Autumn Chopped Salad with Apples, Fennel, Cheddar Cheese, Macadamia Nuts, & Apple Maple Vinaigrette

Autumn Chopped Salad with Apples, Fennel, Macadamia Nuts and Maple Dressing

Inspired by my recent trip to Vermont to hang out and collaborate with an awesome community of healthy food bloggers at Blog Brulee {more on this in a post coming soon}, this Autumn Chopped Salad with Apples, Fennel, Cheddar Cheese, and Macadamia Nuts dressed with Apple Maple Vinaigrette is the perfect combination of tangy, sweet, crispy, crunchy, and creamy deliciousness. It's also just the ticket for those of you, like me, who are craving the comfy flavors of fall, but aren't quite ready to dig in to a big ol' bowl of soup. … [Read more...]

Fresh Apple Pie Smoothie

fresh apple pie smoothie

This apple pie smoothie tastes like autumn in a glass! Do you say autumn or do you say fall??? Inspired a few weeks ago by these seasonal fruit smoothies, I decided to create my own fall inspired smoothie with 5 simple ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right this instant: fresh apples {of course!}, oats {certified gluten-free for me}, milk {dairy or non-dairy...your choice!}, maple sugar {or any natural sweetener will do}, and, naturally, a little spice {cinnamon}. Oh, and if you like your smoothies nice and cold, don't … [Read more...]

Food Bloggers Virtual New Year’s Eve and My 12 Favorite Recipes from 2011!

VNYEP PNG-1 copy

Happy New Year's Eve my friends! {Or, for those of you reading this in 2012, Happy New Years!!!} What better way to celebrate the new year, than with a party??? {A huge thank you to Lora from Cake Duchess, and Sanjeeta from LiteBite for hosting this virtual Junia from Mis Pensamientos for coordinating the partiers...and to Heather from Farmgirl Gourmet for her lovely and festive logo design!} So what will we be serving at this party you may be asking??? Why a bit of champagne the bubbly, of course, and for those of you … [Read more...]

Spicy Apple Gingertini {Join Me in a Celebration!}


It's hard for me to believe, but The Spicy RD Blog is 1 year old today! And, honestly, I wouldn't have kept up The Spicy RD blog this past year without the support, encouragement, comments, and most especially shared laughs with all of you, my awesome readers, so THANK YOU from the bottom {and top :-)} of my heart! You guys ROCK! I realized my one year mark was coming up last week after reading Amy's fun blogoversary post over at The Fearless Homemaker where she celebrated with a glass of champagne. After that, I started looking back … [Read more...]

#applelove: Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Crisp


Care to join me in a Candycrisp??? Apple that is! Today I went to the store to pick up some apples for my #applelove post, and happened to stumble upon a brand new apple variety I had never heard of before. Apparently the clerk at Jimbos hadn't heard of it either as she said to me, "What kind of apple is this?" "Candycrisp" I replied. "I've never heard of it, and thought it looked good." Well... It was good, and, as you would imagine, it was sweet. My tastes run towards tarter apples though, so although I liked it, I'm glad I also … [Read more...]

Homemade Applesauce with Mulling Spices.


Do you have 25 minutes to spare ??? Yes? Then how about making some applesauce...homemade applesauce...with mulling spices...and, perhaps, some fresh whipped cream on top??? OK.  To be honest, the homemade applesauce should take 50 minutes altogether, but for 25 of those minutes, while the applesauce is cooking on the stove, you can be: A) Taking a bubble bath B) Reading a book, paper, magazine... C) Drinking a cup of coffee D) Writing a blog post E) ????? It's so easy... And, SO good! Homemade Applesauce … [Read more...]

Kids in the Kitchen: Pancakes for dinner? But, of course!


Welcome to the first installment of Kids in the Kitchen (KITK). Inspired by the last 3 weeks of cooking with my children, I have decided to start a regular post featuring meals planned, prepared, served and, (hopefully!), eaten by my 2 budding sous chefs, who will from here on out be referred to as SiSi and Big Tex. As a mom and a dietitian, I think one of the best ways we can help our children become lifelong healthy eaters, is to teach them to cook.  And, I am also a firm believer in teaching our children what constitutes a healthy … [Read more...]

Veggie experiment #1: Parsnips


In honor of fall, and all the delicious seasonal veggies available, I've decided to try and write a semi- regular  post about a veggie I haven't eaten lately or one I have never tried at all. This weeks post is in honor of the (very humble in my opinion) parsnip.  I actually have rather fond childhood memories of eating parsnips.  This is in no part thanks to my veggie avoiding mom, but rather, thanks to my veggie loving dad.  I didn't much enjoy eating cooked carrots as a kid (love them now!), but I did like to eat cooked parsnips.  Not … [Read more...]

Comfort food for a rainy day-Apple and Brown Rice cereal


A gorgeous fall day, Lake Barcroft, Virginia Officially the season is fall, and while I may be dreaming of cool, crisp weather, cerulean blue skies, warm fuzzy sweaters, and crunchy leaves turning brilliant shades of orange, red, and gold, the reality here in San Diego this past week has been mist, fog, rain, rain, and more rain.  Not that we don't need the rain.  We do.  It's just that I think MOST of us San Diegans relish our sun.  And we haven't see much sun in over a week.  For those of you reading this who live in less moderate climates … [Read more...]