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Stir up a little procrastination…maybe a pinch of self-doubt…throw in an ounce of creativity…and top it off with a dash of spice…what do you get?  The Spicy RD Blog! I’ve been planning this website and blog for a while now.  Well, too long, really, so when in doubt, my new motto is just to do it! So for those of you who want to know what The Spicy RD Blog is all about, here’s the answer to your burning questions…

Who the heck is The Spicy RD, and why do you call yourself that ?

I am a Registered Dietitian/RD and Nutritionist with a private nutrition practice in Del Mar, California (a suburb of San Diego).  The name Spicy RD came about for a couple of reasons…First, I remembered the quote, “Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour” (William Cowper, 1785).  This led me to think about what I believe is one of the most important components of a healthy diet (and a happy life)…variety.  And really, “The Variety RD” just doesn’t have the same “ring” to it! 

Secondly, I love to flavor my food with spices and herbs.  My husband, aka Mr. Spicy, suggested that I might get some “unwanted” comments from visitors to my blog in search of other things “spicy.”  So, just to be perfectly clear, this blog is about nutrition, recipes, gluten-free diets, exercise, and balanced living.  If you are looking for something else “spicy” or “sexy,” you should probably be looking elsewhere…Just sayin’ 🙂

What is your nutrition philosophy?

These are some of the things I tell my clients…

  • “Eat more vegetables and fruits.”
  • “Eat a diet full of variety {it IS the spice of life after all!}, and balance your macronutrients {carbs, protein, and fat} at every meal to provide you with sustainable energy throughout the day.”
  • “Nutrition plans should be individualized based upon YOUR own state of health, YOUR genetics, YOUR food sensitivities (if any), YOUR food preferences, and YOUR cultural preferences.”
  • “For one week, try and focus on what you can ADD to your diet (i.e. more fruits and vegetables-see above, more water, more whole grains…) as opposed to what you need to take out of your diet.  Almost effortlessly, over time, the healthier choices will start to displace the less healthy choices.”
  • “Learn to love exercise, but if you can’t love it, just do it!”
  • “Cook, teach your children to cook, and be a role model for healthy eating.”
  • “Deprivation doesn’t usually work…Enjoy your favorite foods.  Period.”

Can I leave comments on your blog?

Absolutely!  I would love to hear from you…comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!

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