High Protein Breakfast Ideas for Vegans, Vegetarians, & Omnivores

What if I told you the simple act of adding more protein to your breakfast could help keep you alert, energized, satiated, and less likely to over eat later in the day?  Would you be game to try?  If so, check out the inforgraphic below for a list of high protein breakfast ideas to start your day off with, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore! P.S. They’re all gluten-free!

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Power Your Day with Protein Infographic // The Spicy RD

More Healthy & Delicious Ways to Boost Your Breakfast with Protein…

  • Pump up your smoothies with whey protein, egg white protein, vegan protein powder, tofu, beans, seeds, nuts and nut butters.
  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit are quick and easy breakfast ideas. Stir in some nuts or seeds to boost fiber too!
  • Add protein power of your choice, plus nuts and/or seeds to pancake and waffle batter, or try one of my favorite dutch baby pancakes-yum!
  • Scramble up some eggs or tofu and top w/ sauted veggies of choice, plus cheese or vegan cheese.
  • How about a breakfast taco w/ refried beans, an egg or tofu, and salsa? Yes, please!
  • Stir Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, plus nuts or nut butter in to your oatmeal.  Ditto for cooked quinoa or buckwheat groats.
  • Make a breakfast “sandwich” w/ a poached egg, slice of ham, and tomato and avocado.  Serve it open faced on bread of choice, or totally naked!
  • Want even more ideas??? Check out my recipe index for more breakfast and smoothie recipes!!!

Read More About The Benefits of Eating Protein at Breakfast…

Are you getting enough protein at breakfast?  Do you eat breakfast?  What’s your favorite way to eat protein at breakfast?  Has this post given you any new ideas for ways to boost your protein intake at breakfast???

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  1. So true!!! I notice a 100% difference in my entire daily eating pattern if I start with a protein-packed breakfast. Not only am I less famished by lunch, but I’m more steady the entire day. Great ideas.

  2. Bananas Foster for breakfast + eggs – sign me up.

  3. Great article with loads of wonderful tips, EA… Thank you!

  4. I love the infographic!

    I try to pay attention to protein at breakfast, but I’m not sure I always get at least 20 grams. I’ll pay even more attention now! 🙂

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    • Thanks Andrea! It’s interesting because I tend to get enough protein for breakfast during the week, it on weekends I sometimes eat more carbs, but this morning I knew I was going to be out and about all day, so fueled up with protein, and it carried me through the day :-). Hope you had a fabulous weekend as well!

  5. Great information EA and in such an easy to understand format! Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  6. I one hundred percent agree, added protein really does provide more energy for the body. I have troubles with low blood sugar, diabetes runs in my family. So I carry lunch and breakfast everyday for work, along with snack items. I find that I have to make a breakfast that is easy to travel with, and full of protein. Then I am good for several hours. If I don’t have enough protein in my breakfast, I am hungry 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. Thank you for all the different recipe ideas, you rock! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Terra

  7. Take that NY Times (and telling us BF not even important). Love these ideas. Funny, I never think in grams. I do fully support protein breakfasts, it’s one of the “ten steps to svelte” in the Little Book of Thin, ha ha.

  8. Growing up I used to NEVER eat breakfast. No wonder my mornings were a blur. I excelled in afternoon classes haha. Now I wake up excited for breakfast! I normally have some eggs and toast or Greek yogurt topped with granola. I need some variety, but I don’t mind eating the same thing over and over again. I’m easy to please I suppose ;).

    • Love that you’re excited for breakfast Min 🙂 I’ve always been a breakfast eater, but growing up, and even in college, it was a lot more carb heavy. Even now, I need to “think out” my breakfasts each morning to make sure I am getting enough protein, but it does make a huge difference in my energy level when I do get enough.

  9. Excellent info! I’ve just forwarded this to my husband and son. My son has trouble eating in the morning, he’s much happier with a breakfast at around 10:30 or so. Not so easy when you are in high school.
    We’ve totally changed the way we breakfast in the last month, and it seems to be making such a difference! A nice green smoothie with yogurt or eggs and quinoa on the side. I’m a happy mama!

    • I hear you about the struggle getting teens to eat a good breakfast, especially when they are so tired in the morning. I’ve noticed since my daughter started middle school this year, she just doesn’t seem to have the appetite to eat much first thing in the morning. She’s picky about energy bars too, so I’m thinking I need to find a good recipe she really likes so I can send something with her to school that she can eat mid morning for a protein boost. Glad that you’re a happy mama with your new breakfast habits 🙂

      • Sounds like almost the same kid!! My son is picky about the bars too… Funny, now that he has his driver’s license he comes home for lunch a couple of times a week! For Liv, she will eat a waffle PBJ (she likes waffles for breakfast, then we make pbj out of a leftover). Otherwise we struggle for protein for her too!

  10. Such a nice infographic and a great reminder to mind our protein intake!

  11. Great info! I always feel super hungry when I don’t eat enough protein in the morning. I love that you gave veg and meat options!!


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