Please help me provide you with the BEST nutrition, recipe, and lifestyle content by taking a quick survey. Your opinion is extremely invaluable to me. Thank you so much!

Photo of 3 succulents with text: Spicy RD Nutrition 2021 Survey.

As I prepare the upcoming year’s worth of nutrition and lifestyle content, courses, and products, I’m SO looking forward to your input! The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

I welcome your questions & feedback ANY time!

As always, you are also welcome to email me ([email protected]) or leave a comment with any questions or feedback.

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  1. Good morning! I started the survey, but it won’t allow me to select more than one choice for each question. I’ll try again later.

    1. Hi Betsy! Thanks so much for letting me know! I just changed the format from multiple choice to checkboxes, so hopefully it will work correctly now so you can pick more than one choice. Please let me know if it works this time. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!