#Ricelove Bloghop: Forbidden Rice with Nectarines and Maple Cashew Coconut Cream

Forbidden Rice with Nectarines and Maple Cashew Cream

Forbidden Rice with Nectarines and Maple Cashew Coconut Cream Remember last month's #cakelove bloghop ? Well, this month I'm delighted to be co-hosting another LOVEly bloghop with some fabulous foodie friends, and this month were talking RICE! Did you know that about 120,000 rice varieties are known to exist, according to the International Rice Research Institute? Yes! There actually IS an International Rice Research Institute, which I found out about in one of my favorite cook books, Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, by Maria … [Read more...]

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Giveaway Winner and Wordless Wednesday


We have a winner! But, first off, thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Ancient Grains Giveaway.  I really enjoyed reading all your comments about the grains you had already tried, and all the new ones you wanted to try. {Quinoa or millet anyone??? :-)} It was also fun having you vote for which recipes I created, because about two-thirds of the time you picked recipes I probably would not have tried on my own, and they were all fantastic! So, without further adeiu, the winner of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals … [Read more...]

The Last Supper! Artichoke-Rosemary Tart with Polenta Crust


Fresh rosemary, artichoke hearts, and cheese pair together beautifully in this naturally gluten-free tart made with a delicious polenta crust! So... Yesterday, when I made a special trip to a well known grocery store with the initials W.F., I got to the checkout line and was asked {very politely} by the checkout clerk Did you find everything you needed? Being in a hurry to get home and make my tart before my hungry dinner guests arrived, I simply gave a little smile and said Um, yes thanks! BUT... what I REALLY wanted to say if I … [Read more...]

Ancient Grains Giveaway and My Adventures in Gluten-Free Pasta Making


This... has been in my kitchen in Del Mar, traveled to Plano, Texas, then on to Falls Church, Virginia, back to my kitchen in Del Mar, then to a condo in Carmel Valley {where it sat in a box in the garage}, and again back to my kitchen in Del Mar, all over the course of 11 years, 8 months, and 11 days {give or take a day or two}. The sad thing is, that, over the course of all these years, this beautiful pasta maker hasn't been used even once. That's right, not even once. Until a couple of day ago, when, inspired by all the glorious … [Read more...]

Ancient Grain Giveaway:Quinoa Cakes with Smoked Fish and Lime Mayo


I'm thrilled to report that it's time for me to share another recipe from Maria Specks GORGEOUS book, Ancient Grains for Modern Meals. This week's category is "Burgers, Savory Cakes and More", and the recipe I'm making is one that initially didn't really catch my eye, but upon reading Maria's mouthwatering description... Moist chunks of smoked trout brightened with lime, serrano chili, and cilantro are a natural foil for the delicate flavor of quinoa...yet these whole grain cakes are so irresistible, I had to introduce them to … [Read more...]