Marvelous Magnesium {Part 1} + A SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seed Giveaway

Bananas Foster Breakfast Bowl w Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin SeedsNote: The giveaway is now over, but read more to learn about the health benefits of magnesium!

Did you know pumpkin seeds are nutrition superstars when it comes to magnesium? Oh, and did you also know that one of my favorite new healthy gourmet snacks, SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds, is packed with magnesium {over 40 % of the daily recommended intake!} and other healthy stuff???

Now you know.

I’ve got a delicious SuperSeedz giveaway for you to enter, but let’s talk magnesium first, because it plays a key supporting role in hundreds of chemical reactions in our bodies, yet it also happens to be one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the American diet.

Part 1 {this part} of my Marvelous Magnesium post will cover WHY magnesium is so important for optimal health, and Part 2 {stay tuned!} will cover HOW to make sure you are getting enough magnesium in your diet, from both delicious dietary sources, and supplements if needed.

So let’s talk magnesium shall we…

Magnesium & Health Part 1

Magnesium & Health

Why magnesium is marvelous and what it does…

Regulates blood pressure, maintains bone health, supports a healthy immune system, keeps your heart beating steady, regulates blood glucose levels, keeps you regular {we’re talking bathroom regular here}, and helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function.  The bottom line: Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in our bodies, and is essential for hundreds of biochemical reactions to maintain health.  Magnesium truly is MARVELOUS!

Health conditions magnesium might help…

√ MIGRAINES Research has suggested that up to 50% of people with migraines may be deficient in magnesium, and several studies suggest that magnesium may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks in people with low levels of magnesium. 

√ PMS Reduced magnesium levels have been reported in women affected by PMS, and in one study women who were treated w/ magnesium alone, or magnesium with vitamin B6 {best response} reported a significant decrease in PMS symptoms after 1 or 2 months of therapy.

√ HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE One study with 8500+ women found that a higher intake of dietary magnesium might decrease the risk of hypertension, and a few studies have suggested that supplemental magnesium may also help lower blood pressure, although studies are mixed.

√ FIBROMYALGIA Although studies are mixed and more are needed, magnesium, either in combination with malic acid or calcium may help alleviate some of the pain and tenderness associated with fibromyalgia. Speaking from personal experience, when I was experiencing a lot of overall pain and achiness from “possible” fibromyalgia, and before I started a gluten-free diet, I found a combination of magnesium and malic acid helped take the edge off.

 References and further reading on magnesium and health…

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for Marvelous Magnesium {Part 2} where I share tips for getting enough magnesium in your diet both from delicious foods {like these SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds}, along with dietary supplements when needed.

Now let’s talk about my SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seed giveaway!

SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seed Giveaway at The Spicy RD


Being the healthy snacker that I am, and always eager to try new products, I was delighted to be asked by the SUPER people at SuperSeedz to review their line of healthy flavored pumpkin seeds.

Let me tell you this…

They are delicious!

Here’s my seedy sales pitch 🙂

SuperSeedz pumpkin seeds are a super snack containing 9 grams of protein per serving, along with 15 % of the RDI for both zinc {keeps your immune system strong} and iron {keeps that oxygen flowing through your body}. Oh, and of course YOU know this after reading the first part of my post, they are also a SUPER source of much needed magnesium {Note to my friends at SuperSeedz, you should add this to your website :-)}

And, if you need more reasons to convince you to try SuperSeedz, let me just tell you that they are allergan friendly too-peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free, fish free, shellfish free, and soy/gluten free {except for Curious Curry which is made w/ a non-GMO soy sauce}.

Convinced you need to try them yet?

Did I tell you they are delicious???

I tried all the SuperSeedz flavors {except for Curious Curry} and loved them all, but most especially the Tomato Italiano, Cinnamon & Sugar, and Coco Joe which tastes surprisingly like a super healthy version of Cocoa Krispies.

Not that I’ve ever eaten Cocoa Krispies or anything remotely like them 🙂

Oh, and for my low FODMAP friends, Really Naked, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon & Sugar should be right up your alley! Curry powder may also be ok if you are not also on a gluten-free diet, and Cocoa Jo is a delicious possibility is you can tolerate cocoa.

Want to try them now???

Click on the Rafflecopter link below for the giveaway opportunity to win 8 bags of SuperSeedz {one of each flavor}, OR head on over to the SuperSeedz on-line store  or find them in a market near you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And before I go, I want to share one of my favorite ways to enjoy Cinnamon Sugar SuperSeedz with you…

Bananas Foster Breakfast Bowl w Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds

Super simple and deliciously filling, to make this Bananas Foster Breakfast Bowl with Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds, all you need to do is make my recipe for Breakfast Bananas Foster, and top with SuperSeedz Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Seeds + Slivered Almonds in place of the streusel topping. Bon Appetit!

Disclosure: I was provided with free samples of SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds to try for myself.  I was not paid to write this post, however SuperSeedz generously offered to give one of my readers a gourmet pumpkin seed gift pack. All opinions of SuperSeedz are 100% my own.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I’d love to chat with you more, so leave a comment, share a tip, or ask a question! And, if you think your friends would enjoy this post, I’d truly appreciate you sharing with it them too.

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  1. Carrie C. in VA says:

    I would like to try the sea salt flavor.

  2. Kaylin @ Enticing Healthy Eating says:

    Yum! I’d love to try these pumpkin seeds. Definitely the sea salt flavor.

  3. I eat pumpkin seeds plain for an afternoon snack.

  4. Depending on what I’d be cooking, I think I’d like the tomato Italiano and cinn/sugar. I usually make pepitoria, a Hispanic recipe using roasted pumpkin seeds, and sprinkle it on my sliced oranges! Maybe I should post the recipe some time, the sea salt ones may be a plus!

  5. With my calcium issue, and joint muscle pain. It is wonderful to learn about Magnesium, thank you for sharing all the fabulous benefits! Seriously, holy cats, your banana fosters treat looks OH MY goodness YUM! Hugs

  6. Yum. I’ll bring the Greek yogurt, you bring the SuperSeedz… match made in heaven 🙂

  7. I admit, I only eat pumpkin seeds once a year during Jack O’Lantern carving time. Fantastic informative post and I’m going try that delicious Banana Foster Breakfast Bowl for sure.

  8. I love toasted or raw pepitas in my porridge, blended into green smoothies, on salads, on their own as a snack…

  9. Colleen C. says:

    I love pumpkin seeds on salads.

  10. Michaela says:

    I love pumpkin seeds made into a salty/sweet brittle. I’d like to try sea salt

  11. i love making seed crackers and bread using pumpkin seeds for all their added nutritional benefits!

    I think all the flavors sound great, but the sea salt I think would go great in my crackers and bread!

  12. The banana foster breakfast bowl looks DELISH! Definitely going to try it.

  13. I love adding pumpkin seeds to spaghetti squash dishes! I don’t know why, but it’s so delicious, especially with a great tomato sauce on top 🙂
    I’d definitely love the plain “really naked” flavor!

  14. I positively ADORE pumpkin seeds!! We use them often, and I also have roasted butternut squash seeds. A little smaller version. However, I’ve never done flavors like these guys. LOVE!!!

  15. Looks delicious!!!

    Thank for the article, interesting and full of useful content.

    I just need to find a source for pumpkin seeds.. that might be a bit tough..


  16. Just signed up for your news letter, so excited. I am a gr.12 student and I desperately want to be come an RD. I am obsessed with cinnamon so I think I would buy the cinnamon/sugar and tomato italian. ! I would love to sample these.

  17. I have a “nut/seeds cheese” recipe with pumpkins seeds, and I love it. But I don’t make it often enough…

    I’d love to try the Curious Curry flavor since I love all things curry.

  18. Were they all GF/soy free? I feel like I saw these…anyway thinking out loud. Magnesium is totally where it’s at, do you supplement or just get via good EA?

  19. I eat pumpkin seeds as a snack all th time!

  20. That’s a lot of yummylicious magnesium intake, that I would happily snack on.
    your banana fosters breakfast bowl looks so delicious!

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  22. Yes, I can definitely deal with this 🙂 Drool!

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  24. Happy RD Day dear girl, thanks for giving my web time a much FUNer whirl!

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  26. Great post with all that information on Magnesium – thanks EA! Love the pumpkin seeds in your breakfast bowl.

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