If Lisbon’s not already on your #travelbucketlist, it should be! So check out my Loving Lisbon Top 10 Travel Guide, and start planning your next trip! 

Loving Lisbon Travel Guide |If Lisbon's not on your travel bucketlist, it shoudl be! Here are my top 10 favorite things to do in Lisbon. Enjoy! | Portugal Travel

I can’t believe it’s taken over 1 1/2 years to put my Loving Lisbon Top 10 Travel Guide together. My friend Elizabeth and I experienced Portugal and Lisbon for the first time after our Camino de Santiago walking trek in 2014.

I guess you could say I was a little tired after walking 75+++ miles on that trip, but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved Lisbon, and maybe they’ll inspire you to plan your own trip to Portugal one day. Cheers!


1 | EAT, DRINK, STAY, STROLL THROUGH THE BARRIO ALTOThe Barrio Alto is a fun place to stay when your visiting Lisbon. Rent a funky apartment through Airbnb, and stroll through the alleyways for drinks and dinner.

Elizabeth and I had a fantastic time exploring the Barrio Alto, the neighborhood we stayed in {we rented a lovely, albeit funky-see decor above– apartment through Airbnb}. The great thing about staying in Barrio Alto was the access to delicious Portuguese food and drink outside our door. Every other building turned into a restaurant or bar at night, so we never went hungry. Or thirsty.
You’ll also be close to some fabulous views of Lisbon {photo above}, and you can walk to nearby shops or access one of the numerous forms of Lisbon transportation {see no. 7 below}.

2 | OBSESS OVER THE GORGEOUS TILES AT THE NATIONAL TILE MUSEUM {MUSEA NACIONAL DO AZULEJO}If you're a tile lover, the National Tile Museum { Museu Nacional do Azulejo } in Lisbon, is a must see. In addition to the exquisite collection of 1300+ tiles dating from the 15th century to present day, you can enjoy strolling through the museum building, a 16th century convent, and have a lovely lunch in the courtyard. | Portugal Travel

As a confessed tile junky {my secrets are out of the bag!}, The National Tile Museum, aka Museu Nacional do Azulejo, was one of the highlights of my trip to Lisbon. Located in a 16th-century convent, the tile museum displays an exquisite collection of 1,300+ tiles dating from the 1500s to the present day.

The National Tile Museum in Lisbon is a lovely place to visit , and enjoy lunch in the pretty courtyard! | Portugal Travel

After checking out the tile collection, be sure and stroll through the museum ground, visit the church, choir, and chapels of Saint Anthony and Queen Leonor, and enjoy lunch in one of the beautiful museum courtyards.


I left my tile loving heart in Lisbon! | Portuguese tiled building in Lisbon | Portugal Travel
Lisbon is such a colorful city! Take a walking tour and admire the gorgeous tiled and brightly colored buildings on display! | Portugal Travel

Azulejos, which comes from the Arabic word az-zulayi, meaning polished stone, are a prominent feature of Portuguese art and architecture. So you are treated to these beautiful blue and white tiles everywhere you walk in Lisbon. Pure eye candy for this tile-obsessed gal!

In addition to the blue and white azulejo-clad buildings, you’re in for a treat when you walk the streets of Lisbon, with all the gorgeously colored and tile-clad buildings on display!


When in Portugal, you must visit Chocolataria Equador near the Barrio Alto, for the most divine chocolate including Chocolate with Lemon, and Explosive Caramel.

A trip to Lisbon isn’t complete without a stop at Chocolataria Equador. With this little shop gem, you’ll find a delectable selection of artisanal chocolates with unique flavors, including lemon and chocolate explosion. Oh, my goodness, yum. If you ever visit, please feel free to bring me back some!

Another shopping highlight was Cork and Company, where they sell gorgeous handbags, jewelry, hats, wallets, and belts, made from, you guessed it, cork. It’s a great place to buy unique gifts for your family and friends and treat yourself to something pretty too!


Lisbon is a magical place! Be sure and check out all the gorgeous ceilings and floors when you visit! | Portugal Travel

In addition to the gorgeous tile-clad buildings all over Lisbon, the beautiful ceilings and floors are equally impressive. Above are ceilings from some of the cathedrals, and palaces we visited and the funky tiled floor. Just a word of caution…you may not want to look down if you have motion sickness!


A day trip to the beautiful town of Sintra is a must when you're visiting Lisbon! | Portugal Travel

A day trip to the gorgeous town of Sintra is a must when visiting Lisbon! The journey by train takes ~40 minutes and is well worth it. Once you’re in Sintra, it’s a reasonably easy walk from the train station to the National Palace {Palácio Nacional de Sintra, 1st row above}, and if you’re not up for the steep walk up to The Pena Palace {Palácio da Pena, 2nd row above}, and The Moorish Castle {Castelo dos Mouros, bottom row above}, you can hop on the Sintra Tourist Bus 434 to take you to the top. All three sites are well worth visiting!

Looking out in to the oretty town of Sintra from the Palacio Nacional de Sintra | Portugal Travel

After you’ve toured the National Palace, stroll through the pretty streets of Sintra for a delicious meal and shopping!

A must see in Sintra-The Initiation Wells at Quinta da Regaleira | Portugal Travel

We ended our day walking through the gorgeous gardens of Quinta da Regaleira, a World Heritage site with archaeological sites dating back to the early Neolithic period. You’ll have fun exploring the turrets and caves, as well as the inverted wells {photos above} supposedly used for secretive initiation rites. How cool is that?!!


Lisbon is such a transportation friendly city! In addition to walking {great exercise going up all the hills!}, you have the option to ride a cable car, funicular, tram, elevator, taxi, or bus! | Portugal Travel

Lisbon is such a transportation-friendly city! In addition to walking {great exercise going up all the hills!}, you can ride a cable car, funicular, tram, elevator, taxi, train, or bus! Elizabeth and I used all of the above options, except the elevator and taxis, and managed to get a lot of Fitbit steps in too!

One of the funiculars {pictured above} was right near our apartment in the Barrio Alto, although I can’t remember who had to back up when the trash truck was going down the hill, and the funicular was going up!


The Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon, and is a delightful place to wander the narrow streets, take in gorgeous vies across the Tejo Estuary, and do some shopping or grab a bite to eat. | Portugal Travel

The Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon and is a delightful place to wander the narrow streets, take in gorgeous views across the Tejo Estuary {see #10 below}, and do some shopping or grab a refreshing drink and a quick bite to eat at Pois, Cafe.


It's well worth a bus ride to the district of Belem on the northern banks of the River Tagus to see the Discoveries Monument {Padrao aos Descobrimentos} celebrating the age of discovery and Portuguese explorers. | Portugal Travel

It’s well worth a bus ride to the district of Belem on the northern banks of the River Tagus to see the Discoveries Monument {Padrao aos Descobrimentos} celebrating the age of discovery and Portuguese explorers. Although I couldn’t try a Pastel de Nata, a famous Portuguese egg tart pastry, Elizabeth had one and said it was delicious!


Must do when in Lisbon...gaze out endlessly over the gorgeous red tile roofs! | Portugal Travel

And, last but not least, an essential top 10 is gazing out endlessly over Lisbon’s gorgeous red tile roofs. Despite having rain most days that we were there, Lisbon is a colorful, vibrant, beautiful city, not to be missed!

Thanks for checking out my photos and Lisbon Top 10 Travel Guide! I hope I’ve inspired you to visit {or re-visit} Lisbon and Sintra one day!!!

P.S. A few more photos before you go. Cheers!

Loving Lisbon Top Ten Travel Guide | Portugal Travel