#figlove : A Tale of Two Figs. Fresh…and Preserved.

fresh figsFresh figs.

Forgive me if I seem a bit of a cheat for this post…or, more appropriately a slacker.

You see, my only experience with figs up to this point in my life, has been in the form of Newtons, preserves, and a year ago, one taste of a fresh fig that I really didn’t care for.

I didn’t hate the fresh fig.

Really, I didn’t.

It’s just that, to me, figs have always had such an exotic and mysterious allure about them, that when I finally bit in to my first fresh fig, I was a bit, well..


So, in honor of #figlove, I tried again with these fresh figs…

fresh figs

Unadorned, sadly, another disappointment.

And, with my cook’s “thinking cap” not working properly, I took the easy way out {aka cheaters way…slackers way…}, and came up with this simple, yet scrumptious, sandwich with my favorite Dalmatia Fig Spread.

fig preservesThis is not a recipe per se, so just follow along with the simple instructions…

Figgy Ham Sandwich with Manchego and Arugula

toast with fig preservesStart with your bread of choice, toasted, {I used gluten-free millet chia bread for my sandwich} and slather on a generous amount of fig preserves.

Top with ham.  Really tasty ham, such as this Fork in the Road ham my friend just turned me on to.  Yum!  For a vegetarian version, no ham necessary!

toast with ham and manchego cheeseNext up, Manchego cheese, sliced thin.

ham sandwich with fig preserves, Manchego, and arugulaAnd, finally, add your greens {peppery arugula works well}, plus a toast topper and there you have it…A delicious figgy ham sandwich!

But I just couldn’t stop here.

Lucky for you, just as I can not tell a lie, I also can not be a slacker {or a cheat}, so I felt compelled to make something out of those gorgeous fresh figs.

Something like this…

Fresh Figs with Goat Cheese and Toasted Nuts

fresh figs with toasted nuts

This was one of those, “Sam I Am” dishes.

As in, oh my goodness me…

I do, I do, I do love fresh figs when they are topped with goat cheese, fig preserves, and toasted nuts!

Yes, I do, Sam I Am!

Have I peeked your fig curiosity a bit?

Check out these delicious sites s to learn a little more about figs…

And, of course, be sure and check out my #figlove co-host’s delicious creations, and link up your own figalicious recipe to the #figlove blog hop that is going on all throughout October.

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Have you tried fresh figs before?  Do you like them?  Have you ever had a “Sam I Am” moment when you finally try something new and like it???

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  1. Figs without friends can definitely be underwhelming in flavor and texture. in my book, it’s the friends that make the difference – just like in life – like the other stuff in the jam, and in the sandwich. This is a great way to use up some of my fig preserves in the frig! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Love this post EA. Wasn’t cheating, really! 🙂 I love fresh figs but here this recent batch was the tastiest I’ve gotten in years. Yours looks beautifully plump. My husband’s family on the other hand only figs they knew were fig newtons though J is probably more of a fresh, dried or as a jam, fig aficionado than I. I am in fact planning on making a fig chutney panini as an easy dinner tonight, similar to your sandwich! 🙂

  3. I LOVE figs. When I lived in Florida I had never tasted a fresh fig. Never saw one to my knowledge (this was pre-90s). But funnily enough living in the UK we get loads of luscious black figs when in season. Usually from Turkey, but we grow them here too. I like your sandwich idea – nice and easy. Try to find black ones; they are really so much nicer than the green ones (sorry green ones!). Fig jam and fig chutney (with tamarind) are top spreads in my house (liven up a plain cheese sandwich no end). I hope to post a fig, plum and cobnut salad soon and will pop it into the round-up.

  4. Susan, both recipes are delicious! love these ham loavesand those fig&cheese bites, really good!

    Sending you loads of #figlove 😉

  5. I love fresh figs! Black and even green. They have to be good and ripe though. Their honey-sweetness doesn’t really develops until they’re soft. Dried figs are a great flavorful dessert sweetener and portable snack as well.

    I’ll try to whip up a fun autumny fig recipe for you.

    • These green figs were actually quite soft and ripe, but from what I’ve read, they have a much subtler flavor. Still, they were perfect for “holding” the goat cheese, nuts & fig preserves. Can’t wait for you autumny fig recipe!!

  6. I’m going to prepare that sandwich, I love sweet/salty dishes. And your pictures are also really nice, I love the one with the sandwich and jam pot on back.

  7. These look really great, I always love your photography skills, and these look so delicious!

  8. Bravo to this. That has to be the best ham sandwich I’ve ever seen. I buy fig spread to. I use it for all kinds of things, even making salad dressing. Beautiful photos.

  9. That is so interesting to read your thought on fresh figs, everyone RAVES about them. I founds some at my local farmers market, but they were all bruised…..so totally passed of course:-) I love the recipes you created with the fresh figs though, and can only imagine that goat cheese would make them spectacular:-) Yum, Hugs, Terra

    • I know Terra…I guess that’s what led to my initial disappointment. But I’m glad I perservered, and now I have so many other fabulous ideas to try from my #figlove co-hosts. Hugs to you too!

  10. Hee hee – totally enjoyed this post and thankful that your “guilt” paid off to us readers getting TWO great fig recipe ideas from ya! I agree – I love fresh figs but they always need to be paired with nuts & cheese (and even bacon in some cases) So fun to share the #figlove with ya – missing you at FNCE!

  11. Not cheating at all. If you posted those Fig Newtons as your #figlove recipe, well then I might be apt to label you a cheater! I have a Fig and Ginger (I think) jam from Stonewall Kitchen that I like, but have to use sparingly as it is a bit overpowering!

  12. Oh yum! I had never tried fresh figs before last year when we got them in our co-op basket. I made a gluten-free tart with fresh figs and dates (the dates were fresh from the trees across the street). I love the delicate flavor, and now I need to go find some more to make these treats!

  13. I have never tried fresh figs…only the preserves and the butter, which BTW I am a BIG fan of. I love your creativity and your beautiful beautiful pics. I am going to come back to his post next month to try out some of these fig recipes. Your Sam I Am moment is genius!

  14. This looks wonderful! I will have to try it.

  15. Gorgeous photos! I had never tried figs and when everyone was blogging about them recently, I decided that I must be missing out so i bought some. Oh, they were awful! I’m guessing maybe they weren’t good. They tasted like mold and mustiness and ick. I guess maybe I should try making something with them instead of eating them straight!

    • LOL! Glad I’m not the only one “less than enchanted” when 1st tasting figs. Definitely try them with the goat cheese, nuts, and fig spread. You will not be disappointed!

  16. EA,

    I guess that figs, and goat cheese, or cheese in general just go together Love both of your reipes with the cheese and figs.. I had trouble in finding good fresh figs and opted for the dried Black Mission figs. the dried Black Mission figs were wonderful, once they were re-hydrated, so sweet and sticky!

  17. Oh wow- the sandwich and appetizer both look amazing. I love simple-to-make but impressive-to-eat apps like this one. I do love figs I just don’t do much with them beyond add them to salads, although I did make an easy fig jam last year. 🙂

  18. I love figs!!
    These both look amazing! I will be making this fig appetizer for the next fall party I have. It is just too cute and delicious looking not to! Figs on top of figs..can’t beat that! 😉

  19. Oh I LOVE figs!! I especially like them dried though, rather than fresh (unless you turn them into something fun like you did). I am like you in that I only ever had fig newtons growing up, not real figs, but I was happy when I finally did!! I love them. Thanks for the creative recipes.

  20. I love fig spread, so that sandwich looks divine to me! I actually am not the biggest ham fan, but your picture makes it look absolutely mouth-watering. I bet the flavor combination of everything on that sandwich is just wonderful!

  21. A fresh very ripe fig is amazing, if it is not totally ripe I can see how someone would feel the same. Good on you for still presenting us these recipes. The sandwich looks brilliant.

  22. oh wow! everything is just beautiful! this looks so good and your photos are just outstanding!

  23. I’m so with you, was not a fresh fig person until recently (darker ones). They were blah and not as exciting as everyone says. Your sandwich? OMG- I want it now, who’s chia/millet GF bread is that? Love ham and I think I’d love the cheese/fig bites. So happy you cheated.

  24. I’ve never tried ham and figs before. It’s looks so delicious 🙂

  25. Wow! Love, love the fresh figs plus fig preserves plus cheese idea…who’d a thought fresh + preserved are such a great combo. You’re brilliant! Just wish I coulda gotten fresh figs this year in Chicago. I chased them down at an Itaian grocer where I got last year…and at TJ’s…but all produce men said the didn’t survive trip from Cali this year. ):

  26. Finally posted my #figlove recipe: Coconut Rum Raisin Free-Form Muffins: http://www.laurawestkong.com/gff/2012/fig-love-coconut-rum-raisin-free-form-muffins/
    Just before October ends too.


  27. I’m going to prepare that sandwich, I love sweet/salty dishes.


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