Happy Things, Healthy Living: 52 Hike Challenge, Weekly Meal Plan & More!

In this week's issue of Happy Things, Healthy Living, I'm sharing my weekly meal plan, the 52 Hike Challenge, a super creamy and delicious Coconut Vanilla Cherry Smoothie, and more healthy living links you'll love. Enjoy!   HAPPY THINGS … [Read more...]

Mexican Chocolate Banana Almond Breakfast Shake + 3 Reasons to Eat Some Almonds Today

This creamy, dreamy, delicious Mexican Chocolate Banana Almond Breakfast Shake is just what you need when you're craving something luscious, chocolatey, AND nutritious!What have you been craving lately?? Me? This rich, fudgy, sinfully delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake {gluten-free} topped with equally rich, fudgy and delicious Chocolate Buttercream frosting that my sweet SiSi made me for Mother's Day. Note: SiSi used a gluten-free flour blend with sorghum flour + tapioca flour + potato starch. If you have been on the lookout for a super … [Read more...]

Two New Favorites! The Vegetarian Flavor Bible + Spiced Pomegranate Lemon Lassi

Delicately spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger this Spiced Pomegranate Lemon Lassi, inspired by The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dorenburg, is nourishing, refreshing, and absolutely delicious. I think you're going to love them both! Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible to share and review with my readers. I did not receive any financial compensation to write this review, and, as always, my thoughts and opinions shared with you are 100% my own.  The Vegetarian Bible is not like … [Read more...]

Nutter Butter Butterscotch Pudding Smoothie

Divinely indulgent, packed with protein and other super duper nutrients, my "secret ingredient" Nutter Butter Butterscotch Pudding Smoothie is a delicious way to start the day! Disclosure: By posting this Nutter Butter Butterscotch Pudding Smoothie recipe, I am eligible to win a prize in the "Pure Encapsulations PureLean Blogger Smoothie Contest". Pure Encapsulations provided me with a free sample of PureLean Protein powder to create my smoothie recipe.  As always, my opinions of this product, and all products mentioned on The Spicy RD, are … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coconut Strawberry Smoothie + The Latest Scoop on Chocolate & Health

What would you say if I told you this super delicious and nourishing chocolate coconut strawberry smoothie may be just your ticket to a happy gut and a healthy heart? If you're saying "Cheers!", read on for the latest research findings on dark chocolate, gut microbes, and heart health, then get my super simple recipe for delicious health! … [Read more...]

Fresh Pineapple Ginger Kale Smoothie

Fresh Pineapple Ginger Kale Smoothie...Spring is almost here! Hello dear friends! Have you noticed an absence of posts lately? It's been crazy here, for sure, these past few weeks, getting my new website ready to launch {fingers crossed, the week of March 25!}, and working long hours with my friend and co-chair, Miss Kim, on SiSi and Big Tex's annual school fundraiser and art auction, so please bear with me, just an itty bit more over the next couple of weeks.  I promise you're in for a real treat when the new site launches :-) I … [Read more...]

Fresh Apple Pie Smoothie

This apple pie smoothie tastes like autumn in a glass! Do you say autumn or do you say fall??? Inspired a few weeks ago by these seasonal fruit smoothies, I decided to create my own fall inspired smoothie with 5 simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right this instant: fresh apples {of course!}, oats {certified gluten-free for me}, milk {dairy or non-dairy...your choice!}, maple sugar {or any natural sweetener will do}, and, naturally, a little spice {cinnamon}. Oh, and if you like your smoothies nice and cold, don't … [Read more...]

Pour me a drink…a tall, frosty green one!

There are some days you just need a drink. Like today... The day  I had planned to share the most delicious  rosemary parmesan polenta fries with you, but then things happened and I got so busy I forgot to pick my son up from his sleepover {thank goodness said friend's mom is SUPER cool and understanding}, and I never had a chance to eat a decent meal {bad dietitian!}, or let alone have a drink of water or take a shower because {gulp!} my water got shut off because I forgot to pay my water bill. Yes. Today is a good day for a drink, … [Read more...]

Singing the Blues…Blueberry Lassi and a Blue Berry Basket Giveaway.

Blueberry Lassi~Best enjoyed poolside while listening to Billie Holiday singing the stormy blues. Update June 18, 2012: Congratulations to Sue {#46 chosen via random.org} for winning the Blue Berry Basket Giveaway!  The giveaway is now closed, but please scroll down to find and enjoy my Blueberry Lassi recipe, and happy berry eating everyone! At least a couple of times a week, a bowl of berries {blueberries...strawberries...raspberries...blackberries...and boysenberries}, graces our dinner table come spring and summer, when these healthy … [Read more...]

{Not Rocket Science} PBJ Smoothie

I had a craving for PBJ today.  Not the sandwich type, smooshed between two slices of bread, but, rather, the ice cold smoothie type, poured in to a glass and sipped with a straw, or spooned in to one's mouth depending upon the desired level of thickness. So I decided to make one, but I debated sharing it with you, because, really, making a PBJ smoothie isn't rocket science... One thing led to another, and this got me thinking about my father, a nuclear physicist, who wears a t-shirt that says "I really am a rocket scientist" Yes.  He … [Read more...]

Banana Spice Milkshake

SUPER EASY, SUPER  DELICIOUS...I just had to share this mornings "milkshake" that both my kids slurped up happily, then asked for more :-) BIG THANKS  to Sage and Berries, a lovely blog I recently discovered, for the free downloadable yellow floral background pattern used here! If you have kids, do they tend to like the same things, or do they have different tastes??? I LOVE hearing from you! Please click here to leave a comment or ask a question, or leave a suggestion. And, if you enjoyed the post, please stumble, tweet, pin, or share … [Read more...]

Blueberry Orange Kale Smoothie: {Hate It?} or Love It!

It's probably not very smart of me to insert the works "Kale" and "Hate" in the title of my blog post... I mean, really, who's gonna want to drink a smoothie with a title like that??? But here's the thing... Big Tex and I really loved this smoothie {OK, maybe Big Tex really LIKED it}, and my husband and SiSi really didn't care for it at all. No way. No how. No thanks. At all! But, as Sam I Am might say, You do not like a kale smoothie? Try it! Try it! And you may see. You'll really like my kale smoothie! OK, … [Read more...]

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

My kids have been eating me out of house and home this summer. And, one of the first things we always run out of, is fresh fruit. Now, I'm definitely not complaining... As a certain well-know Martha would say, That's a good thing! It's just that I'm not too keen on running to the store EVERY day to buy more fruit... Thank goodness for frozen organic fruit! When I'm out doing my regular grocery shopping, I always peruse the freezer section to see what's on sale and then stock up.  Each store I usually shop at typically has some … [Read more...]

Simply Mad for Millet!

Welcome to WEEK 2 of my "Ancient Grains for Modern Meals" cookoff and giveaway! Thanks so much to everyone who has commented and participated in my Facebook ancient grains surveys so far!  I always love reading your comments, and your participation in my grains survey has inspired me to break out of my "grain rut" and try something different for a change. Seriously! Had I been the one to decide which "ancient grain" side dish to prepare this week, I probably would have picked the "Cumin Scented Qunioa with Red Beets". And, I have to … [Read more...]

Eating a rainbow: Power Smoothie and Popsicles.

ROYGBIV... Do you know what this stands for??? Think back to a science class you might have had... Or, try to picture Dorothy singing in the Wizard of OZ... Any idea yet??? It stands for the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, and it's the theme {Eat Right with Color} for this year's National Nutrition Month which is taking place the entire month of March. I really like this year's theme, because it incorporates two of my favorite eating philosophies: Eat a wide variety of … [Read more...]