hydrangeasSometimes in life, you need to be a slacker.

Like a meal plan slacker, when your pantry and fridge are bursting with food you need to use up…

Or a work slacker, when the day is steaming hot and the beach is beckoning…


Sometime you need to be a slacker just like I was last week, when I didn’t plan out any of my meals, and I played hooky from work to hang with my kids at the beach, at Pelly’s Mini Golf, and, yes, even at the bowling alley.

But this week, I’m all back to business, sharing my weekly meal plans and a few of my latest happy things with you 🙂

How about you?

Have you been slacking this summer?

I sure hope so!



kleenex box owlHave you seen all the fun new Kleexnex boxes lately? Who knew a Kleenex box could make me so happy???



The water temp in Del Mar is up to 70 degrees!  We had fun body surfing and boogey boarding last Friday at the beach.  The kids even spotted a baby leopard shark.  Alas, no sighting of Johnny Depp who is rumored to be hanging out around here…


bad moon ccr misunderstood lyrics

Ever since my friend, M., turned me on to CCR in college, these are the lyrics I have been singing. Mr. Spicy and I recently attended a benefit concert where we had a blast dancing the night away to classic songs performed by CCR Revisited.  Two of the original CCR bland members are still rocking out in their late 60s. Talk about fun AND inspirational!


owl spatula

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy.  Like this owl spatula from Sur la Table. Have you noticed the owl theme going on here???


reeds extra ginger beer

I’m not a soda drinker. Honestly.  But this summer I’ve been keeping a stash of Reed’s Extra Strength Ginger Beer in the fridge for a refreshing treat, or to use in my favorite new cocktail, The Moscow Mule.  Have you tried a Mule?  So good, but watch out for the kick.  Seriously.


Click here to see my Weekly Dinner Meal Plans on Pinterest for photos and serving suggestions…
What are your happy things this week? Ever tried a Moscow Mule?  What are your favorite “Misunderstood Lyrics”? Been dancing lately, or played any hooky???

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  1. Kale and bacon frittata? Yes please! Your weekly menu sounds delicious.
    I haven’t seen the new Kleenex boxes….I will scope them out next time I’m at work!
    As for the hydrangeas, those are my wedding day flowers 🙂 I LOVE THEM! There will be on on the top of my wedding cake too!

  2. Ooh, that pasta dish sounds absolutely wonderful! and i love reading about your happy things! =)

  3. I agree that sometimes you just need a break from planning and working.
    I have been in a funk the last couple weeks, but I am feeling great now. I gave into it and was a bit more lazy. Now, I am back full swing!
    Enjoy the pasta..that is one of my favs! 🙂

  4. I totally rocked those lyrics for a LONG time. Love it! Thanks so much for including my frittata in your meal plan, I hope you love it!

  5. Great meal plan! I’ve been taking quite a long break from planning meals. We just got back from a long vacation. I’ve been planning in my head, and almost all meals include tomatoes as we have tons of them growing in our patio. I think I’ll get back to “serious” meal planning next week.

    I haven’t seen the Kleenex boxes. Very cool.

    Have a great week!

    • Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your “serious” meal plans Andrea. It’s always good to take a break though! Wish I lived next to you, so I could “borrow” some of your home grown tomatoes 🙂

  6. I always remember Wayne & Garth singing those lyrics on SNL( I just dated myself.) I always am inspired by your weekly meal plans but HAD to comment on your ginger beer mention – Reed’s Extra Strength Ginger Beer is one of my very happy things I’ve discovered this summer to make Moscow Mules too!!! I can never go back to Canada Dry after this 🙂

  7. if i lived next to that beach I would do what you did he he lovely

  8. Oh wow, extra ginger beer sounds amazing. I love anything ginger, including my dog (a golden colored border collie mix appropriately named Ginger!). I love hydrangeas too. In Portuguese they are called hortensias, and for my first few weeks in Portugal I thought they were two different flowers! I kept telling my mom I liked the pretty hortensias in my yard. I sent her a picture and she said- of course you do, those are hydrangeas and they were the center pieces at your wedding. Oops! We had different colors on the island than I was used to!

  9. Ha! Mom’s know {almost} everything, don’t they?!

  10. I’ve been a slacker too lately! Yay! I am getting slowly getting over it though. 😉 Your menu this week sounds delicious. I am so glad you are enjoying that water- who can work when you have the beach?

  11. I love CCR and I mess up the lyrics to most songs. During my bartending days in the summers towards the end of college a song came out that went something like “You could be my Coronoa and Lime”. I made the comment that there were a bunch of songs about Corona. When asked for another example I said, “You know, that one that goes, “Mm Mm Mm Mm My Corona!!”. Everyone starting laughing because apparently the song is “My Sharona”. Oops!

    Reed’s Ginger Ale is great! Love it! 🙂

  12. I have a cupboard and fridge bursting at the seems….yet I keep finding more treats to add to them, LOL! I love love Sur la Table’s fun spatuala’s, there is this Paris theme one that is pink and with a poodle……SOOOOO CUTE!!! Hugs, Terra

  13. I do love the owl theme!!! I am going to look for an owl kleenex box when I am out today!! It really is the little things, isn’t it?? Moscow Mules?? Oh baby!!! I love!!! However, it has been a couple of years since I have had one…good idea, Spicy!!! Break? Heck yes, I take breaks too often probably!! 😉 Happy weekend to you!!!


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