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Spanish lavendar from my garden...

{My lavender photo is linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday’s at My Three Boybarians}

Hmm…not sure that’s a catchy enough title…

“Other Good Stuff” is rather vague don’t you think???

In case you’re wondering, the “other good stuff” refers to a blog post I just wrote for Stuffed-Pepper on the importance of eating a good breakfast, and an audio interview I recently did on nutrition and healthy skin for be for living.

I’ll point you over to both sites shortly, but first, my weekly menu plan…

Spicy RD Weekly Dinner Menu March 26-April 1


  • Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos with Cara Cara Orange Salsa Fresca. Corn tortillas, shredded cabbage, chopped tomato and avocado, grated cheese, and white sauce {Greek Yogurt mixed with a little mayo}
  • Fresh pineapple
  • FYI-You might have noticed this was on last weeks meal plan.  Ian and I received a last minute dinner invitation to Bertrands at Mr. A’s in downtown San Diego last Friday night.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to dine with our friends at this lovely downtown San Diego establishment, featuring gorgeous views of the water front, and fresh organic veggies from nearby Chino Farms, so we kicked the fish tacos to the curb {temporarily} and said yes! Flexibility is my middle name 🙂


  • Macaroni Lasagna Soup {Using gluten-free noddles} from Blissfully Delicious
  • Green Salad with Golden Balsamic Vinagrette, and raw veggies
  • Minneolas {Have you tried these?  They are a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine and super yummy!}



  • Greek Chicken Kebabs served “Gyros style” with Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Crust in place of pita, and accompaniments below.
  • Raw veggies: Cucumber, Tomatoes, Chopped Lettuce, Bell Peppers
  • Feta Dip from A Spicy Perspective
  • Greek Yogurt and fresh oranges drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

There is no MEAL FIVE this week, since I promised the kids Mexican food from Robertos one night this week {They wanted it last night, but I, played “Mean Mommy” said NO!  We are sticking with Mom’s dinner plan!}, and Saturday and Sunday will be away from home…Saturday night we will be joining my parents for a party and dinner at The San Diego Natural History Museum, and Sunday night we will be New Zealand bound!!!

Gorgeous day for a hike above the beach in Del Mar!

For more inspiration, you can see all my weekly menu plan here on Pinterest, and as I promised, here are the links to the “other good stuff” 🙂 Hope you check them out!

And, before you go, if you haven’t done so already, I hope you will enter my Stylish {Anthropologie Serving Bowl} and Tasty {El’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Bagel Snaps and Medleys} Giveaway! {Click here to enter: Contest ends Friday March 30 at 9 pm PST}

Love this quote from George Bernard Shaw!

 What’s on your menu this week?  Have you ever been to New Zealand?  If so, what are your favorite spots?  Any advice on traveling with kids on a plane non-stop for 14 hours???

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  1. I am loving the sound of the spinach feta blood orange salad. Sounds fabulous!!
    The boy made black bean burgers with mushrooms, corn, onion, and black beans. He made extras so I know I will be having that for a couple lunches this week with a salad. Love leftovers! 🙂

  2. Wait are you headed to NZ? If you are a good friend of mine was there. I recall they stayed on a llama farm and I realize that’s very random. My husband says NZ is one of the most beautiful places he’s been. I want to hear more.

    • Yes, we are New Zealand bound for two weeks-can’t wait! We are staying on a farm while we are there, but I don’t think any llamas are involved. Can’t wait to share travel photos when we both return from our vacations.

  3. NZ…so LUCKY!!! I LOVE your lavender…it is so beautiful.
    I DID notice the tacos on the menu again!! I’m observant like that! 🙂
    The kabobs do sound YUM…I will have to pin that one…I am very excited about your SURPRISE entree!
    I plan my lunches but I don’t plan the dinners…odd, huh? Dinner is more a free for all…chicken breast. Ground turkey taco salad…protein and veggie. Boring! 😉

  4. Gorgeous photos! And I love the last quote… 🙂

    On our menu this week: rice bowls with lots of veggies & Korean hot pepper sauce; veggie soup with black beans; chicken thighs (hubby picked them up and said something about marinating them in buttermilk – I think he assumes I’ll figure it out…) & a salad; roasted veggies (beets, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts) & poached eggs.

    • Thanks so much Andrea! I came across that quote a couple of years ago, and it’s always been one of my favorites 🙂 Too funny about your hubby and the chicken thighs…I have no doubt you will figure it out though!

  5. That picture of the lavender is just beautiful! Have a great trip to NZ. Haven’t been, but it is on the list of places to travel to. As far as 14 hours on a plan with kiddos. ..Hmm, see if you can hire a teenager sitting at the opposite end of the plane to swap seats and babysit for you? 😉 (Kidding…kind of). Hopefully the unlimited access to movies and tv shows will help. Also bring a travel-themed coloring book and crayons and have them color pictures for the flight attendents and pilots!

    • Thanks Tanya! It is overflowing the planters in my courtyard-wish I could hare some with you! Love your teenager idea…hmmm..might be a little pricey though 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous picture E! I am really craving some grilled mahi mahi now!

  7. i don’t think i’ve ever tried mahi mahi before. but it sounds delicious! i assume it is a light flaky fish :D. you eat so healthy with your family. i love it! have a splendid day EA!

  8. Hubby and I want to go to France or Rome first, then definitely someday New Zealand!!! On long trips like that, the planes usually shows movies, and they are usually good for everyone:-) BUT with tablets so popular, you could bring your favorite movies on a tablet:-) I love the picture of the lavender, I have a goal to bake with lavender and rose water ASAP! Hugs, Terra

    • My husbands already checked out the list of movies on the flight-looks like some good ones, and yes, we have all the “i” devices too {i phone, i pods, i pads…}, so that will help for sure. Can’t wait to see wait lavender and rose water creations you come up with! Hugs back 🙂

  9. I am putting fish tacos on my menu next week- thanks for the reminder- they are perfect in the spring/summer! You are making me miss San Diego! Let’s see, just flew to Texas solo with my 3 little ones- only a 3 hour flight and 2 hour drive- they were great, they colored, played their Leapster. If it were any longer I’d bring the video player for movies. Good luck!

    • Yes, fish tacos are a staple in our house. Of course you probably have had them at Rubios too when you lived in San Diego 🙂 We’ll be watching lots of movies for sure on our flight, and hopefully the kids will get some sleep since we fly at 11 pm! Fingers crossed 🙂

  10. your meal plan sounds absolutely delicious! i’m especially intrigued by the chicken kebabs + the lasagna soup. yum! have fun at the mexican dinner tonight – i’m sure it will be fabulous!


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