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Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies Gluten-Free Cookie Review and Giveaway

These gluten-free Mission Fig Figgies and Jammies cookies from Pamela’s take me right back to my delicious childhood!

Pamela's Mission Fig Figgies and Jammies Gluten-Free CookiesI’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t buy cookies very often. Note that I am not saying I don’t eat cookies, but my preferred tactic, especially when SiSi and Big Tex are asking for cookies, is to make them myself/ourselves. SiSi has even gotten to the age {12 going on 22!} where she can walk to the grocery store near our house with her friends to pick up any ingredients we might not have on hand. This tactic, IMO, means there is no mindless cookie eating going on, plus there is a little bit of sweat equity built in to those cookies.

Win, win!

Plus, homemade cookies are always in demand by the neighbors, which means sharing and good karma all around.

We could all use a little good karma in our lives, don’t you think? 🙂

That being said, there are times I am at the grocery store, and the cookie aisle suddenly appears in front of me, beckoning me to reach out and snag a package, and the brand I most often reach for is Pamela’s.

Have you tried the Pamela’s Pecan or Dark Chocolate Chunk Shortbread???


So, when Pamela’s offered to send me their new line of Figgies and Jammies to try, I jumped at the chance, especially because that other well known fig cookie was one of my favorites as I kid, and, truly, up until now,I have missed not having a gluten-free version to enjoy.

Let me tell you, even if you don’t follow a gluten-free diet, I think you will love Pamela’s version!

They are indeed yummy, just like all the other Pamela’s products I have tried, and, if plain figs aren’t your thing, besides Mission Fig, you have the option of Blueberry and Fig, Raspberry and Fig, and Strawberry and Fig.

They are also certified gluten-free by GFCO and Kosher Certified (Diary Facility), and have no artificial flavors or additives.

That being said, they are cookies after all, so try and limit yourself to one per serving. If you want more than one, you will need to walk to your nearest grocery store to buy them 🙂

Pamela’s has generously offered to give away 3 cookie packs to my readers, with each cookie pack containing 1 package of each of the flavors I mentioned above. Yippee!!

Disclosure: Pamela’s sent me free samples of Figgies and Jammies to try. As always, my review and opinions are 100% my own.

Pamela's Gluten-Free Figgies and Jammies Cookie Giveaway // The Spicy RDFiggies and Jammies Gluten-Free Cookie Giveaway

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10 thoughts on “Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies Gluten-Free Cookie Review and Giveaway”

  1. Blueberry fig sounds yummy! Never a cookie eater when I was a kid but I was allowed a chocolate chip cookie once a week from the cafeteria in elementary school.

  2. We were very, very poor growing up. My mom absolutely hated to cook. Also, she was a horrible cook. She never made homemade cookies. We couldn’t afford even mixes to purchase. On rare occasion, she would purchase a package of Archway’s. She would eat 2 with a cup of coffee. Sometimes we would get some. I do, however, love fig newtons. I found a package of these, from Pamela’s, in a specialty store last month. Bought a package and they didn’t last long at all. And, I didn’t share. Went back and they were completely out. I would love to win these….Many thanks!

  3. I too remember growing up with Fig cookies. These looks yummy, and being GF is an added bonus, hoping to try soon.

  4. Love, love love!! I tried one of the cookies at the natural products expo, and they gave me another sample to bring home. I had every intention of sharing with Liv… but the cookie didn’t make it home. Alas… someday she will try!

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