeps you regular {you know what I mean!}, and feeds the good bacteria in your gut to promote optimal health.
  • Fruits and veggies are nutrient-dense foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, yet low in calories {especially vegetables} to help you maintain your weight.
  • Puts YOU in charge of your health. Although genetics do play a role in our overall health and risk of getting certain diseases, we can take a proactive approach to disease prevention, including some cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and others, by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.
  • Save some $$$ for a fabulous trip! Eating more produce {and less meat & packaged snacks} is friendly to your wallet. Save even more money by buying fresh fruits and veggies in season! Need some seasonal inspiration? Follow my Seasonal Fruit and Veggie Love Board on Pinterest!