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Weekly Meal Plan & My Happy Things:Fun with Friends in San Francisco

China Town BuildingChinatown, San Francisco: The difference between boys and girls??  SiSi bought a pretty “cat” tile and a bracelet in Chinatown.  Big Tex bought a sword.  As in a REAL sword.  Naturally we had to ship it home, as I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have gotten past TSA.

Hello There! How’s everyone’s summer going so far?? I just returned from a mini vacation to San Francisco where my family and I had the most wonderful time visiting old {Gold} friends and meeting new {Silver} ones. Today’s post will be quick as I have heaps of post-vacation laundry to do, e-mails to catch up on, and grocery shopping to re-stock my kitchen, so my poor deprived kiddos don’t starve to death. Imagine, if you will, the voice of a 10 year old Tween…

But Mom!!! We don’t have ANYTHING good to eat in the house!!!!

What’s on your To-Do list today?


EA Stewart and Rebecca Subbiah

EA Stewart, Rebecca Subbiah, Beth Lee, Orly, lynnHappy Thing #1: Meeting Friends, Old and New.  Top Photo: Myself and the very lovely Rebecca Subbiah from Chow and Chatter.  Lower Photo: More lovely ladies! From left to right, Beth of OMG! Yummy, Orly from Yumivore, Rebecca, Lynn aka @mizlandry, and myself.

Thanks to Rebecca, I had the most wonderful time meeting some fabulous food bloggers and their families. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch at Betelnut on Saturday, complete with a GF menu for me!

Then the next day, Ian, the kids and I, set sail {aka Ferry Boat} for Sausalito where Ian’s friend “Dyson” {one of my husband’s best friends from childhood} picked us up and drove us back to his house in Novato for an afternoon family BBQ. Here’s the really cool thing…Also at the BBQ, was one of MY best friend’s from childhood {5th grade},”Mrs. G”, who just happens to be Dysons sister. It was so fun catching up with them, and I have to tell you, they are the reason SiSi and Big Tex are here, as Dyson and Mrs. G introduced Ian and I over drinks at Dakota’s in San Diego. Sadly the restaurant is no longer open, but almost 13 years later we’re still going strong. 🙂

Faux rye gluten-free bread from Mariposa Baking CompanyHappy Thing #2: “Faux Rye” bread from my favorite bay area gluten-free bakery, Mariposa Baking Company.  Best enjoyed toasted with REAL butter and a cup of coffee.  Yes.  I know.  That’s a lot of butter.  No judging please.

sailboat San Francisco BayHappy Thing #3: Riding the Ferry Across San Francisco Bay.  Feeling the crisp ocean breeze…getting a glimpse of The Golden Gate bridge slightly shrouded in fog…watching the boats sail across the bay…Life is good.

old advertisement for shredded wheatHappy Thing #4: Old Advertisements.  Before I studied nutrition, I got a degree in advertising.  Never mind that I have technically never worked in the field, I still love old advertisements such as this one that was on display at the Musee Mecanique {a really fun spot to visit if you are in SF}. Be sure and read the ad for a good laugh!

dog with flip flop in mouth  Happy Thing #5:  Welcome Home Greeting from Harry.  How can this NOT make anyone happy???

And, now on to a peek at this weeks dinner menu plan…


pinterest weekly menu plan

Big thanks to Managed Macros, Kalyn’s Kitchen, Post Punk Kitchen, and the Kitchn for this weeks dinner inspiration!

Click here for links to recipes along with my side dish serving suggestions.

Have a wonderful week!

What are some of your happy things this week?  Any favorite new recipes you’ve made recently???  Please share in the comment section!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan & My Happy Things:Fun with Friends in San Francisco”

  1. You must be a tall drink of water…or have very short friends!!! 🙂
    Your happy is so fun!!! My happy is dinner at our fav mexican restaurant, wine with my friends and movie night at home. I love the pics of Chinatown, beautiful architecture!!! Recipes? Uggh. I need to blog soon…serious slacker!!! I’m thinking Blueberry BBQ for my next adventure in food!

  2. Tanya @ Dine, Dash, & Deadlift

    Glad you had such a fun trip. I really enjoyed San Francisco when I was there in May/June and would love to go back for a non work related trip. Oh yes….and no judging on the butter from me! I enjoy fresh bread and butter at restaurants without the guilt!!!

  3. Such a HAPPY post!
    I haven’t had a blogger meet-up in way too long. They are so fun.
    My happy things this weekend would include my brother’s 16th b-day. It’s on Monday but we are celebrating on Saturday, and I just love summer cookouts and excuses to roast marshmallows 🙂

  4. How fun! Love a good meet up with old & new friends…. especially in San Fran, by far one of my fave cities.

    My happy for this week… hmmm… I guess spending the last week w/my oldest who starts big boy Kindergarten this week. *Sigh & Smile*

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