#peachlove: Peach and Berry Cream Cheese Tart with a Cinnamon Almond Crust

I'm sitting here writing this post feeling bad.   REALLY bad. Because I can't share this delicious peach and berry cream cheese tart with a cinnamon almond crust with you for breakfast... Yes, breakfast. Loaded with healthy stuff like fresh, in-season peaches {duh}, rasp/boysen/blue/straw berries blended in to a lovely sauce, cinnamon spiced almond flour, a little dose of calcium from Greek Yogurt and Neufatel or cream cheese, plus a hint of maple syrup sweetness, this tart is DEFINITELY breakfast worthy. And, that's why I'm … [Read more...]

Raw Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Maple Pecan Cookie Dough {Part One}

Happy Friday! Happy June 1! Somehow I was in a panic earlier today when I started thinking we were already halfway through the year. I even posted it on Facebook... Happy June 1!!! Who else besides me is having a hard time believing we are already half way through 2012??? In honor of the 2012 half-way mark, I think it's time for a sweet celebration! Check back soon for my sweet creation! As my friend, KB, might say, my "thinker" wasn't working very well today :-) Thank goodness Shelly brought me back to my senses when she sweetly … [Read more...]

Blog Hop: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Icing

This Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake with Almond Brown Sugar Icing may be the only chocolate cake you ever need! Hi Everyone! I just returned from 1 glorious week whitewater rafting down the Salmon and Snake rivers in Idaho. I plan on sharing my photos and adventures with you next week, but today I'm talking cake! Here's why... Shortly before my trip, I was invited to join a fabulous group of bakers to co-host a baking blog hop. For our first baking adventure, we decided to make cake. Immediately my cake thoughts turned to a … [Read more...]

Coconut Flour Pancakes with Pecans and Raspberries {Regular or Gluten Free}

Pancakes are a staple in our household at least one morning each weekend.  Usually I use Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pancake Mix as my "go to" recipe.  I really like it and my non-gluten free husband and kids like it too.  Sometimes we make the pancakes plain, but often we add pumpkin puree and cinnamon to the mix {Kids love to add chocolate chips too!}. Sometime, though, you need a change of pancakes... Inspired by my gluten free Cinnamon Orange Almond Scones I had made a few weeks ago, I thought about making pancakes with almond … [Read more...]