Treat yourself to 31 days of self care tips that will soothe your mind, body, and soul whenever life gets tough. Start feeling better today!


While I had visions of creating Christmas cookies & gift guides for you this holiday season, I’ve been a little off my game lately.

That kitchen remodel that I thought would be done by my birthday (November 29) lingered on until Christmas Eve.

BTW, the kitchen turned out beautiful! You can see it here!

Add to that, the craziness of college tests and applications for my daughter (for those of you who haven’t gone through this, it seems waaaaay more stressful than when we went to school), plus aches, pains, and mood swings thanks to midlife hormonal upheave. Le sigh…

With this in mind, all I’ve wanted to do lately, is curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and binge watch Designated Survivor.

That being said, I’m also looking forward to all the opportunities for the new year~I just need to get a little bit of my mojo back~so instead of focusing on a big new year’s to do list, I’m taking a gentler approach with 31 days of self care tips & I’d love for you to join me!

Natural Sleep Supplements including Chamomile Tea in a mug.
31 Days of Self Care Tips

  1. Try a 10+ minute meditation session. If you need help. try the Calm app (my favorite), Headpsace, or Insight Timer.
  2. Hot tea (or any warm drink) + a book, curled up on the couch, with a nice cozy blanket.
  3. Try a new exercise class either at the gym or at home. Aaptiv has some great on-line workouts, or check out the line-up of free workout videos at Fitness Blender. You can also take your workout session outside and do some intervals alternating sprinting/jogging, running/walking or fast/slow walking. Have fun mixing things up!
  4. Schedule a laughter session. Seriously πŸ™‚ Watch a funny You Tube, Instagram video, or a movie that makes you laugh. Be silly with your family. Do something fun that makes you smile!
  5. Unplug from social media for an ENTIRE day. If that’s not possible with your job, set a VERY brief window where you use it for the day.
  6. Treat yourself to a facial at home. A few of my favorite skin care products to try are: Boscia Cleansing Oil Balm, Glam Glow Firming Gravity Mud, and this Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum.
  7. Take a SLOW leisurely walk outside-preferably surrounded by greenery and nature. Listen for birds chirping, leaves rustling, water running~whatever soothes your mind!
  8. Take a long hot bubble bath. This EO French Lavender Bubble Bath smells divine!
  9. Bake a batch of cookies or muffins. Keep some for yourself, and share the rest with friends. And, while they don’t have to be super healthy, if you’d like to keep them on the lighter side, these are some yummy recipes to try: Chocolate Pecan Love Bites, 1 Minute Paleo Blueberry Lemon Muffins, or these Peanut Butter, Oat, Chia Seed, & Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies. SO good!
  10. Go to the grocery store and spend time LEISURELY browsing the aisles, looking for some new foods to try.
  11. Start a journal. Even if you don’t do this every day, it’s a great way to de-stress, reduce anxiety, & help put the craziness of life into perspective.
  12. Try a progressive muscle relaxation session. You can do this on your own, starting by tensing then relaxing your head, then work each muscle group all the way down your body. Calm app also has some nice guided progressive relaxation sessions.
  13. Start your morning off with a prayer or gratitude.
  14. Make a batch of soup to enjoy for dinner, then freeze leftovers to enjoy later. A few favorites to try: Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Pistachio Harissa Pesto, Kale Basmati Soup w/ Pumpkin Seed Pesto, & Vegan Potato Leek Soup.
  15. Go to a bookstore or library, and spend a leisurely hour browning the bookshelves.
  16. Hug your loved ones extra tight, and tell them how much you love them.
  17. Clean out your closet, and donate your clothes to a favorite charity.
  18. Treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers, a green houseplant, or an orchid in a pretty pot. Or, pick some flowers or greens from your garden, and show them off in a pretty vase.
  19. Take a leisurely hot shower. It’s great to save water, but every now and then, a long shower feels absolutely divine!
  20. Treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate (yay for whipped cream!) or a Cinnamon Almond Dairy Free Mocha.
  21. Spend 20 minutes stretching. If you have a foam roller, use it to work out the kinks.
  22. Get a massage, book one for later, OR ask your significant other for a massage. You can always offer to reciprocate at another time.
  23. Have a dance party. For one. Or more. I loved dancing with my kids when they were little. Now that they’re teenagers, I’m pretty sure they won’t dance with me, so I’ll be going solo on this one πŸ™‚
  24. Do something nice and unexpected for a family member or friend. It can be very de-stressing and soothing to take the focus off of ourselves some time!
  25. Pick an area of your home that you pass by or use often and spend 30+ minutes cleaning or decluttering. It can really help clear your mind!
  26. Spend one hour unsubscribing from emails or cleaning out your social media feed from negative people. Nobody’s got time for other people’s negativity!
  27. Book a breathing session with yourself. Integrative physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, has some good breathing exercises and techniques to try.
  28. Take a nap! Even if you don’t fall asleep, allow yourself 20+ minuets to close your eyes and just chill.
  29. Do something creative. Color, draw, play an instrument, take photos and play around with different filters, write a short story or poem, re-arrange your decor…whatever makes you happy!
  30. Spend some time browsing through your cookbooks, recipe clippings, or Pinterest board, and plan 4 night’s worth of dinner for the the next week.
  31. Make a self care jar with all of these tips your like, or add your own. Anytime in the new year you need a little boost, pull a self care tip from the jar and take care of yourself πŸ™‚

Click here to download and print out the list of self care tips. Post the list somewhere you will see it every day!

Let’s Chat!

What are your biggest holiday stressors? Which of these self care tips do you already do? What new ones will you try???

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  1. Martha Piccolo says:

    Hello. Great list. Now I know how I will spend my next hour – tip number 26 gave me inspiration. Cleaning the mailbox, unsubscribing from the list I do not want to be in and removing negative friends from my social media connections:) Sounds a bit negative, but has tons of positive impact on my life. Thanks:)

  2. Great article for self care. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Haha! #23 on your list took care of #4 for me! I’ll be dancing alone, too πŸ™‚