What to Eat with Leaky Gut + a Free  7-Day Meal Plan

EA Stewart, MBA, RD

What is leaky gut?

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A leaky gut occurs when your intestinal lining becomes more permeable than it should be. This allows substances that should remain in the digestive system, such as bacteria and undigested food, to leak into the bloodstream. This may lead to inflammation and health problems, including digestive issues & autoimmune conditions.

Leaky Gut Symptoms

Gut issues like: Diarrhea Constipation Abdominal Cramping Bloating Extraintestinal issues like: Fatigue Headaches Brain Fog Joint Pain

What are the potential causes of leaky gut?

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Elevated zonulin (linked to celiac disease, gluten, & bacteria overgrowth.) Low fiber diet. Alcohol intake. Gut infections. Imbalanced gut microbiome. Excess stress or exercise. Aging. NSAIDS ?????

Leaky Gut Diet

There's no one specific leaky gut diet. Because gut dysbiosis and inflammation can lead to increased intestinal permeability, your best bet is to consume a fiber-rich, high polyphenol, anti-inflammatory diet.  And to avoid or minimize the following: Ultra-processed foods High sugar foods High saturated fat foods Alcohol

Leaky Gut Food List

Vegetables Fruit Fatty Fish Probiotic-Rich Dairy Products Fermented Foods Nuts & Seeds Beans & Legumes Whole Grains (Gluten-Free Optional) Healthy Fats Optional Proteins Miscellaneous

Free 7-Day Meal Plan

Click on the link below to get your free 7-Day Leaky Gut Meal Plan, along with the option to sign up for 1 free month of my customizable anti-inflammatory meal planner.