Happy Clients!

Are you looking for a nutrition coach and dietitian who is friendly and fun to work with?  Someone who doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all nutrition approach? Someone who will listen to YOUR needs and tailor a customized approach to help you meet your goals? Someone who LOVES to eat good food just as much as you do!!! Check out what all my FABULOUS clients have to say!

C.S., San Diego, CA

I have been under the expert care of EA Stewart RD since January 2024 and am beyond pleased with how much I’ve improved since then. EA is very personable, accommodating, and, most importantly, helpful. She’s the utmost professional and very well-versed in what she does. For me, in a little over two months, she has done what years of visits, chats, OTC medications, and diagnostics with gastroenterologists have fallen completely short of doing, which is actually listen to me and chart a clear path toward healing and living a normal life given my gut issues without just prescribing an exorbitantly expensive pharmaceutical and sending me on my way.

I’ve been proudly vegan since 2017 and suffer from IBS (diagnosed in 2007) and SIBO (diagnosed in 2023) – so my dietary needs are a bit complex — I was searching for someone who was savvy in the vegan lifestyle/diet that also could address the ailments that I need to get under check to be able to live a life of normalcy where diet is concerned — all this, whilst trying to avoid taking big-gun pharmaceuticals. EA ticked all the boxes and then some. Plus, she’s very agreeable and genuine. It’s like I’m talking to a good friend when we confer. EA has the absolute knack of making you feel very comfortable talking about pesky gut symptoms, and she always offers ways to ameliorate whatever is ailing you. She’s always ready to be available to you when needed through her portal and/or email, and the plethora of added yummy recipes and helpful discussions on her website are yet other layers of care EA provides her patients/clients.

I had been toying with the idea of consulting with an RD/Nutritionist after my SIBO diagnosis last year, but in my quest, I hadn’t found someone who I felt I had rapport with — I felt that rapport from the get-go with EA, even before meeting or speaking with her — she answered my queries promptly and thoroughly via email making me feel “heard”, understood and valued. I’m so glad my “gut” feeling (pun intended!) pointed me in her direction. I can’t recommend her enough, and again, I feel I am beyond fortunate to be under her care. She has a client in me forever. Thank you, EA!

Linda Flores, San Diego, CA

I was diagnosed with IBS/SIBO. I began a low FODMAP diet and did a course of two different antibiotics for 14 days. Nothing improved. I then contacted EA, with whom I had worked before. She recommended two different supplements to address the problem. Within two days, I started improving. It’s now over two weeks on this regimen. I feel good and have had no relapse. 
EA is knowledgeable, professional, empathetic, and friendly. I feel like I am working with a friend. When I worked with her a few years ago, I drove 30 miles to her office. This time, we worked remotely. It was easy and convenient.

On a side note, I believe the months of trying to follow the FODMAP diet re-sparked an old binge eating syndrome. EA does not specifically work with eating disorders, but she recommended the book Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Resch. I have begun this program. I feel mightily encouraged about it. I am going to continue checking in with EA, and I will give her name to my gastroenterologist.

Isabelle Morford, Boston, MA

I absolutely loved working with EA. She was always so attentive and designed a program that specifically worked for my needs. Not to mention, she completely helped me solve my initial stomach discomfort. Her kind and understanding disposition made my experience with her even more amazing. I highly recommend EA!

Kirsten, La Jolla, CA

Working with EA was a wonderful experience! I had not received much support from my primary care physician for long-time digestive problems. It was nice to be validated about my experiences and to feel really heard about my concerns. EA skillfully guided me through an elimination diet that helped me to identify trigger foods. She was also instrumental in reminding me that this was indeed a process! She offered various paths, explaining the advantages and disadvantages and allowing me to control the direction I wanted to go. It was a very empowering experience! I now feel like I have some control over my health and happiness related to these issues.

Ester Castruita, La Jolla, CA

I was looking for a nutritionist who could understand me. I was vegetarian, trying to be vegan, and planning my first pregnancy, and I was also following a gluten-free, soy-free, and pepper-free diet! I know it’s very challenging, but EA did a great job! She made me feel comfortable with my needs, offering many suggestions about my menu, groceries I could buy to fit my diet and recipes. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, has good energy, and has a great attitude!

Charlotte, Temecula, CA

EA has been such a great help for me! She is very non-judgmental and helped me learn to enjoy food more without feeling guilty. Her further recommendations of books, resources on the Internet, and what to do in regard to some gluten-sensitive issues I was having have paid off. Because of her recommended testing, I now know that I don’t have celiac disease but that I feel better without gluten. Her recipes are fantastic and provide me with a lot of different choices for not only myself but for my family. She has helped me change how I view eating and has helped me and my daughter. Eating is now a pleasurable experience at the dinner table, and my daughter thanks me for my new insight on eating, as there are no more power struggles at the dinner table! Highly recommend EA. Her advice is priceless, and her Brazilian Cheese Puffs are to die for, along with her “Heidi’s Contest Winning Chili.” Thanks, EA!

S.A., Qatar

EA is a godsend; she has helped me gain back my life. I came to her tired, sleepless, fatigued with brain fog, and unable to live my life to the fullest. When I met her for a consultation, she listened carefully and was comforting and reassuring. After discussing my diet, she carefully devised a diet plan. After one month of following that plan,  I am happy to say that I have my energy back, my brain fog cleared up, and I am sleeping much better than before. I would highly recommend EA to anyone in need of nutrition advice.

Joley Habib, San Diego, CA

One night last year, I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible stomach pain. After 9 hours in the urgent care, the doctor said I picked up a stomach infection. I spent months getting every test and seeing 4 different GI doctors. It was a terrible experience. I really got no answers, & the whole time, I was feeling awful. I was eating 700 calories a day because I didn’t know what to eat & could not keep much down.

My GI doctor finally mentioned the low FODMAP diet, so I started googling. It seemed incredibly complicated and confusing, so I decided I needed the help of a professional nutritionist. The best day in a long time was when I found EA on the internet. I’ve worked with EA for the last five months and am so lucky to have found her.

EA knows everything about the low FODMAP diet (and, of course, all things nutrition-related) and easily guided me through the process. She was always available for my calls, texts, or emails. She had meal plans, vitamin suggestions, and eating out suggestions—anything you could think of, she knew the answer.

If you are having any stomach/food-related issues, please help yourself get better and enlist EA to help you. I can complain about anything, but not EA! She is a true knowledgeable professional. I am sure she can help you like she helped me!!

S.H. Del Mar, CA

I suffered for many years with symptoms such as dry eyes, difficulty sleeping, tingling in the hands, and body aches.  Doctors had trouble giving me a proper diagnosis but eventually recommended that I change my diet to gluten-free. This sounded like a death knell to me – a person who lives and breathes gluten (from bread to pasta to desserts).  It was at this time that I contacted E.A.. She patiently asked me about my family and lifestyle and helped me to figure out how to become gluten-free without causing a huge upheaval to my family, even offering to come over at a time when my children were in school to assist in cleaning out my cabinets!

E.A. has a great appreciation for food and can give common-sense advice for choosing options that will work with a gluten-free diet. Having children similar in age to my own was a big help, as she was also able to offer realistic food and snack choices geared away from gluten products. She is exceedingly thorough and professional. I found her advice and knowledge invaluable. I highly recommend E.A. as a nutritionist.

Kim, Coronado, CA

I had been suffering from digestive issues for 2.5 years and sought out help from an acupuncturist, internist, gastroenterologist, holistic MD, and integrative doctor without much luck. The acupuncturist recommended a couple of great supplements that helped manage my symptoms, but I didn’t feel that I was getting to the root of the problem. After doing research online, I put myself on the FODMAPs diet but read that it should not be done without the help of a dietitian. I found EA’s contact info online as a FODMAPs-friendly dietician, so I felt confident calling her. Well, she blew me away. She spent an hour on the phone talking about my symptoms, what I had already tried, etc., and suggested that since the FODMAP diet was helping, I take it a step further and try the LEAP diet.

I went for it, and it wasn’t easy, but EA was there to talk me through it, and the results were amazing. I didn’t even need the “can’t live without” supplements on this diet! She also suggested I follow up with an integrative doctor for my fibromyalgia pain, and I decided to revisit the one I had originally seen. This time around, with my digestion greatly improved, the doctor was better able to hone in on what to test for, and we discovered several underlying problems that might not otherwise have been diagnosed! EA is extremely knowledgeable, generous with her time, and caring, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if it weren’t for her. As a bonus, her positive, fun personality makes it a pleasure to work with her!

R.S. Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, San Diego, CA

I originally contacted EA per the recommendation of a colleague to help me wean off of two digestive medications I had been taking for 13 years for IBS and GERD. As I was not actually experiencing digestive distress when we first began working together, given the successful pharmacological management of my symptoms, it was particularly challenging to document any improvement as I progressed through an elimination diet informed by LEAP and FODMAPS theory.

However, working with EA {on a LEAP and FODMAPs diet} was truly a pleasure. She was a constant source of knowledge and support and answered all of my (many) questions with incredible patience and expertise. She repeatedly demonstrated impressive humility when faced with a question to which she did not know the answer and never hesitated to request time to research the topic before getting back to me, usually within a week, with the information I sought.

Furthermore, her ability to “think outside the box” and recommend products and recipes that were truly tailored to my individual needs was both impressive and inspiring. I am thrilled to say that through my work with EA, I have been completely off one medication for over two months and am now on my way to being totally med-free (and I even still get to eat dessert!)

My Happy Nutrition Consulting Clients!

Liz Shopes, RN, San Diego Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN)

EA provided an excellent, informative presentation on how to eat for a 12-hour shift to the San Diego Chapter of AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses). Critical Care nurses work a physically, mentally, and emotionally active work day or night. From her history of working in an acute care hospital, EA talked to us about how to make the best nutritional choices to feed our brains and bodies during a 12-hour shift. Whether it is trying to stay awake and alert during a long night shift or if it is a day nurse who is starting her day at 7 am and may not get a real break until 2 pm, what we eat affects not only how we care for ourselves, but our ability to take care of others.

EA is knowledgeable about nutrition but also realistic. As both a speaker and a nutritional consultant, whether you’re a parent trying to figure out how best to feed your family and yourself, someone who eats out frequently, someone who can barely fit in time to eat, or someone with dietary restrictions due to health, EA can provide you with the information, recipes, and resources to enable you to feed your body, your mind, and your family and still leave room for chocolate.

David & Risa Baron, Jackie’s Jams, San Diego, CA

We love working with EA! She is easy to work with, meets our deadlines, and provides us with the confidence that our products have accurate nutritional information.

Jeni Kay, San Diego, CA

My daughter, mother, and I spent one of the most informative and enjoyable afternoons yesterday with EA in her lovely home in Del Mar! EA held a private cooking class for us, which could not have been more wonderful. She was very communicative with us throughout the entire process – first providing us with a survey to determine what we were most interested in gaining from the class and asking for recipe needs/wants; then EA sent us a list of possible recipes from which we could choose; finally, she gave me the option of doing the food shopping for the class and then provided me with a detailed shopping list.

On the day of the event, she was so friendly, gracious, and knowledgeable. She provided just enough instruction and worked with my daughter so that she was able to acquire many new skills. The food tasted WONDERFUL, and it was a big hit with the rest of the family when we brought it back home for dinner. All that, and it was less $ than if I were to have signed us up for a group class somewhere…and I would not have been able to tailor the experience just for us! Definitely hire EA; you will not be disappointed – she’s the real deal. Enjoy!