Ever wondered how to eat fresh figs? You’ll love these easy, tasty recipes featuring fresh figs and other nourishing ingredients!

I have a dietitian confession to make…

Until a year ago, my only experience with figs was in the form of Fig Newtons.

And the first time I finally tried a fresh fig, it didn’t meet my expectations.

Figs have always had such an exotic and mysterious allure about them that when I finally bit into my first fresh fig, it was meh-kind of blah tasting.

But, rarely a quitter, I decided to try fresh figs again, and they didn’t disappoint this time!

And I thought some of you might be fresh fig haters too, so I thought I would share some delicious ways how to eat fresh figs so that you might become a convert like me!

How to Eat Fresh Figs | 4 Delicious Ways!

1. Fresh Fig Bruschetta with Goat Cheese & Toasted Nuts

This Fresh Fig Bruschetta is SO easy I figured I didn’t need to put it into a proper recipe format for you. All you need to do is slice fresh figs (with the skin on!), top ’em with goat cheese, a little fig spread (optional), and toasted pecan and almonds. Make this easy appetizer for your guests; I promise they will devour it!

2. Fresh Fig Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Image by Aggie at Aggie’s Kitchen.

It doesn’t get much easier than this Fresh Fig Greek Yogurt Smoothie from Aggies Kitchen. All you need are Greek yogurt, banana, ice, honey, and yummy fresh figs! Get the recipe: Fresh Fig Greek Yogurt Smoothie

3. Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Grapes & Fresh Figs

Image by Abbey at Abbey’s Kitchen.

This balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe from Abbey’s Kitchen is another delicious way to enjoy fresh figs. It’s pretty enough for a holiday dish and easy enough for a weeknight autumn meal. Get the recipe: Balsamic Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Grapes & Figs

4. Warm Maple Fig & Beet Kale Salad

Image by Kristina at Fork in The Road

You make this fresh fig salad from Fork in the Road, warm or cold. It’s a hearty and super nourishing green superfood salad with beets, fresh figs, white beans, and goat cheese-perfect for an entree or easy side dish! Get the recipe: Warm Maple Fig and Beet Kale Salad

Are fresh figs good for you?

In addition to learning how to eat fresh figs, you probably want to know the nutritional benefits of fresh figs.

Fresh Fig Nutrition Benefits

In addition to being delicious, fresh figs are good for you too! Key nutrients include Fiber (essential for a healthy gut microbiome), vitamin B6, calcium, and copper. In addition, figs provide antioxidants that help mop up cell-damaging free radicals.

Fresh figs are also a big part of the Mediterranean diet which you can learn more about here: The Best Gluten-Free Mediterranean Diet Recipe for Your Health.

And, just in case I haven’t convinced you to try fresh figs (boo hoo!), here’s a delicious recipe featuring fig preserves. Enjoy!

Figgy Ham Sandwich with Manchego & Arugula

This is not a recipe per se, so follow along with the simple instructions…
  1. Start with your gluten-free bread of choice, toasted,  and slather on a generous amount of fig preserves.
  2. Top it off with ham. Or, for a vegetarian version, no ham is necessary!
  3. Add Manchego cheese, sliced thin.
  4. And finally, add your greens {peppery arugula works well}, plus a toast topper, and there you have it…A delicious figgy ham sandwich!

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