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Weekly Meal Plan & My Happy Things: A Sprouting Garden, Kid’s Art, & More!

Weekly Meal Plan & My Happy Things//The Spicy RDEven though it was a rainy, gloomy weekend, I was so happy the rain stopped a little so I could go for a run in the canyon near my house 🙂

How was your weekend everyone???

With Miss SiSi under the weather, and the weather under-the-weather, I had a pretty low key weekend…

Loads of laundry were done…TV was watched…magazines were read…board games were played…and meal planning was done.

Here ya’ go!

Weekly Meal Plan


  • “Layer’s of Love” Ravioli Lasagna {SiSi’s pick of the week} from No Whine With Dinner by The Meal Makeover Moms
  • Red Cabbage, Radicchio & Endive Salad from Gourmande in the Kitchen
  • Fresh cara cara orange slices



  • “Breakfast for Dinner” Pumpkin French Toast Bake from The Minimalist Baker {Make ahead in the morning, then refrigerate until dinner time.}
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Orange, Pineapple, Pomegranate Sparkling Juice



Remember, you can follow my Weekly Dinner Meal Plans on Pinterest for lots of {mostly} healthy & delicious meal plan ideas, and my weekly meal plan is also linked up to Meal Plan Monday at I”m an Organizing Junkie.
And, now let’s move on to this week’s happy things 🙂

My Happy Things

Rooftop Veggie Garden//The Spicy RDMy rooftop veggie garden is sprouting!!!

Magnetic Chalk Board//The Spicy RDI’ve been wanting a magnetic chalk board for our hallway for awhile now, and I finally have one, which I custom ordered from Billy Boards-love it!  Added bonus, I have new coat racks up too!!

orchid//The Spicy RDLove orchids ’cause I can keep them alive for 2 months without doing anything to them. I usually get mine at Trader Joes where they are a bargin at $12.99~or only $6.50/month for instant happiness!

Stratego//The Spicy RDWho used to play Stratego as a kid?  Big Tex and I played this over the weekend-lot’s of fun, and I even won!

Eqyptian Art//The Spicy RDArt over electronics…Mr. Spicy & I recently implemented a “no electronics” {computer/video games & tv} schedule for the kids Monday-Thursday unless they earn time by doing extra credit homework, extra chores, etc.  They don’t have any limits on the weekend, so I was pleasantly surprised when SiSi chose too spend some of her free time doing art instead of electronics 🙂

What’s on your meal plan this week?  What do you like to do an a rainy weekend?  What’s your favorite flower?  Have you ever implemented a “no electronics” schedule at your house? What’s making you happy lately???

17 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan & My Happy Things: A Sprouting Garden, Kid’s Art, & More!”

  1. just wanted to say hello EA! 🙂 thanks for the almond flour berry muffin recipe. i am going to bookmark. i’ve been baking lots with coconut flour lately. i love it!!

    and you eat so well for your meals, wow, your family must have happy bellies!

  2. Just delicious!!
    I love your garden! We have been trying to grow a few veggies and it’s been so-so. I hoping to try it again with a few different vegetables. And I’ve met a couple people recently that grow gardens successfully in Vegas! I think that will help!!!

  3. You are awesome! I love how you embrace the little things in life, b/c those are what really count, don’t they? I am very envious of your rooftop garden! Nothing sprouting in the midwest under our fresh blanket of 8 inches of snow!
    Your cauliflower soups sounds exquisite and I love the artwork! Your a good mom and a great RD!

  4. I think your menu plan for the week sounds wonderful, I will certainly be trying a few of the recipes. I have a question about the French toast though. The original recipe for the bread is not gluten free, could you share with us how you will convert this to GF? Thanks, that is one amazing looking loaf of bread and almost bread pudding like French toast so I would love to try it too!

    1. Hi Vanessa~Thanks so much for your comment & question! I will use Udi’s gluten-free bread in place of the regular bread, but you could use any favorite GF bread and I think it would be fabulous. I have made a sausage/leek casserole before with Udi’s gluten-free bread, and it turned out to be delicious! Here is the link to that recipe if you are interested: http://www.theurbanbaker.com/a-savory-bread-pudding/ I hope you enjoy the french toast-I’m definitely looking forward to trying it 🙂

  5. I like your idea about earning electronic time. I haven’t moved to that yet, but we did recently implement & time limit & time of day cut off. It’s amazing once my oldest gets off his ipad how much fun he can actually have playing with his brother and his toys 🙂

    1. So true Regan! We are lucky where we live because we are on a cul-de-sac with tons of kids, so there is never a shortage of friends or outdoor play, plus added bonus is my kids are spending more time on their homework instead of rushing through it just so they can play their electronics.

  6. Nick and I are going away for a weekend trip an dI pledged to bring ZERO electronics, other than our phone for emergencies. Yes, it’s so necessary every once in a while!

    I love your veggie garden, it looks wonderful. I bet the rooftop is a perfect place for it too, great sun and shade.

    I’m obsessed with bulletin boards, and will be checking out the Billy Board link!! I can never find one I like (I look at Target a lot and they have some good ones, but I’m never satisfied)

    1. Love your pledge Gina!! One of the best vacations I had was when we went white water rafting in Idaho. The rafting itself was spectacular, but I also loved being totally unplugged for almost a week, and it was amazing what a fabulous time my kids had too. Have a fun trip!

    1. Thanks Andrea and I love your menu for the week too! When SiSi picked out the ravioli lasagna for her meal to make, I had a “panic attack” moment, thinking we were going to have to make the ravioli by hand so they would be gluten-free, then I remembered I can buy GF ravioli at Whole Foods. Ravioli making would be fun, but when we have more time on our hands, which is not this week! Hope you have a wonderful week too 🙂

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