If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life this year, I’m here to inspire you with my list of 22 goals for 2022 that will help you stay healthy and happy. I’m also sharing my words of the year. So what are you waiting for? Create your own 22 for 2022 list, and join me today!

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Inspiration for my 22 for 2022 list

I thank Gretchen Rubin for inspiring my 22 for 2022 list. I’ve been reading her books (25 Best Healthy Cookbooks & Self Help Books), listening to her podcast (15 Motivational Nutrition, Fitness, & Self Help Podcasts to Help your Move More this Year), and using her app (The Happier App) for many years.

While I’m not one to make traditional New Year’s resolutions, I love Gretchen’s idea of creating a list of goals and things to accomplish in the new year. I participated in the 20 for 2020 challenge but missed doing it last year, so without further adieu, here’s my list of 22 for 2022 goals, in no particular order.

22 for 2022 Goals for Health & Happiness

List of 22 for 2022 health and happiness goals in list format.
  1. Read 6+ classic or modern classic books. I read alot of non-fiction/self-help books and some fiction (I love suspense and historical fiction), but I’d love to read more classics. Please send your favorites my way!
  2. Buy and hang a round mirror in my entryway. I bought a pretty console table last year. Now I want to find the perfect mirror to hang above it.
  3. Breathing exercises 3+ times/week. (156+/year) Inpsired by one of my favorite books of the year, Breath by James Nestor. (Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas 2021)
  4. Strength training avg 2+ times/week (104+/year). I’ve got my cardio and HIIT workouts down, but I REALLY want to focus on adding in regular strength training as I get older. Download my free strength training tracker and join me!
  5. 52 weeks of my 30-40+ plants per week challenge. This has become my favorite way to improve gut health and overall health, because it focuses more on what to ADD to your diet vs. take out of it. Join me ANYTIME in 2022!
  6. Laugh every single day. I truly think laughter is the best medicine!
  7. Get my LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio normal. Since menopause my LDL has gone up, and my HDL is at the low end of normal, so I will definitely be focusing on a heart healthy diet and lifestyle in 2022!
  8. Lower my CRP (C-Reactive Protein) level to normal. Having Sjogren’s, an autoimmune disease, predisposes me to inflammation, but up until recently, my CRP had always been in the normal range. So, in addition to eating a heart healthy diet, I’ll be focusing on an antiinflammatory diet too. Let me know if this is something you’d like help with too!
  9. Buy new bowls and glasses. I have my eyes on these pretty green bowls at William Sonoma!
  10. Make at least 1 donation every month. This is something I’d love to get my whole family involved with too!
  11. Buy a large plant for my great room. What can I say? Greenery makes me happy!
  12. Publish my IBS e-course OR book. Would you prefer an online course or an ebook? Or both???
  13. Cook a new recipe from 26+ different cookbooks. I have so many cookbooks I never use. My goal is to try a new recipe from a different cookbook every other week.
  14. Climb Mt Whitney. Or, another big mountain if I can’t get a permit. Any suggestions???
  15. Do something nice or say something nice to someone every day. My first thought was to do or say something nice to Mr. Spicy every day, but 2 of my girlfriends thought I should expand it to everyone-LOL!
  16. Create my own planner to use and sell. I have lots of ideas, but would love to know what you would want in your perfect planner!
  17. Get rid of my heartburn. I’ve been dealing with GERD off and on. It’s time to get to the bottom of it. Heartburn sucks!
  18. Share a happy thing or an inspirational quote 3+ days/week (156/year). I’ll be sharing on Instagram and/or Facebook, so be sure to follow me if this makes you happy too!
  19. Reupholster chaise lounge in my master bedroom. Kai completely destroyed it a few years ago when he was a puppy. He’s five now, so should be safe to reupholster it-right? Ha!
  20. Β Do my #fivein45 challenge every day. I got kind of lax about this last year, but it really helps me with my energy level (see words of the year below). I hope you’ll join me!
  21. Do a deep dive into learning more about and practicing neuroplasticity. I love exploring anything having to do with brain health and mental health. Any faovrite neuroplasticity resources? Pleas share with me!
  22. Β Add one more goal or change any of the above goals. I reserve the right to add one more goal, and may change one of my above goals πŸ™‚

Words of the Year

Text image with 3 words of the year: we, listen, energy.

I can’t pick just one. So, this year my three words are:

  • We. As in “we are all in this together”. Plus looking at things from someone else’s perspective, vs just my own.
  • Listen. Such an important skill. It’s something I think I do okay, but I can definitely be a better, more present, listener.
  • Energy. Having good energy makes such a difference in my well-being. Overall, mine is good, but I feel it’s slipped some this past year, so I will focus on creating better physical and mental energy.

Let’s Chat! Have you made (or will you make) a list of 22 for 2022 goals? Do any of my goals resonate with you? What would you add? Do you have a word (or words) of the year? Please share it with your friends and family if you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for your support!

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