This Cold Green Pea Salad with Bacon & Peanuts is SO easy to make! Nourishing & flavorful, with only 5-ingredients~serve it at your next picnic or potluck, or as an easy side dish everyone will love!Pea Salad with Bacon and Peanuts “Vintage” Cold Green Pea Salad with Bacon and Peanuts

This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is “Vintage Side Dishes”…

Share the story of your favorite family side – or a tale about how you ReDuxed a recipe from an old cookbook or recipe card. Be it from the era of your great-grandmother, or your mom’s kitchen experiments, please tell us how your ‘old-fashioned’ side dish became a vintage favorite again.

Being a huge believer that food is more than just nutrition for our bodies, but also nourishment for our souls’, this ReDux is near and dear to my heart.

Although I try to create memorable moments around my kitchen table throughout the year, there’s no denying the cherished memories crafted from family holiday meals.

For me, the “vintage” sides from my childhood include brown sugar glazed carrots, asparagus with hollandaise {I’m pretty sure the hollandaise came from a can, but it definitely inspired me to eat my veggies}, my mom’s best ever homemade yeast rolls, and of course, the infamous black cherry jello salad with pecans and sour cream. Β Everyone’s family has a jello salad recipe, right?

Don’t worry though.

As delicious as it is, I’m not whipping up any jello salad for you today.

Instead, I have created a “new” vintage recipe that comes from my Great Aunt Sena’s recipe collection which was handed down to my dad, who handed it down to me.

old family recipes Great Aunt Sena’s Recipe Collection

Some of you may recall my Great Aunt Sena’s infamous Persimmon Pudding recipe, which I adapted to a gluten-free version last year. Β Oh, my goodness…talk about delicious fresh whipped cream topped childhood food memories!

My Great Aunt Sena was a pretty amazing cook, and one of the sweetest ladies you ever might meet, so it’s an honor to have her recipes in my collection, including President Eisenhower’s Beef Stew, Greek Lemon Soup {making this soon!}, a curious Corned Beef Salad that has lemon jello in it {um…think I’ll pass on this one!}, and this vintage Cold Green Pea Salad recipe I chose to make for you today, because, one, I really like peas, and, two, I thought it was perfect for an easy ReDux.

The original recipe is super simple: Frozen peas, green onions, salted peanuts, chopped celery, sour cream, and crisp bacon.

Green Pea Salad

But, with a few easy swaps, this cold green pea salad gets a healthy & delicious makeover!

Bacon lovers, don’t worry. Β I didn’t take out the bacon, butΒ I did switch out the sour cream for Greek Yogurt to lighten the calories and add more protein. I also omitted the celery {don’t care for it much unless it’s in my own homemade tuna salad}, and used red onions instead of green for a little added crunch.

Here’s the recipe…

Cold Green Pea Salad

Cold Green Pea Salad with Bacon and Peanuts

This Cold Green Pea Salad with Bacon & Peanuts is SO easy to make! Nourishing & flavorful, with only 5-ingredients~serve it at your next picnic or potluck, or as an easy side dish everyone will love!
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 8 servings


  • 1 10- ounce package frozen green peas, thawed and drained {may thaw the night before}
  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup red onions, finely chopped
  • 6 slices bacon, cooked until crispy & crumbled
  • 1/2 cup salted peanut halves


  • Cook bacon in skillet until crispy. Or, layer on a microwave safe dish with paper towels, and cook for 4-6 minutes on high power, or until well-cooked. Allow to cool, then crumble and set aside in a small bowl.
  • Dice onions.
  • Place thawed peas in a mixing bowl. Add Greek yogurt, diced onions, bacon, and peanuts to peas, and mix until well combined. Place mixture in refrigerator to chill before serving.


I didn't add any salt or pepper to the salad since the bacon and peanuts are salted, but you may add a little salt and pepper if you wish.


Serving: 1/2 cup | Calories: 172kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 9g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 12mg | Sodium: 160mg | Potassium: 248mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 298IU | Vitamin C: 16mg | Calcium: 49mg | Iron: 1mg
EA Stewart, RD | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Low Carb
Keyword side dish recipe
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Green Pea Salad So, what’s the verdict, you might be asking???

Mmm…yummy, and so easy to make! Mr. Spicy came home from a golf outing, apparently quite hungry, and asked “What’s that stuff in the bowl you’re taking pictures of?”

When I explained to him that it was pea salad, I thought he might wrinkle his nose, but he grabbed a bowl and dug right in, then came back for seconds.

I guess it’s safe to say, this “new” vintage cold green pea salad recipe is a keeper!

Wishing you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Let’s Chat!

What are your favorite vintage recipes? What are your most cherished food memories? Does your family have a prized jello salad recipe???

I love hearing from you! And, if you enjoyed the post, please help me spread the word that healthy IS delicious by sharing the post. Cheers & thanks so much for your support!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had cold green pea salad before, but this looks delicious! Love the story about your Great Aunt Sena!

  2. says:

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I found your website unintentionally,
    and I’m surprised why this accident didn’t took place earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  3. Kristen @ swanky dietitian says:

    This sounds just delicious! Such unique ingredients. I feel horrible I haven’t been participating in redux challenges lately. There’s just not enough time in the day! πŸ™‚

  4. amy @ fearless homemaker says:

    I love family recipes like this one! And for what it’s worth, i looove jello salads – something that carried over from my childhood – so i wouldn’t mind if you posted one in the future. =D your take on your Aunt Sena’s green pea salad looks lovely!

  5. Lauren Slayton says:

    Love both peas and this notion of “vintage” recipes. Love those hand written recipe cards…treasures.

  6. says:

    Vintage theme. I love it!!! I love the recipe card collection you have, that is so meaningful what a priceless treasure. I also LOVE peas and pea salad is a summer favorite. I like how you used the Greek yogurt for a healthy replacement. Super fun Spicy, have a fantastic Sunday!

  7. Love the script on on those old typewiters!!…and love, love the stoty & recipe. as a kid I remember a bacon, peas, onion, sour cream,and cubed American cheese salad…loved it, never made it…but this version sounds even better (and healthier!)

  8. The Spicy RD says:

    Yay-so glad to hear your boys love peas!! My son does too, but my daughter not so much πŸ™ Thanks Liz!

  9. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    I have always been a fan of green pea dishes. The salad looks delightful!

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Thanks Angie and cheers to a fellow pea lover πŸ™‚

  10. Oh yes…I bet the Greek Yogurt gives it such a great touch! Will have to make this! So simple and easy.:) Happy Thanksgiving, EA!

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Thanks so much JeJe! Simple is often the best, right?! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  11. I love your redux of this vintage recipe! It is great to have these heirloom recipes made just a bit healthier so we can enjoy them still.

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Thanks Jeanette! I love the easy swap of sour cream for Greek yogurt-in fact, I never buy sour cream anymore, since I think the Greek yogurt tastes just like it (although I haven’t been able to convince my dad πŸ™‚

  12. Dixya @ Food, Pleasure and Health says:

    this certainly sounds like a keeper recipe. I wish i had recipe collections from aunts and grandmothers. I grew up in a family who never kept recipes and eye balled everything. happy thanksgiving.

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      The recipe cards are cool to have, but I think it’s our memories of the food and our times spent with our families that are the best, and sounds like you hav those too πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  13. Love the idea of cooking up traditional food. So nice to see those hand-written recipe cards too, some of my favorites are also kept that way. Makes me think that down the road, my children will have to search a folder on my mac or my website for recipes… not as nostalgic but I guess that’s what it’s come to! Happy thanksgiving πŸ™‚

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Love going through the recipe cards Vanessa, and I had never thought about our kids getting our recipes off the internet instead of on cards. Perhaps we’ll all have to write our own cookbooks πŸ™‚ Thx so much for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

  14. The Candid RD says:

    I love recipes that have been passed down for generations. They are always the best ones. I made a pasta recipe with a creamy sauce, bacon, and peas when I was cooking for a family this summer and it was their favorite out of all the recipes I made…so it’s a great combo!
    Also….I e-mailed Jane Muir who is one of the head fodmaps researchers, did you know they are coming out with a low fodmaps app for iphones?! I can’t wait!!

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Pasta with creamy, sauce, bacon and peas?? Recipe please!!! And, great to know about the FODMAPs app-thx for sharing!

  15. Deanna Segrave-Daly says:

    I’m so loving this ReDux theme too – it’s like a wonderful cooking memoir to read all these posts today. So fun to learn about your Great Aunt Sena – (looking forward to reading about that Greek Lemon Soup!) So my true confession, I’m not a pea fan but it I was, I’d be sure to make this cause I love me some bacon & peanuts! Happy Thanksgiving, EA!

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      I know Deanna-it’s a great theme and so much fun reading about everyone’s holiday memories. Yes, Greek Lemon Soup soon! And, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  16. I would definitely leave the bacon out, but I do love the idea of using Greek yogurt. Great looking pictures of it. At first I was really unsure but by the end of your post you had me convinced this may not be so bad! πŸ™‚ Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      Thx Melinda! I wasn’t convinced either when I first saw the recipe, but it turned out much tastier than I thought. I even enjoyed it for breakfast yesterday morning! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  17. kellie@foodtoglow says:

    Great Aunt Sena rocks! Love this retro salad, and all the other ones you highlighted in this post. She’s not even my relative and I feel all nostalgic πŸ˜€ I wonder if she would approve of the Greek yogurt??

    1. The Spicy RD says:

      LOL! Aunt Sean was SO nice….I’m sure she would approve πŸ™‚