You won’t miss the merriment of the season with these delectable low FODMAP desserts & gluten free Christmas cookies, and holiday treats. Plus, get my #1 self care tip for surviving and thriving over the holiday season!

You won't miss the merriment of the holiday season with these delectable low FODMAP desserts, gluten free Christmas cookies, and holiday treats!

Happy Holidays to everyone following a low FODMAP diet or gluten free diet! And, everyone else, of course 🙂

If you’re worried about missing out on your favorite treats this holiday season, you can still be merry with 12 days worth of scrumptious low FODMAP desserts, gluten free Christmas cookies, and holiday treats!

I’m sharing a few of my own favorite low FODMAP desserts & gluten free treats, along with more yummy recipes from my Low FODMAP blogger and dietitian friends.

And, because there’s so much more to the holidays, than just the food, I’m also sharing my #1 self care tip for enjoying a healthy and joyous holiday season. Enjoy!

12 Days of Low FODMAP Desserts & Holiday Treats

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Note: All of these low FODMAP desserts are also gluten free and vegetarian, plus some of them are vegan as well. Enjoy!

Candles and hot chocolate on a serving tray.
Before I go, here’s my #1 self care tip for surviving and THRIVING over the holiday season…stock up on lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s!

I’ve been hard at work improving my own sleep habits for the last part of 2017, and I’ve come to believe that getting into a good sleep routine, is SO important for overall good health.

You can read The Ultimate Guide to Natural Sleep Tips for Better Health here, or, for the quicker version, these are 4 of my favorite tips. If you have any of your own to add, please share!

4 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Plan tomorrow, today. I use Todoist and Cozi to keep track of everything going on in my life. Planning your next day the night before, is a great way to dial down the giant “to-do” list going on in your head.

If you prefer writing things down by hand, keep a notebook by you bed, and write down everything that’s on your mind before you turn off the lights.

Sign off from social media. I don’t always adhere to this, but I know I fall asleep much easier when I do. No matter whether it’s “good stuff” {keeping up to date on nutrition news}, or “not so good stuff” {political squabbles on Twitter}, it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media at bedtime.

If you’re susceptible to this too, try experimenting with a “no social media” policy 1 hour before bedtime, and see if you sleep easier at night.

Pick up a book {and read it!}. I’m like clockwork with books at bedtime. Even if it’s a book I’m really into, when I read late at night, I get drowsy about 10-15 minutes into my book, and usually fall right asleep.

Side note: If you really enjoy reading, like I do, you’ll want to schedule some reading time into your morning, afternoon, or early evening, so you can actually finish reading your books 🙂

Cut back on the booze. I love a cocktail or a glass of wine, but neither one is my friend at bed time. Oh, sure, a glass or two will definitely help me fall asleep, but, 100% guaranteed, I will wake up sometime in the middle of the night, whenever I have a drink in the evening.

If this is you too, try cutting alcohol out for at least a couple of weeks, and see if you sleep more soundly through the night. After that, you don’t have to go cold turkey, but keep alcohol to a minimum if you want to improve your sleep habits for the long term. Cheers!

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What are your favorite low FODMAP desserts, gluten free cookies, or holiday treats?  What are your favorite self care tips for staying healthy and happy over the holidays?

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