10 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Almonds + A Fabulous Almond Giveaway!

10 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Almons + An Almond GiveawayLast February 16 was National Almond Day, and in honor of the day, and thanks to the generosity of the Almond Board of California, I was hoping to share some of my favorite healthy and delicious ways to enjoy almonds with you, plus I’ve got some fabulous almond goodies to give away to you!

But I couldn’t.

Because instead of writing this post, I was snacking on slivered almonds {with a few chocolate chips thrown in for good measure}, on the slopes of Solitude mountain instead 🙂

Solitude Ski Resort UtahHave you ever skied at Solitude in Utah before? FABULOUS resort & I will definitely be going back again!

Never fear, though…

I am back in town {in one piece I might add!} and ready to share my favorite “Life Hacks with Almonds” with you today, along with a delicious almond giveaway!


  1. Substitute almonds/almond meal for bread crumbs when coating meat, veggies, or other foods. My family and I absolutely LOVE this Baked Almond Crusted Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese from Kalyn’s Kitchen, and this recipe for Almond Crusted Pork Chops with Quick Cabbage & Pears at The Almond Board of California, is on my list to try too!
  2. Add almond butter to your favorite hot breakfast cereal for a burst of flavor plus protein.
  3. Use almond flour to create gluten-free alternatives for favorite cakes and muffins.  Like this AMAZING Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Icing and Sliced Almonds. Oh, and this Flourless Almond Cake with Raspberry Sauce sounds pretty delicious too!
  4. Ditch the bread crumbs some time and use coarsely ground almonds for a delicious gluten-free casserole topping.
  5. 3 words. DIY Almond Milk!  I work with a lot of clients w/ food sensitivities and intolerances, and many of them need to avoid gums, fillers, etc that are found in store bought almond milk, so I am a huge fan of DIY Almond Milk.  Not to mention, I think it tastes SO much better than store bought.  Have you tried it?  If not, here’s a super easy almond milk recipe {Note: This recipe does not call for soaking the almonds first, but I usually soak them first.  You could try it both ways and see if there is a difference.} Wondering what to do with that almond milk once you’ve made it? Use it on cereal, in smoothies, in baking, or in this delicious, heart healthy Cinnamon Almond Mocha.  Yum!
  6. Substitute almond milk for regular milk in mashed potatoes for a creamy dairy-free dish.
  7. Add almonds to whole grain recipes to bring out the nutty flavor of the grain.  Like in this Cranberry Orange Quinoa Pudding with Toasted Almonds.  Is it dessert or breakfast??? You decide!
  8. Got almond pulp from your homemade almond milk? Try it as a gluten-free thickening agent in soups or stews!
  9. Try almond flour in your favorite cookie recipe or baked good to produce an even chewier texture.  This Peach and Berry Cream Cheese Tart with a Cinnamon Almond Crust is so healthy you can eat it for breakfast. Hmmm….It probably seems to you like I eat a lot of desserts for breakfast 🙂
  10. Almonds + Your favorite sweet or savory spices thrown into a slow cooker makes for a delicious homemade snack mix!

And now for the fabulous almond giveaway…

Almond GIft Pack GiveawayThe Almond Board of California has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers, an almond gift pack that includes: 1 bag of whole almonds, 1 bag of slivered almonds, 1 bag of almond meal, and 1 container of almond butter.  Oh, yum! Think of all the healthy and delicious almond creations you can come up with!

Click the Rafflecopter link below to enter the almond gift pack giveaway…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: The Almond Board of California provided me with my own sample gift pack of almond products to taste and review.  I was not compensated for writing this post, and, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I’m not sure it’s a hack, but I love keeping a bag of almonds in my freezer to add to yogurt or throw into the blender with smoothie ingredients.

  2. Almonds are my favorite! Not sure this is a hack but I love adding toasted sliced almonds to oatmeal. They are wonderful in granola, too.

  3. I love almonds with a little cheese. Goes perfectly together.

  4. Toasted almonds ground up with dates and a bit of cinnamon + maple syrup or sorghum for the base of a cheesecake.

  5. I’ve made chocolate almonds with sugar and cocoa.They were ok, I need to try to make them again.

  6. I LOVE almond milk and using almond flour while baking! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  7. I soak almonds for a day, then dehydrate them and try not to eat them all in one sitting. So crunchy and delicious!

  8. DIY almond buttah :). Hi EA!

  9. I love using almond butter in sauces!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! 🙂

  10. I love a homemade almond butter on a toast

  11. Homemade almond butter with honey on toast!!

  12. I love roasted almonds as snacks and we always have them in our pantry!

  13. While I’m not much of a skiier, you’ve painted a beautiful winter skiing picture in my head!! So glad you had a beautiful day.
    And I’d say any day is better with almonds in it!!! Almond butter is my current obsession… next up I’m going to try to make my own!

  14. Homemade almond butter! I have an awesome vanilla flax recipe that is eat it by the spoonful worthy 🙂

  15. Toni Burton says:

    I love almonds. They’re my favor nut. Chocolate almond milk, almond meal, material roasted & (occasionally) almond butter, are staples in my kitchen. I make a great gluten free almond cake for dessert. It comes together quickly, keeps fir several days,& is easy to tailor by adding other extras to change the flavor profile.

  16. Toni Burton says:

    Woops! The perils of posting on a mobile phone!
    I love almonds. They’re my favorite nut. Chocolate almond milk, almond meal, natural roasted almonds & (occasionally) almond butter, are staples in my kitchen. I make a great gluten free almond cake for dessert. It comes together quickly, keeps for several days,& is easy to tailor by adding other extras to change the flavor profile.

  17. I love almonds so this is a very useful article for me. Thanks for writing it EA! Good luck to the lucky giveaway winner.

  18. My favorite almond life hack is to sprinkle chopped almonds on everything, from fish and veggies to waffles and cakes.

  19. adding almond butter to recipes in place of butter for some healthy fats and great flavor!

  20. Love, love almonds, as the nut and in its many permutations. This is a great little all-in-one reminder/crib sheet of the humble nut’s many uses. I have never made my own almond mil – and have just discovered a UK brand that doesn’t have any thickener and other potential nasties, but I still fancy giving homemade a go. Obviously I can’t enter your contest, but sure wish I could. California almonds are the best. PS Any hints on the technique for the slow cooker spicy nut idea?? x

  21. Wow, the almond milk is surprisingly simple to make but the mocha sounds delightful. I’m a huge almond fan, love frangipani tarts, love bake well, love it in rice dishes and your recipes all sound so, so tempting. I haven’t used almond and orange together much, thank you so much for sharing! Xx

  22. I love almonds! almond milk is great in hot chai tea 🙂

  23. I love Almond Melaway Cookies, Burnt Almond Cake and Almond Butter on toast!

  24. Love snacking on almonds after a hike

  25. Not sure what a life hack is, but I will tell you how I love my almonds! Just plain, naked, natural…to munch on for a snack! YUMMY!

  26. It isn’t a hack, but I recently switched from soy to almond milk.

  27. I only drink almond milk and love it in smoothies. Yum!

  28. Kitty Iecvan says:

    I make my own almond milk by roasted and blending almonds.

  29. The best almond dish I ever had was an almond cake made by my cousin in Italy, which incorporated a zabaglione–moist and delicious.

  30. Thanks for the shout-out, I really appreciate it. (And no need to enter me in the give-away. My freezer is well-stocked with almonds!)

  31. Derrick Johnson says:

    I mix my almonds with some brown sugar,chili powder,cumin,and sea salt for a sweet and spicy almond snack!

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