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Happy Things, Healthy Living: Hiking the Boulder Flatirons, Gluten-Free S’mores, and More!

Happy Things, Healthy Living is where I share my favorite things and healthy living inspiration, like my recent hike in the Boulder Flatirons. Take a peek, join the conversation and share your favorites as well so we can all inspire each other to live a happy, healthy, joyous life! Here’s what’s inspiring me lately…

Hiking the Boulder Flatirons

Happiness is hiking the Boulder Flatirons in Colorado!If you’ve noticed I’ve been a little MIA here on the blog lately, it’s because the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with SiSi and Big Tex’s last two weeks of school activities {and promoting to High School and Middle School!}, Mr. Spicy’s birthday, and a little work travel for me to Boulder, Colorado to speak on IBS and the low FODMAP diet at a gluten-free summit hosted by Boulder Brands for their employees. Oh, and I just so happened to go hiking in the Boulder Flatirons {one of my happiest things ever!} while I was there. Have you been?? Oh, my goodness, I was in absolute hiking heaven! If you’re in Boulder and have time for a quick {~3 miles} hike, I highly recommend the First Flatiron Hike which starts out in Chautauqua Park, and heads up in to the mountains. It will definitely get your blood pumping, your skin glowing, and, last but not least, you will totally get your zen on with all the gorgeous scenery! Want more details on the hike?–>First Flatiron Trail at Alltrails.com

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Gluten-Free Graham Crackers S’mores

Get ready for a summer camping trip with these gluten-free graham crackers and S'more making kit from Pamela's Products!Get ready for your next summer bonfire or camping trip with these yummy gluten-free graham crackers from Pamela’s Products! This time last year, my friends’ at Pamela’s sent me their Figgies and Jammies to try {a gluten-free twist on Fig Newton’s} which were delicious, so I was excited to try their new line of gluten-free honey, cinnamon, and chocolate Graham Crackers, which they sent to me along with some chocolate and marshmallows for a gluten-free S’mores making experience. Although I usually make most of my baked goods when I want a gluten-free dessert, let’s face it, it’s much easier to make S’mores when you don’t have to bake the graham crackers first yourself, and these gluten-free graham crackers from Pamela’s were quite a treat! Check them out here–>Pamela’s Gluten-Free Graham Crackers  and, when you have some extra time, you can try baking your own–>Homemade Gluten-Free Graham Cracker Recipe and Carrot Cake Popsicle Recipe. Note: Pamela’s sent me their new gluten-free graham crackers to try, but I was not compensated to write this post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Cherry Season!!!
Healthy summer snacking at it's best! Fresh cherries are rich in potassium, antioxidants, and fiber, but the best part, is they're absolutely delicious, so nosh on a handful today!

Can you believe my luck? In addition to the S’mores kit from Pamela’s Products that recently showed up on my front doorstep, I also got a ginormous cardboard box packed with the most luscious fresh cherries you have ever seen. Believe it or not, my kids were just as excited getting this gorgeous box o’ cherries, as they were getting the S’mores making kit! Huge thank you to my friends at Northwest Cherries for kicking of my summer with these delicious cherries. Need some reasons to eat lots of cherries this summer {other than the deliciousness factor??}

Here are 5 great reasons to eat some cherries today!

  1. Good source of potassium –> help control blood pressure + reduce risk for hypertension and stroke.
  2. Source of melatonin –> may help promote a healthy sleep pattern + reduce jet lag {hint, hint…you may want to eat some cherries if you’re traveling this summer!}
  3. Sweet cherries –> powerful inflammation fighters!
  4. Low glycemic index {22} and low glycemic load {3} fruit –> stable blood sugar levels
  5. Rich in antioxidants {anthocyanins} –> possible protection again cardiovascular disease + certain cancers + memory & cognitive function enhancement {umm, yes please!!!}

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Note: I was not compensated to write this post-I just wanted to share some info with you because I am a big fan of fresh cherries!

Catching Up with Friends!

EA Stewart and friend.This is me with my friend Heidi who lives in Denver. She lived in San Diego, eons ago, where we first met working as receptionists at Jenny Craig, and spent our off time either running {we ran a half-marathon together} or hitting the nightclubs to go dancing. Ahh..the glory days! But then she moved to Denver, so I only get to see her every 5 years or so, including last week when I was in Colorado, and Heidi and her husband drove to Boulder to have dinner with me at a fun restaurant, The Med. So much fun & happiness seeing her again!!

DIY Taco Salad Lunchbox Bowls

DIY Taco Salad Lunchbox Bowls at The Food Network healthy Eats BlogSchool may be out for summer, but your kids {you too!} still have to eat, so treat them to this fun, healthy lunch idea-DIY Taco Salad Lunchbox Bowls that they can assemble themselves, either at home, or when they head back to school in the fall. I created this easy recipe for The Food Network Healthy Eats Blog so head on over for the recipe!–>DIY Taco Salad Lunchbox Bowls.

And, before I go, here are some links around the web I’m loving lately…

And, that’s a wrap for this week! Now it’s your turn to share what’s keeping you healthy and making you happy lately!!! Any sanity saving teen parenting tips to share? Have you ever been to Boulder before? Any favorite fresh cherry recipes to share, or do you just eat ’em by the handful like me???

I’d love to chat with you, so leave a comment, share a tip, or ask a question! And, if you think your friends would enjoy this post, I’d truly appreciate you sharing it with them too!

10 thoughts on “Happy Things, Healthy Living: Hiking the Boulder Flatirons, Gluten-Free S’mores, and More!”

  1. Love the beautiful photos – that would make me very happy too! I used to live in Utah and I miss summers out west – I originally moved for the skiing but ended up loving summer as much, if not more than, winter. And I’m a huge cherry fan too – I usually just end up eating them as is! Very happy for cherry season.

    1. Mmm…indeed 🙂 I’ve been thinking about the melatonin connection, as I’ve REALLY been sleeping well this last week, and, coincidence or not, I’ve been having cherries pretty much every night for dessert. Hmmm….

  2. I have a dear friend that lives in Boulder and the last time I visited we hiked the Flat Irons. I was 5 months pregnant and slept for 5 hours afterwards lol! Sounds like you’ve had quite the end to the school year—- but with all positive and FUN things to keep you busy! And PS. Michigan is THE cherry state so I’m pretty much eating cherries 24/7 all summer long. If only we had them year round!

    1. After having done a short hike, I’m super impressed by your 5 month pregnant hiking stint in the Flatirons! And, yes, all the busyness has been super fun indeed 🙂 I hope you get your fill of cherries this summer!

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