Happy Things, Healthy Living | Perfectly Roasted Asparagus, Easter Brunch, & More!

This Perfectly Roasted Asparagus is super easy to make and a healthy addiction!

Happy Things, Healthy Living is where I share my favorite things and healthy living inspiration. Take a peek, join the conversation and share your favorites as well so we can all inspire each other to live a happy, healthy, joyous life! Here's what's inspiring me lately...Last week I ate almost {gulp!} an entire pan of this Perfectly Roasted Asparagus. Super easy to make, it's my latest healthy addiction :-) Need some reasons to devour your own pan of roasted asparagus? How about this...It's rich in vitamin K, folate, copper, selenium, and … [Read more...]

Happy Things, Healthy Living | Salt & Pepper Pistachio Nuts, a Date with My Daughter & More!

Simple snacking at it's best! Trader Joes Salt and Pepper Pistachio Nuts and a Tangerine!

Happy Things, Healthy Living is where I share my favorite things and healthy living inspiration. Take a peek, join the conversation and share your favorites as well so we can all inspire each other to live a happy, healthy, joyous life! Here's what's inspiring me lately... This simple snack: Trader Joes Salt and Pepper Pistachio Nuts + Satsuma tangerines Tangerine season makes me so happy! Even better than a tangerine? Pair one with these {slightly addictive} salt and pepper pistachio nuts from Trader Joes. Oh, my. It's the ultimate in … [Read more...]

Happy Things, Healthy Living~Sunset Hikes, Hemp Smoothies, & More!

A great way to end the day in San Diego...Hike the beach trail at Torrey Pines Reserve, and watch the sunset on Torrey Pines Beach.

Happy Things, Healthy Living is where I share my favorite things and healthy living inspiration. Take a peek, join the conversation and share your favorites as well so we can all inspire each other to live a happy, healthy, joyous life! Here's what's inspiring me lately... This Sunset at Torrey Pines Beach is also linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday, Week 2,  by Kent Weakley. This New Year's Day Sunset Hike at Torrey Pines... A hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego always makes me happy. Even better? A New Year's Day hike with good … [Read more...]

How to Make the Tastiest Homemade Gazpacho in 5 Minutes or Less

Fresh Homemade Gazpacho in 5 Minutes or Less

This super quick and easy, no-cook recipe for fresh homemade gazpacho tastes like summer sunshine in a bowl! Huge thanks to Danielle Omar and her delicious looking Watermelon Gazpacho recipe that I pinned the other day for the inspiration for this latest Instameals recipe... I was all set to make her homemade gazpacho when I realized my basil and cilantro were sadly shriveled and the shallots I thought I had were nowhere to be found. … [Read more...]

My Top Gluten-Free Travel Tips, Hiking Adventures, Mom Confessions, a Free E Cook Book & More!

Gluten-Free Travel Tips // The Spicy RD #snacks #glutenfree #travel

Today's post is a mishmash of what I've been doing this week...sharing my top gluten-free travel tips at Stone Soup, Hiking in Tecolote Canyon with my girlfriends, sharing an embarrassing confession with you, plus giving you the scoop on a delicious free e cookbook for you to download! Which would you like to hear about first??? Let's talk about the cookbook... I'm thrilled to have my all-time favorite Super Duper Raw Power Salad featured in a new e cookbook you can download for FREE over at The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. In … [Read more...]

Rosemary Parmesan Polenta Fries

rosemary parmesan polenta fries

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? But what about when your garden gives you rosemary? As in lots, and lots, and lots of rosemary? You make Rosemary Parmesan Polenta Fries. As in a heaping batch of deliciously crispy quinoa studded polenta fries flecked with savory parmesan cheese and fresh rosemary. I first made my own version of these rosemary parmesan polenta fries a few weeks ago, after inspiration from this recipe at Kitchen Vignettes. Since I didn't have any uncooked polenta on hand, I decided to use … [Read more...]

Stay Fit This Summer Family Style {Fun Giveaway Too!}

summertime fitness {family style} poster

Note: The Giveaway has ended... The kids have been out of school for 2 weeks now, so my fitness routine {if you can call it a routine since I am used to "last minute" workouts right before the kids get out of school} has become a little wonky.  Not wonky as in "bad wonky", but wonky as in "good wonky" :-) Instead of bemoaning the lack of time I have to exercise this summer, I've decided to suck it up and embrace the chaos in my life with the kids out of school, and stay fit with them family style. One thing my kids and their friends … [Read more...]

Roasted Potato Salad Nicoise

Roasted Potato Salad Nicoise with Green beans, Onions, and Olives

This is a story of a love affair between the ever so humble potato and the even humbler more humble green bean.  Alone, they are quite delicious enough in my opinion {unless said green beans come from a can-no thank you}, but marry them with diced red spring onions, kalamata olives, and a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and golden balsamic vinegar, and they make your mouth sing with pure delight. Yellow Potatoes loaded with nutrients to promote good health.... Gorgeous "Red" Green Beans from Suzies Farm at the Hillcrest Farmers … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan and Photo Fun: Sweet Potato Skins and Cowgirl Time!

Goat chewing on fence

How was everyone's Mother's Day Weekend??? Mine was a blast {except for the lack of sleep that comes with spending the night in a cabin with 11 giggly 9-11 year old girls.  But that's to be expected, right???} Our "digs" for the weekend... I spent the weekend roughing it at Rawhide Ranch with 15 amazing young ladies/women from my daughter's Girl Scout troop, a barnyard full of horses, several pens full of chickens/sheep/goats {you can read more here about my love of goats :-)}, and 1 sweet cow named Pablo. I also rode bareback on a … [Read more...]

Farmers Market Finds: Nagoya Kale, Orange Honey Almonds, and the Chubbiest Carrots Ever!


In my other life {pre- kids and husband}, I used to go to the Del Mar Farmer's Market almost every weekend. It was easy. I walked out the front door of my {tiny} white washed brick cottage, headed to the street, turned left, went 1/8 of a mile down the hill, and there I was. Right in the midst of a bounty of seasonal and local produce, vibrantly colored fresh flowers, and {in my gluten-eating days} the tastiest Gyros I can recall ever eating. But then life got in the way. Marriage...a baby...a move...another baby...two more … [Read more...]

A 10th Birthday to Remember and A Tale of The Chocolate Cake That Never Was


The morning started out like all 10th birthday mornings should... The birthday girl was all smiles and giddiness... I can't believe I'm 10!  This is going to be the best day ever! Birthday waffles were served per SiSi's request. {This gluten-free waffle recipe has become a new family favorite.} And the birthday girl even got to open one present... Green polka dot sheets from Pottery Barn Teen to go with her 10th birthday room makeover. Then it was off to school for the kids, and time for me to head to the store for birthday … [Read more...]

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Camels and Camels Milk…But Were Too Afraid to Ask!


OK. So maybe you haven't been lying awake sleeplessly at night, wondering about camel's milk and camels... BUT, camels, as I have recently discovered, can be really sweet, fun animals, and the nutritional makeup of their milk is really quite intriguing as well! If you're wondering where all this camel talk is coming from, let me tell you about the adventure my 4th grade Girl Scout troop just had at a camel farm. This past week, we took a trip to the Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona, California.  Once we entered the gate, we were greeted … [Read more...]

Kitchen Inspiration


Yesterday, I was doing a little eavesdropping on Chowhound. The topic du jour was, "What are your top 5 favorite kitchen tools?" Lots of comments were pouring in with things like: My knife set...My Le Creuset Dutch oven {On my personal wish/covet list!}...My coffee maker...My granite counter tops... You get the picture. The comments were all about "functional" items that make cooking easier. Now, I will definitely agree that these "functional" items are of key importance in the kitchen if you want to prepare healthy, delicious meals, but … [Read more...]