Weekly Menu Plan and Photo Fun: Springtime Asparagus Quiche & a Sneak Peek at NZ!

Phone booth in gorgeous Arrowtown, New Zealand

Kia ora.

I am happy to be back home after a fabulous 2 weeks in New Zealand!

I have a fun post planned in the next few days to share my photos and travel adventures with you, but, a girl’s gotta eat {maybe a little less than usual this week after eating my way through New Zealand :-)}, so here’s my weekly menu plan, plus a couple of sneak peek photos.


Spicy RD Weekly Menu Plan April 16-22


  • Springtime Asparagus Quiche
  • Roasted cherry tomatoes. {Slice cherry tomatoes in half.  Drizzle with olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar, sea salt and pepper, and roast in oven on high heat until done.}
  • Apple slices with cinnamon.



  • Greek Baked Fish from Food.com
  • Salad with lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and Greek Lemon vinaigrette.
  • French bread or your favorite gluten-free bread on the side.  {Great for soaking up the yummy sauce from the fish!}
  • Fresh orange slices.




You can also check out my weekly menu plan right here on Pinterest, and for more healthy and delicious dinner inspiration check out dietitian Ann Dunaway Teh’s blog, Dunaway Dietetics, for her weekly menu plan.

What’s on your menu plan this week?  Did you do anything fun over Spring Break?  Do tell!!!

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  1. The Gross One says:

    With all those sheep in New Zealand, surely you have come up with some new healthy ways to prepare lamb. Well-prepared lamb is great, but most lamb is terrible. But on second thought, who would want to eat Mary’s little lambs with fleeces as white as snow!

    • I don’t very much care for the taste of lamb, although I did try a small amount in Mt Cook, and it was probably better than any lamb I have ever tasted. That being said, I’m much more inclined to show my NZ sheep photos {coming soon!} here, as opposed to any lamb recipes 🙂

  2. EA – stunning photos! I can hardly wait to read the upcoming post about your trip. NZ is so beautiful and the people are so lovely.

    As always, an inspiration, too! I love your menu plan and that you post it on your blog and on Pinterest. Thanks for the tasty menu ideas.


  3. YOU’RE BACK!!!! YAAAAA!!!!!! Beautiful pics!!! I’m sure it was a trip of a lifetime…I can not wait to hear more!!! And what better way to kick off the spring season than with an asparagus quiche…your family is VERY LUCKY!!! I went to CA for spring break…was super fun, thanks for asking!!!
    Great to have you home Spicy!!!

    • 🙂 Great trip, but it’s always good to be back home! So fun you came to CA for spring break. I’d love to hear more about your trip! One thing I did miss on my trip was eating lots of spicy food-not so much in NZ, although we did eat at a delicious Indian restaurant one night 🙂

      • I would absolutely love to go to NZ. i just got back from vacation myself, but only as far as Florida. I’m still having trouble getting myself out of vacation mode! Thanks for trying my avocado pasta. I hope you like it!

        • Florida sounds fun too Julie, although I hope you get to travel to NZ one day! I’m really looking forward to trying your avocado pasta-sounds like pure comfort food to me 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!
    And what a delicious menu you have planned. Although I love eating on vacation, it’s always nice to have some homemade meals to look forward to. 🙂

  5. You went to New Zilland??

    I spent 2 years up in the Bay of Islands at the north end of the north island. I hope you had a good time!

    Great menu plan.

    • Hi Maureen 🙂 Yes! I was in New Zealand and loved it, although I didn’t make it to eh Bay of Islands. Wish I could have visited up your way too, but Australia will have to be for another trip!

  6. wow, how much does it cost you on a weekly basis to cook all this healthy, delicious food for your family? welcome back to the states. i heard that NZ is gorgeous!

    • Ah Junia…You don’t want to know what my grocery bills are 🙂 Actually though, since I have been planning my meals, I have been saving a little money too, so it’s a “win, win”. Thanks for the welcome back!

  7. Gorgeous photos, as always! Your menu plan looks delicious! I love how you lay it out too – need to borrow that! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear more about your NZ trip – that is on my dream vacation list. My hubby went years ago but I have never been.

  8. stunning iceberg image…also love the splash of red in the phone booth shot

  9. aww so happy for you look forward to your posts

  10. WOW- what a fantastic trip that must have been. Gorgeous photos! Your meal plan sounds lovely too. I always end up liking other people’s menus better than mine! Have a good rest of the week!

    • Thank you so much Melanie! And, yes, it was a fabulous trip. So true about what you say about other peoples menu’s looking better than your own, although this week has been pretty tasty so far! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week as well. 🙂

  11. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the trip, that iceberg is awesome!

  12. Well NOTHING like going to New Zealand, I’ll tell you that! Wow, I can only imagine how wonderful that trip must have been. No spring break for me 🙁 I worked right through it. Oh well, when planning a wedding you have to give up a few things I guess.
    I’m pinning this asparagus quiche recipe, it sounds fantastic. This week I plan on making a buffalo chicken salad and a white bean mac and cheese.

  13. Welcome back!I absolutely love the second pic of the iceberg!!Gorgeous!!Would love to visit New Zealand sometime 🙂


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