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3rd Annual December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway 2012

Join my 2012 December Fitness Challenge and you might win a $100 Amazon giftcard!

I’m super excited to announce my 3rd annual December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway for 2012!

Thanks to all of last years December fitness challengers, I managed to keep fit last holiday season, and I’m looking to all of you to motivate me again, and for all of us to motivate each other!

For those of you who didn’t participate last year, or the year before, let me get you up to speed on what the December Fitness Challenge is all about…

December Fitness Challenge

Are any of you like me, and find your fitness routine somewhat lacking in December?  Or, even worse, non-existent???  If your answer is YES, then please join me as I embark upon my December fitness challenge…

Why I am starting this challenge: Personally speaking, December has always been a difficult month for me to keep up my fitness routine.  Most of you probably know the drill.  There are sparkly lights to hang, holiday cards to mail, original and unique presents to buy, festive parties to attend, delicious cookies to bake, intoxicating beverages to drink, and out of school children to entertain.  Whew!  Are you tired already???

Believe me, I really do look forward to this special time of year, but I find that SOMETHING usually has to give.  And, for me, unfortunately, that SOMETHING is usually exercise.

And truly, if you want to survive December with a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, a non-expanding waistline , and a stress level that isn’t through the roof, exercise is the last thing you should let slip through the cracks!  So, if you are in agreement with me, please read on for more details about the December fitness challenge and contest….

Are you ready to join the fun {and giveaway!!!}???

Here’s how it works…

  1. Between now and Monday December 3, 2012, come up with your OWN fitness challenge.  What workout routine will YOU commit to sticking with throughout the entire month of December?  Make sure it’s appropriate to your current fitness level {Please consult with your physician before participating if you haven’t already been exercising.}
  2. Leave a comment on The Spicy RD blog by or before December 3, 2012, 9 pm PST, stating what YOUR fitness challenge is. {Mandatory}
  3. Because we’re all in this together, and accountability is key for success, in order to qualify for the $100 Amazon Gift Card drawing, you must leave another comment on my blog under this same post between December 31 and January 6, 2013, 9 pm PST, stating how your December fitness challenge worked out for you. Did you stick with your plan?  Did following the fitness challenge help give you more energy? Deal with holiday stress better? What are your fitness goals for 2013???  I will send you a reminder e-mail at the beginning of the new year, to leave your fitness challenge follow-up comment. {Mandatory}
  4. Share this post and challenge on one of the following: Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest and you will be entered in to a separate giveaway to win one of my new favorite motivational fitness gadgets, an Omron Pedometer. Please make sure and leave a separate comment here as well, to be entered in to the pedometer giveaway. {Optional}
  5. If you are on Twitter, I’ll be sharing regular fitness updates & tips all month long, and I’d love for you to share your fitness challenge updates and tips as well.  Just use the #DecFit hashtag. The more we can all motivate each other, the merrier! {Optional}
  6. Open to all!! Winners will be announced on January 7, 2013!

Here’s what my December 2012 fitness challenge looks like:

I will do 90 + minutes of cardio {fast walking/hiking, jogging, treadmill, biking, other} and a minimum of two 20+ minute strength training sessions per week, PLUS, I will increase my baseline pedometer “steps-per-day” average by at least 10 % each week.

Now for the fun part…

What you will get out of the December Fit Challenge???

  1. More energy!
  2. Less stress!
  3. More positive outlook.  Hello holiday good cheer 🙂
  4. No {unwanted} holiday weight gain!
  5. Plus a chance to win a $100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate, so you can start 2013 off right with new fitness equipment, fun workout apparel, some healthy cookbooks, fitness DVD’s, kitchen gear or anything you want!  For some of my favorite healthy living gear, be sure and check out my Amazon Shop for inspiration.

Are you ready???

Then tie up those laces and let the challenge begin!!!

Please click here to leave your fitness challenge comment, along with an optional separate comment if you are entering the pedometer giveaway.  Good luck and a here’s to a healthy December and beyond for all!

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26 thoughts on “3rd Annual December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway 2012”

  1. Oh, EA. I’m so glad you hosted the fitness challenge! While I didn’t complete my entire list, your challenge was just the motivation I needed to be conscious about my level of activity throughout the month of December. And the bonus was that it got me thinking about my activity and fitness goals for 2013. Grateful for you, your encouragement…and all of those tasty, healthy recipes you’ve been posting, too! xoxo

  2. This December challenge was so helpful to me. Thanks for getting me moving!

    My goal was to get in at least 10 minutes of exercise every day. And I succeeded on most of those days (except 4 days missed because I got the flu). It helped me get through the holidays with a 3.5 pound weight loss! I usually gain about that much over the holidays. And the exercise kept me motivated to not eat all the treats laying around the office.

    Even more motivated now to keep it going in 2013 and get back to my goal weight by summertime. And my other goal is to get my side business up and running this year, now that I have all this extra energy! Looking forward to this year!

    Thanks again for the challenge!

  3. Well I didn’t hit either my mileage goal or yoga goal but I did run my first full marathon so I can’t be too upset with myself! I’m looking forward to challenging myself to run more miles in 2013 and to run 13 half marathons.

  4. Cant believe December is over. Well, I am somewhat proud to come back and report that I stuck with my challenge for the most part and I became somewhat creative when the weather was cold. I was able to utilize more home videos, stretching, running in place, during my running days. Also, learned that wearing shoes, even in doors in MUST. I definitely felt fresh, energetic and I did not feel that bad eating an extra piece of cookie 😛 My fitness goal for 2013 is to continue with my fitness and eating habit and make them healthier, incorporate more clean eating, and improve upper body strength and involve in more yoga 🙂 Thanks for this challenge really helped me stay in track!

  5. Well, well, well… It’s 2013 already? So without making any excuses I’m here to report back after agreeing to the December Fitness Challenge. I was active about 1/3 of the amount I had planned for partly for being sick 1/2 of December. Oops, I think I just made an excuse! I could have been more active than I was.
    The good news is I did not gain any holiday weight! and in fact lost about 3 lbs. which really is just a bonus. My goal was to move more and not focus on weight loss, just focus on activity. Now that I’m physically well I do plan on trying harder to get moving in January and beyond. 🙂
    Cheers to everyone who participated!!
    Thanks, Ea for setting this up and for the motivation.

  6. Deciding to enter this challenge was a great motivator for me throughout the month of December. I have always been the type of person that packs on the pounds during the holidays. For the most part I kept up with all my workouts, only missing 3-4 days, which for me is amazing. I think the most important effect this challenge had on me was the fact that I DID allow myself to indulge during the holidays and eat many of the things I usually would, but due to my decision (with the help of this challenge) to stick to a workout plan, I did not gain any weight. While many people look at mere maintenance of weight as a failure, I see it as a great success over the holidays. Now that the holidays are over I can focus on keeping up with my workouts AND eating a better, more natural diet to begin losing instead of maintaining. Exercise during this month also helped reduce my stress levels. I find that when I don’t workout I feel a lot of stress that stems from feeling the guilt of living a lazy lifestyle and not having a daily routine for myself. When I workout I feel proud and accomplished, which ALWAYS reduces stress. As far as my new routine giving me extra energy…I am not sure! I had many sleepless nights this month weaning my daughter and getting her used to being more independent so I felt like I was always tired no matter what. Things have settled down, however, so I am hoping to see my energy levels rise as my diet changes in addition to working out. Finally, I would like to share that this challenge has also motivated me for 2013…I am entering a local weight loss challenge at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu center! I know since I did a good job sticking to this challenge for December that I could apply it to this 3 month weight loss challenge and I am very excited about it. Thank you for the motivation through this challenge, I will be back next year should there be another one. I hope everyone has a great New Year!

  7. EA – I’m so glad you’re doing the challenge again! I’m too late for the giveaway but never too late to stay active! 😉 So, I commit to two extra long lakefront walks, two 30-min treadmill jogs, and one 29-floor stair climb a week along with at least one holiday-themed 5k this month. This is just what I need to get activity back on my calendar. Wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season! xoxo

  8. I will do this challenge. I will challenge myself to do three days of walking and at least one Zumba class per week in December. Since we will be visiting family it will be a challenge for sure. I will bring my workout dvds along with me.

  9. I will give this a try. I need something to kickstart my health journey.

    Plan: I will do 30-45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week(elliptical, 30 Day Shred, Zumba). I will also do 50 squats, 50 push ups, and 10 minutes of planks each day.

  10. I’d like to give this a whirl.. Mine are 30+ mins cardio (fast walking/hiking, jogging, treadmill, biking, other) 3 times a week; 1 day of yoga dvd or hot yoga class; 15 mins strength training twice a week.

  11. very cool, wish I could consistently commit but with wee ones and hubby working hard but will support it and try my best

  12. Aaaaahhh. OK. I’m in. I used to work out regularly – for years – but haven’t done anything with much any level of commitment in 5 years. Scary. I’ve got to do this. To start with, b/c I want to be realistic, I’m going to work out every other day for the month of December. The work out needs to push me either aerobically, strength building, and/or abs strengthening. It can be any combination of weights, strenuous (for me) hiking, yoga, swimming or snowshoeing. Sigh.

  13. Ok, my challenge will be to do push-ups and sits ups everyday starting with 20 and going up to 100. Also I will try to do something physical outdoors everyday.

  14. This is such a great idea to not only motivate myself but get inspired from fellow bloggers. I have been struggling little bit to follow my fitness routine mainly because of moving to new apartment, winter, it gets dark so fast, holidays and the reasons are endless!

    For this fitness challenge, I am going to incorporate some form of physically activity every day. I will stick to 2 days of P-90 X challenges, 3 days of running 3-5 miles, and 2 days walking/stretching.

  15. I ran my 1st 10k in October and had only ran on a treadmill for a few years. It was super hard but I did it in less than an hour! I’m really hoping to train and beat my time! I have to run and be home before my hubby goes to work because of the kiddos & the treadmill is broken…again:)

  16. I’m IN!!! ‘Im pretty active and the holidays don’t generally get in my way, I think that is because my family is to tiny II do’nt have really any temptations laying around! I just changed my fitness routine so this is perfect timing!! http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/laura-bailey-muscle-building-program.html
    This is my new program for the week of December. Will commit to it 100% is my goal with hopes of gaining 3-4 pounds by the end of the month (and not from sugar cookies!) :). Fun challenge. I will be sure to share the good word!

  17. Okay. I’m going to go public with this. (eek!)
    I commit to some form of physical activity 6 days per week, 30 minutes per day minimum. I have a gym in my finished basement so there is NO excuse for not being able to use the treadmill, bike, erg, boxing circuit or weights 6 times/wk, right!? I will switch it up with a mix of cardio & strength training since I have all available to me 🙂
    I’m not gonna lie… I’m not excited about this, but since I’ve gone public with it, I will do it!! And to further the cause, I will print up a handy-dandy activity chart to help me keep it going!

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