Budget Gourmet! Goat Cheese Pizza with Spinach, Mushrooms, and Onions

goat cheese pizza with veggies

Super easy to make and loaded with healthy veggies, this Goat Cheese Pizza with spinach, mushrooms, and onions, is one of my favorites to make for do-it-yourself-pizza night. My mom, the official "Queen of Coupon Clippers" would be very proud of me today. She clips coupons like it's nobody's business, and  keeps me so well-stocked in her "bargins" such as aluminum foil and other kitchen goods, that if you ever need any, please come to my house and take some. Please. I'm pretty sure I have an almost lifetime supply of Reynolds … [Read more...]

Roasted Potato Salad Nicoise

nicoise potato salad

This is a story of a love affair between the ever so humble potato and the even humbler more humble green bean.  Alone, they are quite delicious enough in my opinion {unless said green beans come from a can-no thank you}, but marry them with diced red spring onions, kalamata olives, and a simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and golden balsamic vinegar, and they make your mouth sing with pure delight. Yellow Potatoes loaded with nutrients to promote good health.... Gorgeous "Red" Green Beans from Suzies Farm at the Hillcrest Farmers … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: A {Healthier} Peanut Butter Cup

peanut butter balls

Happy Birthday Recipe ReDux.  You are one year old today, and what a healthy and delicious year you have had, thanks to your fabulous founders Regan and Serena and Deanna! To celebrate this month's theme, "Small Bites", I'm pairing two of my {almost daily} favorites, dark chocolate and peanut butter, with just a few other ingredients, to make a peanut butter cup, that is no less delicious than the original, but a "tad bit" on the healthier side. In this case "healthier" meaning, higher in protein, fiber, healthy fats {monounsaturates and … [Read more...]

Sea Veggie Tacos with Asian Sesame Dipping Sauce

Sea Veggie Tacos

It's Recipe ReDux time again, and this months theme, "Sea What You've Been Missing" is an ode to the "more obscure" treasures from the sea, such as little fishies {aka sardines, anchovies, and smelts} and super nutritious sea veggies such as nori, wakame, and kombu. Being that this is a ReDux recipe, my Sea Veggie Tacos full fill two important requirements... One, they contain a very respectable dose of nutritious ingredients {sea veggies, napa cabbage, carrots, avocado...}, and two, they are absolutely, positively delicious! Napa … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Leek and Potato Soup with Spring Pea Shoots

Leek and Potato Soup

Spring has sprung, and tasty veggies are sprouting up everywhere.  We're talking leeks, scallions, garlic scapes, pea shoots, and ramps.  Oh, and lets not forget my beloved asparagus, and childhood favorite, rhubarb {at least in my mom's delicious pie!} Thanks to Katie at Healthy Bites, this month's Recipe ReDux theme is "The First Shoots of Spring." With all these gorgeous green spring veggies at my disposal, it was hard to choose one to cook with, but I finally settled upon making a dish with one that I hadn't eaten in a very, very long … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Chinese Aubergine and Bell Pepper Pizza with Cheddar and Fresh Herbs

Aubergine and Cheddar Pizza

What do you do when you receive a package of creamy reduced fat Cabot cheese in the mail, and you are given the opportunity to create a recipe for the Recipe ReDux Contest sponsored by Cabot, using said cheese, plus a "new to you" vegetable, grain, or fruit you have never tried before? You panic. Yes, that's what you do. Not because you can't figure out a fabulously cheesy dish to make. No. As a self-proclaimed cheese lover, I can think of a zillion hundred and one ways to eat it. It's just finding a "new to me" grain, veggie, … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Triple XXX Chocolate Biscotti


I'm really so very, very sorry, but I had to do it. I was forced by my fellow Recipe ReDuxers to post yet ANOTHER chocolate recipe this month. I'm sure after my #chocolatelove Molten Lava Cake with Raspberries, and last weeks Cinnamon Almond Mocha, you're all quite done with chocolate for the month. No? Whew. I hope not, because I have a REALLY good one for you today. Welcome to February's Theme: “Chocolate Love Is In The Air” It’s no secret that indulgent chocolate recipes are in high demand in February. Obviously the … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Breakfast Bananas Foster with Cinnamon Streusal Topping


This month's Recipe ReDux Theme "Fresh Starts" is near and dear to my heart. There's no better way to start the day than with a healthy breakfast makeover... You see... I've never met a breakfast I didn't like. And that includes eating said breakfast for lunch and dinner too. Sadly, Ian {the husband} isn't much of a breakfast eater for breakfast, and especially not for dinner. Sigh... But SiSi, Big Tex and I all are, so when it comes to menu choices for the fist meal of the day, I've got plenty of options up my sleeve … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Minty Cilantro Peas


I never met a pea I didn't like. Nope. Never. As far back as I can remember, I've always liked loved peas. The best part about eating peas in one's childhood, of course, was putting one pea on each tine of the fork. Ah....good memories... All this pea talk is leading up to something, naturally, and that is this month's Recipe ReDux post, "Putting the P(ea) in Potluck." {Click here for more information, if you are new to the Recipe ReDux.} Inspired by Nicole of the lovely healthy living blog, Whole Health RD, the goal of … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Maple Buttercream Frosting


Do you know what the world's smallest grain is??? I'll give you some hints... It's a true nutritional powerhouse, high in fiber, iron, protein, and calcium. It is an excellent vegetarian source of amino acids, especially lysine, which is often deficient in grains It can be used in gluten-free cooking and baking. It is thought that this grain originated from Ethiopia between 4000 BCE and 1000 BCE. It starts with a T and end with an F. Have you guessed it yet??? It's TEFF! And, it's the whole grain I am cooking with for … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Pumpkin Pesto Bruschetta


I have to confess that this month's Recipe ReDux theme, Pumpkin, really threw me for a loop! Conceived by Gretchen of one of my favorite gluten-free blogs, Kumquat, pumpkin really should be a "no brainer" for a fall themed recipe. But here's the kicker... The challenge was to use FRESH pumpkin if at all possible. So, first step, I had to find a "cooking" pumpkin... Off I went to Whole Foods, thinking surely they would have some.  And, they did, but I almost thought they didn't... You see, the big thing these days at my local … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Creamy Triple Pepper and Kale Dip

Creamy Triple Pepper & Kale Dip//The Spicy RD

You're probably all familiar with the infamous spinach dip in a bread bowl, right? You know the one... Huge hollowed out sourdough bread bowl...lots of sour cream and mayo...throw in some spinach...and, yes, the requisite chopped water chestnuts. Mmm...I actually love the added crunch from those water chestnuts! OK-fess up time... I really <3 this dip! BUT in honor of this months Recipe ReDux theme, Condiments, Spreads, and Dressings, I decided to make it a tad bit healthier. My version uses homemade aioli plus Greek … [Read more...]

Luscious Lemonade Pie {Deconstructed}


It's hard for me to believe, but it's already time for another Recipe Redux Post! August {and the whole summer for that matter!} has flown by! In less than 1 week my kids will be back to school, and hopefully {fingers crossed} I'll find some time to catch up on all my work projects that have gotten put aside for the summer. One thing that you won't want to put aside however, is a slice bowl of {Deconstructed} Luscious Lemonade Pie! I created this recipe after a childhood favorite frozen dessert of mine that my mom used to make-Pink … [Read more...]

Recipe ReDux: Grilled Polenta Veggie Stacks with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes


Today, I'm super excited to be sharing my first Recipe ReDux post with you!  And, I'm especially thrilled to be in the company of so many other fabulous healthy food bloggers! Before I share my recipe with you, let me tell you a little bit about the Recipe ReDux... As the first and only recipe challenge founded by registered dietitians {Regan Jones, Serena Ball, and Deanna Seagrave-Daly}, the Recipe ReDux is focused on taking delicious dishes, keeping them delicious, but making them healthier for you. The first Recipe Redux challenge is … [Read more...]