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I love my job! As a food and nutrition expert, my passion is helping YOU discover your most delicious life through the power of nourishing, whole foods and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, all while keeping it real and making it fun! My specialties include wellness and preventative nutrition, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, healthy eating for families, weight management, FODMAPs diets for IBS, and MRT food sensitivity testing/LEAP therapy for IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more.

In addition to private nutrition counseling, I also enjoy consulting in the area of food and nutrition communications, as well as working with the media as a food and nutrition expert.

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Personalized Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

Discover how to live your most delicious life through a private nutrition session at my office, in your home or office, or via phone/Skype.  Click here to learn more about my private nutrition services which include:

Food and Nutrition Communications & Consulting

In addition to working 1-on-1 with my clients, I love spreading the work that healthy eating and delicious eating can happily co-exist through a variety of different communication channels. Click here to contact me for the following consulting services:

  • Recipe development and food photography.
  • Freelance food, health and nutrition writing.
  • Sponsored blog posts, product reviews and giveaways.
  • Development of food and nutrition handouts/printables and education materials.
  • Food and nutrition webinars.
  • Recipe nutrition analysis for restaurants and FDA compliant nutrition facts labels.

Group Nutrition Classes, Worksite Wellness Presentations, and Lunch & Learns

Group nutrition classes can be a fun and affordable way to get tips for living a healthy and delicious lifestyle.  Popular topics include…Click here to schedule a class or inquire about rates.

  • Healthy Eating 101 + Eating for Energy
  • Your Guide to Eating Clean and Green
  • Eating for Two {Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy}
  • Healthy Kids/Healthy Families {Top Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters}
  • Meal Planning Made Simple and Fun
  • Weight Management Tools for Life
  • Food Sensitivities. Food Allergies, and Food Intolerances
  • Grocery Store Guidance and Food Label Reading 101.
  • Choose your own topic!
  • Click here to schedule a class or inquire about rates.

Media Services

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