The CeliAction Study is Seeking Participants with Celiac Disease-Find Out if You Qualify

This is the second in a series of sponsored posts written by the CeliAction Study, and approved by the FDA. As Celiac Awareness Month 2014 wraps up, I encourage you to learn more about the CeliAction Study a national study to help advance celiac disease research, and share the information with any family or friends who may be eligible to participate in the study. If you have any comments or questions, please visit the CeliAction Study link below, call the number listed, or leave a comment on this post and a CeliAction representative will respond to you. Thank you!

CeliaAction Study #ADNational study to help advance celiac disease research

The CeliAction Study is a clinical research study designed to evaluate an investigational drug for celiac disease. The study will explore whether the investigational drug is able to improve the damage in the lining of the intestine caused by ingesting even small traces of gluten. The study will also evaluate whether the investigational drug improves any symptoms of celiac disease.

You may qualify for the CeliAction Study if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with celiac disease by a healthcare professional
  • Are attempting to be on a gluten-free diet
  • Have experienced at least one moderate or severe symptom of celiac disease in the past month

There are other criteria that you must meet to qualify for participation. The study staff will explain the requirements to you and answer any of your questions.

As a volunteer in a clinical trial, you may:

  • Participate in a research process that may lead to new treatment options
  • Learn new information about your health
  • Receive study-related care from qualified physicians

To learn more about this research study, visit or call 1-855-3333-ACT.

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