Cinco de Mayo Recipes // Cal-Mex Style

Cinco de Mayo RecipesCelebrate Cinco de Mayo with a mouth-watering round-up of healthy and delicious Cal-Mex recipes!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Living in San Diego, surrounded by so much delicious Mexican food, I feel like I’m celebrating one big Cinco de Mayo Fiesta all year round!  Big Tex and all my Texas friends might argue with me that Tex Mex is best, but, having lived in Southern California most of my life, plus having lived in Texas for several years, including college {where I have probably consumed more margaritas than anywhere else!},  I have to say my heart belongs to California style Mexican food.  Agree or disagree???

No matter which you prefer, you are probably here because you like Mexican food.

Or you really like a good excuse to party!

Let’s celebrate!!!


Halibut CevicheInspired by a trip to Punta Mita {adults only, no kids}, this Halibut Ceviche with corn and tomatoes is super easy to make, and absolutely delicious! And, all I will say about the trip is this… What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. Enough said.

Triple XXX Playboy GuacamoleIt wouldn’t be a Cinco de Mayo party without any guacamole, now, would it??? Try a twist on traditional guacamole with this UK Playboy Guacamole, courtesy of my dad.  Tarragon vinegar, lemon juice, shallots and Tabasco pair together deliciously in this yummy guacamole, that, as rumor has it, first appeared in Playboy magazine sometime in the 1950.  Serve with Playboy Bunny tortilla chips-optional 🙂


Triple Citrus Pomegranate Rosemary Margaritas Fresh rosemary, three kinds of citrus, and pomegranate juice are the base for my Triple Citrus Rosemary Pomegranate Margaritas. Need I say more? Oh, and don’t forget the tequila of course!

Cantaloupe Mint SparklerNot imbibing? This Cantaloupe Mint Sparkler made with my favorite Ayala’s Lemongrass Mint Vanilla Sparkling Water is the perfect mocktail to celebrate with.  You can also add rum and make it as a Cantaloupe Mojito, but somehow it seems wrong to drink rum at a Cinco de Mayo party.  Yes? No???


Baked Enchilada PastaTwo years ago at this time, was the first time I made this Baked Enchilada Pasta for a dinner party for 22.  There was absolutely nothing left if that’s any indication of how good it is. This year, I’m hosting the same party {which is a progressive dinner party I’ve been doing for the past three years with two other families as a school fundraiser}, and I’ve got to come up with a different dish.  The party is two days away as I am writing this, and I’m thinking some sort of stacked enchilada dish plus a Mexican inspired cabbage slaw would be yummy, but I haven’t found any recipes yet.  If you have a good idea please share. Please!!!

Orange Salsa FrescaSalsa Fresca never goes out of style, especially when it’s made with fresh citrus! Cara Cara Oranges are out of season. Le sigh… but you can still make Fish Tacos with Orange Salsa Fresca with whatever oranges are in season in your area. Don’t forget to add LOTS of cilantro.  Unless you’re one of those people who think cilantro tastes like soap. Are you???

SopesI created this recipe for Chicken and Bean Sopes a few years ago for Bobs Red Mill, and it’s still one of my favorites! If you’ve never tried them before, sopes are a fun twist on tostadas. Thicker than tortillas, but still made with masa harina, I also call these Little Discs of Heaven. They are delicious with chicken and beans, but you can go without the pollo for a vegan version. Serve them DIY style with all the fixins’ including lots of chopped avocado, and your family {or party guests!} will thank you. Muchas Gracias Amigos!


XXX Chocolate BiscottiI’m only serving up one dessert tonight, because these Triple XXX Chocolate Biscotti {gluten-free and grain-free} are seriously all you need to keep the fiesta going all night long! Serve with coffee if desired. Or perhaps a shot of tequila or some of my favorite smokey mezcal???

I’ll leave that to you to decide 🙂

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? What’s your all-time favorite Mexican dish? Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex, or ???

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P.S. If you read my last post, you know that I’ve been watching Breaking Bad.  Well, I finally finished the last season. Phew…Talk about intense!!! Now I’m moving on to season 2 of House of Cards, but I know I’ll get through that ASAP, so I’d love to get your suggestions for what to watch after that!

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  1. Seriously delicious looking food and drink!! I have never heard of sopas so I will have to have and have a gander at that recipe. Have a fun and successful party – what a great idea for a fun-raiser. Wish I could help you out on your slaw dilemma but I am sure your So-Cal chums will chime in with good ideas for you.

    • Thanks Kelli! Definitely give the Shopes a go, as they are quite delicious! And, yes, the fund raiser is a lot of fun, and always “sells out” quickly every year, so I guess we all throw a fun party, although Mr. Spicy rolls his eyes at me every years when I tell him we are hosting again 🙂

  2. Geez, sorry about those ‘haves’ in the comment. Please fix me so I do’t look too much an idiot! I really can’t type…

    • Ha! Been there, done that 🙂 You will never look like a idiot Kellie! (And I’m just realizing I spelled your name without an e in the first reply. Who’s looking clueless, right now? 🙂

  3. Texas, Cali – any twist on Mexican is a winner in my book including every single one of these yummy looking dishes!

  4. I’m definitely Pinning these for Monday!

  5. I am most taken by that baked enchilada pasta. My husband is a Mexican food fan and I like depth, spice and variety. I like that your pasta looks a great texture and is really full and bursting x

  6. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! One of my all time favorite holidays!! And it’s all because of the food. You have everything here that we need for a fiesta!

  7. Everything looks so good EA! Hope you had a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration!

  8. I’ve never had California style Mexican food so my vote goes to Tex-Mex! Although it’s so different from authentic Mexican food. My brother-in-law is Mexican and I look forward to feasting at his family gatherings ;). I love me some mole sauce! There are so many delicious recipes here, EA! I’m especially drawn to that fancy margarita!

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