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Healthy Families for Life…Join the 2014 #OlympicMoms Challenge!

OlympicMoms 2014 - Join the fun, share fitness and nutrition tips, and cheer your family on to a healthy lifestyle! #OlympicMomsGet ready to be an Olympian by joining myself, and 13 more inspiration bloggers over the next two weeks of the Olympics in the 2014 #OlympicMoms and #OlympicDads challenge.  Read on for more…

How many of you dreamed of being an Olympic athlete one day??


Most definitely!

My first Olympic aspiration was to be a gymnast, a la Olga Korbut or Nadia Comaneci.  The only problem was that my BEST tricks were cartwheels and cherry drops {does anyone do these anymore???}, and my splits were more “tiny wedge of pie” like than straight on the ground.

So, later on, when I discovered sports I actually kind of excelled in {softball and track & field}, my Olympic dreams shifted gears…

Future Olympic Softball Player?Future Olympic softball player???

It wasn’t meant to be, however, when shoulder/neck problems from pitching put me in traction, and too much sprinting left me with shin splints, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis.

Oh, and I discovered that to be an Olympian, you not only need talent and genetics, but there is a LOT of hard work, passion, and motivation required to make it to that level.  I have a HUGE amount of admiration for all of the athletes who have, who are, and who will compete at the Olympic level.

But the thing is, as moms {and dads} we can ALL be Olympians, at least in the eyes of our children, when we go the extra distance every day to motivate them, encourage them, and be role models to promote a healthy, LIFELONG lifestyle for our entire families every day.

My parents gave me that, and it is one of the things I know I can do for my own 2 children, which is why I am SO excited to participate in the 2014 #OlympicMoms #OlympicDads Challenge, and I would LOVE it if you join me too!

Here’s how…

OlympicMoms 2014 - Join the fun, share fitness and nutrition tips, and cheer your family on to a healthy lifestyle! #OlympicMoms


First, download a copy of this GORGEOUS Olympic Moms & Olympic Dad’s PDF created by our AMAZING ringleader Dr. Lynne Kenney.  It tells you everything you need to know about joining our global Olympian community, and includes the following:

  1. Tips for getting involved in the Olympic Moms and Olympic Dads Challenge
  2. A beautiful, FREE “My Daily Health Plan” printable that you can print out for each day to inspire healthy living in your own household.
  3. A free printable 14 day family friendly meal plan featuring healthy and delicious recipe ideas from all our fabulous expert bloggers.
  4. Hashtags #OlympicMoms #OlympicDads #nutrition #exercise #familyfun and social media tips for spreading the word about our fabulous community, which includes YOU!

Second, to see how all this works in action, and to start getting inspired to join in the healthy fun, check out this fabulous site which pulls all {YOURS included} our Olympian tips on to one inspirational page when you use the hashtags above, and follow our group #OlympicMoms Pinterest Page for healthy recipes, family fitness tips, daily inspiration, and a whole lot of fun!

And, last but not least, if you have ANY questions about how you can participate, please don’t hesitate to ask me! And, of special note, even if you’re not a mom or dad right now, you can still participate, share your own healthy living tips, and get inspiration to share with your kids you might have one day 🙂 We are all in this together!

Did you ever dream of being an Olympian?  Are you watching the Olympics this year?  What are your favorite fitness or nutrition tips for healthy families??? Share!!!

Meet my teammates, and follow this amazing group of #OlympicMoms!!!

Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert and the author of Parenting Made Easywww.sueatkinsparentingcoach.com @SueAtkins www.facebook.com/SueAtkinsTheParentingExpert  http://www.youtube.com/user/sueatkins1

Gill Connell  is a Mum, Grandmum, Teacher, International Lecturer, Author and Consultant and founder of Moving Smart movingsmartblog.blogspot.com @movingsmart  www.facebook.com/movingsmart www.pinterest.com/movingsmartnow/moving-smart

Amanda Frolich an expert in childhood physical development and the founder of Amanda’s Action Club www.amandasactionclub.co.uk @actionamanda www.facebook.com/amandas action club

Annie Fox, M.Ed., is an internationally respected parenting expert, family coach and trusted online adviser for teens  www.anniefox.com @Annie_Fox facebook.com/AnnieFox.author http://www.pinterest.com/annielfox www.youtube.com/user/AnnieLFox

Aviva Goldfarb is a family dinner expert and founder of The Six O’Clock Scramble, an online dinner planning solution for busy parents.www.thescramble.com @sixoclockscramble www.facebook.com/thessixoclockscramble/AvivaGoldfarb  www.pinterest.com/thescramble

Lynne Kenney is a mom of two, a pediatric psychologist, international speaker, author and media host www.lynnekenney.com @drlynnekenney www.facebook.com/DrLynneKenney  www.pinterest.com/lynnekenney www.youtube.com/LynneKenney

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD is a Registered Dietician, Mom and Fouder of Real Mom Nutrition www.realmomnutrition.com @RMNutrition www.facebook.com/realmomnutrition  www.pinterest.com/RMNutrition

Lori Lite is the founder of Stress Free Kids, author of Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide, www.StressFreeKids.com  @StressFreeKids ontwitter.com/StressFreeKids, www.facebook.com/stressfreekidswww.pinterest.com/stressfreekids

Kelly Loubet is a Social Media Strategist and Community Builder everydaychildhood.com @childhood  www.facebook.com/KellyLoubet www.pinterest.com/childhood

Deb McNelis is an Early Brain Developement Specialist and author of The Brain Development Series @braininsights  www.braininsightsonline.com  www.pinterest.com/braininsights

Amy Valpone is a Personal Chef and Marketing Consultant specializing in simple Gluten Free ‘clean’ recipes thehealthyapple.com @TheHealthyApple www.facebook.com/TheHealthyApple.com www.pinterest.com/thehealthyapple

Christy Wilson is a Registered Dietitian, Mom and Nutrition Consultant specializing in recipes families love ChristyWilsonNutrition.com @ChristysChomp www.instagram.com/christywil74 www.pinterest.com/christywilsonrd

Wendy Young is a Licensed Medical Social Worker, Founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM www.kidlutions.com @kidlutions www.pinterest.com/kidlutions/ www.facebook.com/kidlution www.youtube.com/user/Kidlutions

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