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30-40+ Plants per Week Challenge

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When you join the 30-40+ Plants Per Week Challenge you’ll get all the tools you need to add more plant based foods to your diet for better digestive health, wellness, and longevity. All while eating the most delicious food!


What’s Included in the 30-40+ Plants per Week Challenge

  • A gorgeous 40 page guidebook outlining all the health benefits of eating a wide variety of plant based foods, actionable tips on eating more of these delicious health promoting foods, storage & prep tips, flavor guides, and much more!
  • A complete 1 week meal plan (vegetarian & gluten free) featuring 7 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas along with a grocery list.
  • A FUN, colorful 30-40+ plants per week food tracker that you can download and print to use every week.

1 review for 30-40+ Plants per Week Challenge

  1. nadia david

    I’ve been a fan of EA Stewart ‘s Meal Plans for a few years now.
    This new plan of 30-40+Plants Per Week is again testimony of her always delicious , inventive recipes, always surprising with something new.
    Very clear and easy to follow.
    With a full list of a variety of plants, a very tasty one week menu.
    Highly recommended!
    So generously for sale at a low price.

    And lots of very helpful information.

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