December Fitness Challenge Check-In and a Delicious Gluten-Free Cookie Giveaway

Can you believe we're halfway through the month of December, and halfway through the #DecFit Challenge??? How's everyone doing with their challenge so far? I've been getting my exercise the fun way these past few days... Skiing! Using this fitness calculator, I estimated that I burned 600 calories for each hour I skied. Not bad... Not bad at all considering I got in several hours of skiing over the course of my trip! {P.S....I know I burned a lot of calories, because I was absolutely EXHAUSTED at the end of each day, but … [Read more...]

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday: My Trip to Austin and Sunrise in Del Mar

Just a few photos from my recent "Girl's Trip" to Austin, plus a couple of sunrise photos from home I couldn't resist sharing... Grapefruit on display at the original Whole Foods in Austin, Texas.  When I think of grapefruit, I think of Texas so I thought this sign was kind of funny.. The "bulk food" section at the original Whole Foods in Austin.  The entire store was pretty impressive to say the least. We also took a trip to one of my favorite stores, Central Market, on Friday night, where we had dinner and wine and listened to a … [Read more...]

Baked Eggs for Patti and My ChickPz Giveaway Winner

On a Saturday morning, not so long ago, the kids were over at their grandparents house, and the husband was still asleep, so, I, naturally, lazed around in bed, coffee cup in hand, and caught up on my blog reading. A couple of recipes really caught my eye-BOTH for baked eggs!   First I  saw this one: Savory Style Perspective from The Edible Perspective. {A beautiful food blog I recently came across!} Then, I found this one: Caprese Baked Eggs from How Sweet It Is. {Recommended by not only, The Edible Perspective, but also by … [Read more...]