Stay Fit This Summer Family Style {Fun Giveaway Too!}

summertime fitness {family style} poster

Note: The Giveaway has ended... The kids have been out of school for 2 weeks now, so my fitness routine {if you can call it a routine since I am used to "last minute" workouts right before the kids get out of school} has become a little wonky.  Not wonky as in "bad wonky", but wonky as in "good wonky" :-) Instead of bemoaning the lack of time I have to exercise this summer, I've decided to suck it up and embrace the chaos in my life with the kids out of school, and stay fit with them family style. One thing my kids and their friends … [Read more...]

Singing the Blues…Blueberry Lassi and a Blue Berry Basket Giveaway.

blueberry lassi

Blueberry Lassi~Best enjoyed poolside while listening to Billie Holiday singing the stormy blues. Update June 18, 2012: Congratulations to Sue {#46 chosen via} for winning the Blue Berry Basket Giveaway!  The giveaway is now closed, but please scroll down to find and enjoy my Blueberry Lassi recipe, and happy berry eating everyone! At least a couple of times a week, a bowl of berries {blueberries...strawberries...raspberries...blackberries...and boysenberries}, graces our dinner table come spring and summer, when these healthy … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan, Photo Fun, and Other Good Stuff!


{My lavender photo is linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday's at My Three Boybarians} Hmm...not sure that's a catchy enough title... "Other Good Stuff" is rather vague don't you think??? In case you're wondering, the "other good stuff" refers to a blog post I just wrote for Stuffed-Pepper on the importance of eating a good breakfast, and an audio interview I recently did on nutrition and healthy skin for be for living. I'll point you over to both sites shortly, but first, my weekly menu plan... Spicy RD Weekly Dinner Menu March 26-April … [Read more...]

It’s Snack Time! My Stylish and Tasty Giveaway.

els bagel snaps and medleys

You are very lucky readers today, because I have a stylish AND tasty giveaway going on. Part One of this fun giveaway is courtesy of El's Gluten Free Snacks. If you haven't tried El's Bagel Snaps or Medleys before, let me tell you, they are one of my favorite snack "treats".  I say "treat" because, to be honest, the delicately seasoned blend of gluten-free bagel snaps, flax seed corn chips, pretzels, and more, is just a tad bit addictive, so I save them for special snacking occasions. OR, I practice "Safe Snacking" by pairing a portion … [Read more...]

Sippity Sip: Cinnamon Almond Mocha and a Fun Giveaway!

Celebrate Heart Health Month with a delicious Cinnamon Almond Mocha

Can you think of any better way to sip this yummy cinnamon almond mocha on a windy, rainy day, then with  one of these fabulous paper straws? Update: The Giveaway is closed. I can't. And, in honor of National Almond Day {February 16}, I think it's befitting we make our mochas with almond milk, and a dash of almond extract. Not only does this drink warm you up on the inside, but in a nod to American Heart Month, it also soothes your ticker with a dose of heart healthy nutrients from coffee, cocoa, and almonds. Psst... It tastes … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays and Papa’s Chocolate Chip Bar Giveaway Winner!


Congratulations to the four lucky winners of my Helping Hands Bakery Papa's Chocolate Chip Bar Giveaway!!!! Chosen via, the winners are... #17 Nelly~Cooking With Books #38 Karriann~Creative Cooking Corner #13 Sylvie~Gourmande in the Kitchen #9 Kim Congratulations Ladies!  I hope you enjoy these bars are much as I did! And, a big thank you to everyone else who entered and checked out the Helping Hands Bakery Website! As I stated in my earlier post, I love how Helping Hands in not only making delicious tasty … [Read more...]

December Fitness Challenge Check-In and a Delicious Gluten-Free Cookie Giveaway


Can you believe we're halfway through the month of December, and halfway through the #DecFit Challenge??? How's everyone doing with their challenge so far? I've been getting my exercise the fun way these past few days... Skiing! Using this fitness calculator, I estimated that I burned 600 calories for each hour I skied. Not bad... Not bad at all considering I got in several hours of skiing over the course of my trip! {P.S....I know I burned a lot of calories, because I was absolutely EXHAUSTED at the end of each day, but … [Read more...]

My 2nd Annual December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway!


Update January 9, 2012: Congrats to Karriann Graf and Jen Trussell-You are the winners of my $25.00 i tunes gift certificate December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway! From Karriann... I’m up for the December challenge! Planning to exercise 4 days a week….running, walking, jogging, biking etc. Just some form of exercise to keep my body moving!I might need some encouragement! ~Karriann Graf, comment #19 chosen via And from Jen... I did pretty good with my December challenge. I only missed a few workouts. I did not … [Read more...]

Going Home {to Texas}, and My Dark Chocolate ChickPz Winner!


Where do you call home? Our former house in Plano,Texas, 2011 For me, it's San Diego, the town where I was born, my husband was born, SiSi was born, and where I have lived the majority of my life, including now. But, I've also been fortunate enough to have lived in several other towns in my life...Dallas, Texas  for college...Chicago for my dietetic internship {great city, but not so great winters}...back to Dallas {Plano}, Texas for my husband's job...Falls Church, Virginia, again for my husband's job, and, ultimately, back to San … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate ChickPz Giveaway!


I knew I was in trouble when the box arrived... I debated back-and-forth in my mind about whether to open it or not... You see, it was in the afternoon, right around "that time of the day." You know that time, right??? SNACK TIME! I figured if I opened the package, I might not be able to eat just a few....{Read more on this at the end of the post!} But, against my better judgement, I opened it anyways, and found this lovely little pouch... fun is this??? But the packaging wasn't the biggest thing on my … [Read more...]

Baked Eggs for Patti and My ChickPz Giveaway Winner


On a Saturday morning, not so long ago, the kids were over at their grandparents house, and the husband was still asleep, so, I, naturally, lazed around in bed, coffee cup in hand, and caught up on my blog reading. A couple of recipes really caught my eye-BOTH for baked eggs!   First I  saw this one: Savory Style Perspective from The Edible Perspective. {A beautiful food blog I recently came across!} Then, I found this one: Caprese Baked Eggs from How Sweet It Is. {Recommended by not only, The Edible Perspective, but also by … [Read more...]

My Nutty Chickpea Giveaway and Easy Homemade Hummus


Let me just start by saying, how can you NOT like a company called The Nutty Bean Company? {Note: My goddaughter's nickname for me is "Bean Bean" but that story is for another day...} I contacted them a little while ago after finding their roasted chickpea snacks on Facebook and asked if I could try them.  I always enjoy sampling new healthy, gluten-free snacks that I can {hopefully}be able to recommend to my clients. Oh, and equally important is that they taste good too!   Well, these Nutty Bean Co. snacks called ChickPz do, … [Read more...]

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Giveaway Winner and Wordless Wednesday


We have a winner! But, first off, thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Ancient Grains Giveaway.  I really enjoyed reading all your comments about the grains you had already tried, and all the new ones you wanted to try. {Quinoa or millet anyone??? :-)} It was also fun having you vote for which recipes I created, because about two-thirds of the time you picked recipes I probably would not have tried on my own, and they were all fantastic! So, without further adeiu, the winner of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals … [Read more...]

The Last Supper! Artichoke-Rosemary Tart with Polenta Crust


So... Yesterday, when I made a special trip to a well known grocery store with the initials W.F., I got to the checkout line and was asked {very politely} by the checkout clerk Did you find everything you needed? Being in a hurry to get home and make my tart before my hungry dinner guests arrived, I simply gave a little smile and said Um, yes thanks! BUT... what I REALLY wanted to say if I had a little more time and inclination, was this... No I did not! Where are the frozen artichoke hearts I came here specifically for?  You … [Read more...]

Ancient Grains Giveaway and My Adventures in Gluten-Free Pasta Making


This... has been in my kitchen in Del Mar, traveled to Plano, Texas, then on to Falls Church, Virginia, back to my kitchen in Del Mar, then to a condo in Carmel Valley {where it sat in a box in the garage}, and again back to my kitchen in Del Mar, all over the course of 11 years, 8 months, and 11 days {give or take a day or two}. The sad thing is, that, over the course of all these years, this beautiful pasta maker hasn't been used even once. That's right, not even once. Until a couple of day ago, when, inspired by all the glorious … [Read more...]