Summer 2023

MIND Diet Meal Plan

Enjoy this free 7-day MIND diet meal plan for optimal brain health and vibrant aging! Each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a healthy treat. You also get a “done for you” shopping list to take to the grocery store or order from the comfort of your home.

This plan features my favorite MIND diet foods like omega-3-rich fish, poultry, nuts and seeds, beans and lentils, whole gluten-free grains, and a bounty of luscious summer produce. Enjoy in delicious health!

Vibrant Aging

Looking for evidence-based nutrition articles, recipes, and ebooks for brain health and vibrant aging? I’ve got you covered!

Diet first, supplements second

Relevate for Brain Health

Backed by science, RELEVATE fills the gaps between what most people eat and the diets (like the MIND diet) proven to be the healthiest for your brain. Click the link below to learn more and get 15% off your order with code “SPICYRD”