Singing the Blues…Blueberry Lassi and a Blue Berry Basket Giveaway.

blueberry lassiBlueberry Lassi~Best enjoyed poolside while listening to Billie Holiday singing the stormy blues.

Update June 18, 2012: Congratulations to Sue {#46 chosen via} for winning the Blue Berry Basket Giveaway!  The giveaway is now closed, but please scroll down to find and enjoy my Blueberry Lassi recipe, and happy berry eating everyone!

At least a couple of times a week, a bowl of berries {blueberries…strawberries…raspberries…blackberries…and boysenberries}, graces our dinner table come spring and summer, when these healthy and delicious fruits, are in all their seasonal glory.

You’d better be quick, though, if you want some, because when berries are on our dinner table they go fast.

I mean REALLY fast.

It’s a four way battle between myself, SiSi, Big Tex, and my husband to see who gets to eat the most berries at dinner time.

SiSi may disagree, but I’m pretty sure  her little bro is in the lead right now 🙂

And, I can think of no better way to serve them, than in this blue ceramic berry basket from Anthropologie.

berry basket from Anthropologie

Truth be told, I’ve been eyeing these baskets for some time, now, but, being the sensible person that I {sometimes} am, I had successfully resisted buying one for myself, until a couple of days ago, when my resistance was weakened {something in the wind perhaps???}, and I bought not only one, but two of these lovelies-one for me, and one for you!

Oh, and while I was at it, I bought two of these gorgeous glasses as well to serve my blueberry lassi in.

glasses from Anthropologie

Sorry, I did not buy any glasses for you, but if you want your own, they are on sale right now for $4.99 each at Anthropologie.

Thanks to my mom, I am not only a {sometimes} sensible shopper, but a {sometimes} bargin shopper as well!

New glasses, or not, I think you will really enjoy this healthy and delicious blueberry lassi, delicately flavored with just a hint of spicy cardamom.

Here’s the recipe…

Blueberry Lassi

Blueberry Lassi
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 or 2 servings
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 small banana
  • ½ cup Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup cashews
  • 2 cups ice
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon cardamom
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup, optional, for a little extra sweetness
  1. Place all ingredients in blender {start with ¼ teaspoon cardamom and add more later if you wish after tasting}. Blend on high speed until well-combined. Pour in to glasses and enjoy!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 16-ounce serving or 2 8-ounce servings Calories: 1 serving/420 calories or 2 servings/210

blueberry lassi


Want to win your own blue berry basket? Here’s how…

Giveaway Details:

  1. The contest runs from June 10 until June 17 at 9 pm Pacific Time. Giveaway is for US resident’s only please.
  2. You can enter by leaving a separate comment up to 5 times {see below}.
  3. Mandatory: Leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite berry is, and how you best enjoy them {plain…in smoothies…fresh off the vine…with a little cream…in pie…???}.
  4. Optional #1: Tweet about this giveaway and leave a separate comment letting me know you tweeted.
  5. Optional #2: Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, and/or Facebook and leave a separate comment for each action.  If you already follow me, just leave a comment letting me know that too.
  6. I will choose one name via to win one blue berry basket from Anthropologie.  I will notify you via e-mail, and you will need to give me your mailing address so I can mail the basket to you.
  7. Note:  I paid for this basket myself.  It was not given to me by Anthropologie or anyone else.
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  1. My favorite berry is the strawberry when it’s already so sweet it doesn’t need a single thing to taste better …. but..having said that…I love smothering it in Ready Whip 🙂

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

  2. Carolyn K. says:

    My favorite berry is the raspberry. I really love them on vanilla ice cream with a little raspberry dessert wine drizzled on top. Probably my favorite dessert ever!

  3. Carolyn K. says:

    I follow you on pinterest

  4. Carolyn K. says:

    I follow you on facebook

  5. I can’t enter the contest (UK gal that I am) but love the sound of this lassi although subbing almonds for cashews because of allergies. Blueberries (or bilberries) and cardamom are a wonderful Swedish combination so it’s quite funny to see them poolside! And I gave into temptation at anthropologie the first time I saw the little ceramic ‘punnets’ and didn’t even wait til they came in colours. Just used one for my Sichuan Pepper and Chocolate Strawberries post, but I use it mainly to put my keys and sunglasses in 😀 PS Favourite berry is a freshly picked Scottish raspberry, eaten straight off the bush in the sunshine. Scotland has the best berries in the world with a really long season because of our extra long summer days (sun rises around 4 am and sun sets nearly 11 pm in high summer!).

  6. Beautiful blue! The lassi looks delightful!

  7. I love berries and if you want to count cherries as a berry I will say they are my favorite but if not I will say then Blackberries.

  8. I love that you put cashews in here…I bet it is creamy amazing! My favorite berry if black. I like it best with cream and a bit sugar..but it is RARELY eaten like that!!! 🙂 i will retweet you 🙂

  9. I love this crate!
    My favorite berry has got to be raspberries! YUM! I can eat them as is or delicious in a smoothie!

  10. The basket is beautiful!

    My favorite berries are blueberries. I love them plain but also in smoothies and in banana soft serve.

  11. I follow you on Pinterest.

  12. I follow you on Twitter.

  13. I like you on FB.

  14. I love Indian food but for some reason I’ve never had a lassi. Thanks for this recipe!

    Blueberries right of the vine are my favorite. My husband’s family owns a blueberry farm and every summer we go picking and end up eating one for every 2 that go in our buckets!

  15. I tweeted

  16. I follow you on twitter

  17. I like you on Facebook

  18. I follow you on pinterest 🙂

  19. Love those baskets, I have them in white from Roost. Interesting lassi, do they always have nuts?

    • Great question Lauren-I think the “typical” lasso always has some combo of yogurt and fruit {often mango}, but I like to add nuts for a little extra protein, fiber, health fat, and deliciousness!

  20. blueberry lassi sounds delicious!!! YUM! and i am weak for anthro’s cookware too… 🙂

  21. My favorite is raspberry. I love them in everything, especially smoothies. Most people don’t like the seeds but that i love them. Plus they add a little tartness to everything!

  22. Like you on Facebook

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  25. Favorite berry??? Well that isn’t fair!! So tough to choose….. but I will say it’s blueberry, just a hair ahead of raspberries and the rest of the berry gang!

  26. I already follow you on twitter!

  27. And I follow your pinterest boards!

  28. Liked you on Facebook – how did I miss that one before???

  29. Tweeted the giveaway!

  30. Oooh the blueberry lassi looks delicious EA!!I’ve never tried using blueberries, but can totally imagine the flavors here 🙂

  31. fun lassi idea like it 🙂

  32. I love all berries, but I’d have to say blueberries and raspberries are my favorite. Love this blueberry lassi and those glasses are beautiful!

  33. look at that color!!
    i think this season its strawberries, since our balcony strawberry plant is shelling out a few gorgeous ones every few days!

  34. So I think this is berry week – Serena just did a shortcake post and I’m working on my cobbler post for later this week. And we can so relate to berries going fast – they barely get home from where we pick up our CSA share with a hungry 5 yr old in the back seat! Love this recipe – perfect for summer time sipping!

  35. Raspberries — eaten plain!

  36. following you on twitter – @swellswag

  37. I love blackberries the most (though I’ll eat any berries), and I love em as a snack in the morning!

  38. Love your recipe and the accompanying accouterments … Being a diabetic, berries are about the only fruit I can eat without feeling guilty and checking by blood sugar 82 times … Love all berries equally 🙂

  39. Following on pinterest

  40. Following on twitter

  41. Liked you on facebook

  42. What a super cute little basket and a great prop!

  43. My favorite berry… is a toss up between blueberries and strawberries. My favorite way to enjoy strawberries is in a strawberry rhubarb pie! My favorite way to enjoy blueberries is plain, and topped with some sugar:-) Your blueberry lassi sounds filling, and delicious:-) What a fun giveaway, Hugs, Terra

  44. I follow you on Twitter!

  45. I love those baskets! My favorite berry is probably strawberries to eat plain/fresh. But I absolutely adore raspberries when cooked with chocolate.

  46. I follow you on twitter.

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  48. I follow you on Facebook.

  49. Jessica H says:

    Favorite berry: strawberries

    I like them freshly picked and plain. Or sometimes dipped in a mixed cream cheese, cool whip, and powdered sugar.

  50. Jessica H says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  51. Jessica H says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  52. choco-dipped strawberries. too good!


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