5 Reasons to Ditch Store Bought Dressings + The Perfect Homemade Vinaigrette

Once you whisk up a batch of this zesty 4 ingredient “Perfect” Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette, you may decide to ditch the store bought dressings altogether!Once you whip up a batch of this easy, healthy, and delicious 4 ingredient Homemade Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette , you may never go back to store-bought dressings!This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is DIY Kitchen Essentials…

What favorite kitchen staples do you now make from scratch – but in the past you purchased? Show us your best DIY recipe for keeping cupboards, fridge or freezer stocked with healthy basics. Think homemade frozen waffles, salad dressing, broth or other kitchen essentials.

Growing up I don’t recall my mom or dad making salad dressing from scratch. We pretty much always had a bottle, or 2 or 3, of various dressings in our fridge. Hands down, Thousand Island was my favorite. At my friend Nicole’s house down the street, it was a different story. Her parents were both European, and her mom always made a simple {delicious!} vinaigrette to delicately dress the salads that appeared every day for a proper sit down lunch. After which, if I was invited to stay, I would take a nap on the coziest day bed ever. Life was good back then. Very, very good indeed! {More…}