Weekly Meal Plan and My Happy Things: Sunset at La Jolla Cove and More…

Sunset at La Jolla Cove…A very happy thing indeed!  Photo by Big Tex.

I’ve got lots of happy things to share with you this week, but first my weekly meal plan.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that last week was “a week without a meal plan”. With Mr. Spicy out of town for work in Washington DC, plus a wedding to attend, somehow my weekly meal plan never materialized, so this week I’m excited for things to be back to normal {as normal as they get around here!}, so here we go…





  • The Easiest Ever BBQ Chicken from Alysa at Inspired RD
  • Coleslaw
  • Lettuce for wrapping the chicken and coleslaw
  • Brown Rice
  • Apple slices with cinnamon


  • Carne Asada Tacos {Carne Asada meat, salsa, & guacamole}
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Fresh Orange Slices
  • Pink Grapefruit Margaritas from There Goes the Cupcake


And moving on to this week’s happy things…

My Happy Things

Happy Thing #1:  Philanthropic Kids…

letter to Helen Woodward animal shelter

I’m so proud of SiSi for her recent fundraising efforts where she raised $269.00 for the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in San Diego.  She started her fundraising in the summer by asking family and friends to please donate money for the animals at Helen Woodward.  In addition, she and her friend had a bake sale and lemonade sale to raise additional funds.  We just mailed the money to the shelter last week, and like I said, I am incredibly proud of SiSi for taking up this initative all on her own!

Happy Thing #2: A wedding on the beach…

wedding at Windandsea beach, la jolla

 One of Mr. Spicy’s friend’s from high school and also a friend of mine got re-married on the beach at Windansea in La Jolla.  It was a beautiful, simple wedding, and the best part was seeing the bride and groom so happy and in love!

Happy Thing #3: “Pinocchio” Tomato…

pinocchio tomato

Look what I found in my bag of tomatoes!  I added the raisin eyes, but the nose is au natural.  Smile 🙂

Happy Thing #4: Fun workouts…

soccer ball

The weather in San Diego on Friday and Saturday was scorchingly hot. Thanks goodness it cooled down nicely on Sunday, so SiSi and I headed to the school playground to play a little soccer.  She even had me doing planks, push-ups, sit-ups and run a lap.  It was a great workout and lots of fun too!

Happy Thing #5: Watching the seals at La Jolla Cove…

seals at la jolla cove

Last weekend SiSi, Big Tex and I walked down to La Jolla Cove after meeting my parents for dinner, so we could watch the seals at La Jolla Cove.  It was an absolutely perfect way to end the weekend.

I hope you had a happy weekend, and have some deliciou meals planned for this week!

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Have you been to a wedding recently?  Have you done any fun workouts lately?  What’s cooking at your home this week???

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  1. Awww…La Jolla Cove at Sunset is one of my happy places too. Too bad it’s so far away. Thanks for sharing and bringing back lovely memories. I really miss those seals too!!

  2. Kristin-We’re so close, yet rarely go see the seals at sunset, so it was a wonderful evening. Wish you were closer too!

  3. Polenta fries and Pink grapefruit margaritas. YUM! I bought the polenta you used….the quinoa one with all the fun herbs?? I used it in a polena black bean pie…was primo!
    What a great happy list. Your daughter is so sweet and what a passion at such a young age. Good for her…I imagine you are a very proud mama!!

  4. Those rosemary polenta fries sound wonderful!!! I’m obsessed with anything polenta.

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that tomato. I love what you did to it. Definitely pinocchio!!

    Going to two weddings in the next two weeks, and one is MINE!! Cant’ WAIT!

    • Hi Gina! So wonderful to hear from you, and even better, to hear that your wedding is almost here. Wow! I think you are the winner for happy things 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about your big day and see all the photos! Yes, that tomato is pretty funny. I didn’t even notice it at fist, but we had a party recently and my friend was helping cut tomatoes for the salad when he pointed it out to me. I knew that it would have to go on the blog 🙂 Happy Wedding!!!

  5. I love polenta fries! How were they? This post just made me smile, I’m loving your happy things. I went to a wedding in July, was the hottest day of the year and it was beautiful. They were the first in our group of friends to get hitched, so I think the next few years will be a lot busier…I’ve already got 3 planned for 2013!

    • Vanessa, the polenta fries are SO good. This is the third time I have made them now if that gives you a clue 🙂 SO glad to make you smile! Yes, wedding season can get to be crazy for awhile, then things slow down. For my husband and I, it’s mostly 2nd marriages we go to now!

  6. Awee…,that tomato is one cute little veggie! Love polenta fries..

  7. Love what you planned for the week. Those polenta fries..yum!!
    I love that SiSi raised money. That is a very mature and compassionate thing to do.

  8. Your meal plan this week looks divine! There literally isn’t a single thing on your menu that I’m not absolutely wild about. Can’t wait to hear how everything turns out! =) And I adore the Pinocchio tomato. =)

  9. That sunset photo is just amazing! I wish I could be more organized and did some meal plans..
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Angie-wish I could take credit but my son took it when we were driving home and I pulled over to make him take the picture 🙂 Honestly, I’m not super organized in my life, but the meal planning is so helpful for eating healthy with all the craziness in my life 🙂

  10. such a lovely area and fun for your friend to get married on the beach

  11. I’m hopeless at meal planning.. i tried a few times, but end up changing almost everything.. haha. What’s cooking this week? hmm.. didn’t plan yet lol! just had a delicious homemade buckwheat wrap for lunch today.. yum!
    Oh I love reading about your happy things, just makes me feel so happy. I think I should start my list of happy things too

  12. I love meal planning. Unfortunately, I totally suck at it.

    That tomato sure is cute 😉

  13. Cutest tomato, ever 😀 Love Big Tex’s photos and SiSi’s philanthropic streak, as well as her enticing her mama into a fun outdoor workout via football skills. How I envy your outdoor lifestyle, including the confidence of your friends to have a beach wedding! Writing this as the rain absolutely pours…

    Great menu as always. I am good at planning other folks’ menus but not so great at home. I change my mind too much. Keep them coming!

    • Hi Kellie! Wish I could send of this weather your way, although it has been so hot lately, a little {not pouring!} rain would be nice. Glad you like the meal plans-will keep them coming for sure!

  14. One of the eggplants from my garden grew a huge nose. I drew eyes and a mouth on it and it’s still in my fridge!

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