There are some days you just need a drink.

Like today…

The day  I had planned to share the most delicious rosemary parmesan polenta fries with you, but then things happened, and I got so busy I forgot to pick my son up from his sleepover {thank goodness said friend’s mom is SUPER cool and understanding}, and I never had a chance to eat a decent meal {bad dietitian!}, or let alone have a drink of water or take a shower because {gulp!} my water got shut off because I forgot to pay my water bill.


Today is a good day for a drink, but because the day’s far from over and I still have loads to do, I settled on a tall green kale frosty over a more potent tequila-laced one.

Care to join me?

Kale Frosty {Gluten-Free and Vegan}

  • 1 cup vanilla milk of choice {almond, coconut, or soy }
  • 1 banana
  • 2 cups chopped fresh kale {If you are a virgin kale frosty drinker, you might want to start with 1 cup of the green stuff.  Just saying’}
  • 2 cups ice
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon {optional}

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend away until thick and frosty.


Tell me about your day!  Was it a productive one?  A fun one? A stressful one that called for a drink? Have you ever forgotten to pick up your child?  Had your water shut off for forgetting to pay your bill???