4th Annual December Fitness Challenge & Fitbit Force Giveaway 2013

Note: As of December 1, 2013, I am no longer taking entries to win the Fitbit Force, however anyone is welcome to join the December Fitness Challenge so we can all motivate each other to stay fit this holiday season.  For motivation and inspiration, please follow the #DecFit hashtag on Twitter, follow my December Fitness Challenge Pinterest Board, or follow me on Facebook.  Cheers!

2013 December Fitness Challenge & Giveaway // The Spicy RDJoin the December Fitness Challenge…Run, walk the dog, play tag with your kids {or friends}, ski, play ball, ride a bike, play tennis, go paddle boarding, do whatever YOU want to stay fit this holiday season!!!

Are you ready to start the new year off with a bang? Full of energy, glowing from head to toe, and ready to take on the world in 2014???

If you said, YES, then you are ready to join my 4th Annual December Fitness Challenge and Giveaway!

Thanks to all of last years December fitness challengers, I managed to keep fit last holiday season, and I’m looking to all of you to motivate me again, and for all of us to motivate each other!

For those of you who didn’t participate last year, or the year before, {or the year before} let me get you up to speed on what the December Fitness Challenge is all about…

December Fitness Challenge

Are any of you like me, and find your fitness routine somewhat lacking in December?  Or, even worse, non-existent???  If your answer is YES, then please join me as I embark upon my December fitness challenge…

Why I am starting this challenge: Personally speaking, December has always been a difficult month for me to keep up my fitness routine.  Most of you probably know the drill.  There are sparkly lights to hang, holiday cards to mail, original and unique presents to buy, festive parties to attend, delicious cookies to bake, intoxicating beverages to drink, and out of school children to entertain.  Whew!  Are you tired already???

Believe me, I really do look forward to this special time of year, but I find that SOMETHING usually has to give.  And, for me, unfortunately, that SOMETHING is usually exercise.

And truly, if you want to survive December with a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, a non-expanding waistline , and a stress level that isn’t through the roof, exercise is the last thing you should let slip through the cracks!  So, if you are in agreement with me, please read on for more details about the December fitness challenge and contest….

Are you ready to join the fun???

Then, check out what my own December Fitness Challenge looks like, and find out what awesome prize you can win, along with all the ways you can enter via Rafflecopter…

For my own 2013 December Fitness Challenge, I will walk/climb/run at least 8,000 steps {average} per day, and do a minimum of two 20+ minute strength training sessions each week in December.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What will YOU get out of the December Fitness Challenge???

  • More energy!
  • Less stress!
  • A happy mood!  Hello, holiday good cheer!!!
  • No {unwanted} holiday weight gain!
  • A chance to win an awesome Fitbit Force {or Amazon Gift Card}!!! Note: I’ve been using a Fitbit Flex for the past couple of month and I LOVE it! Believe it or not, I can often be found running laps around my house, or climbing up and down the stairs, {taking work breaks}, just so I can get my step count up.  I felt a little funny doing this at first, and my dog stares at me with a funny look on his face, but it really clears my mind and energizes me so I can get more work done during the day. Ever since the Force came out though, I’ve had my eyes on one {hint, hint  to Mr. Spicy if you’re reading this :-)}, because you can see your actual step number without syncing it, and it keeps track of stairs climbed, one of my favorite workouts!

And because I want you to come back after December 31 and tell me how YOUR December Fitness Challenge went, and what your fitness goals are for 2014, I’ll be having another fun giveaway in the beginning of the New Year for anyone who wants to share how their own challenge went.  Stay tuned at the beginning of January for more…

In the meantime, if you aren’t doing so already, be sure and connect with me on PinterestTwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Google Plus for fitness tips and inspiration all December long, and be sure and share your own fitness tips and inspiration too using the #DecFit hashtag.

Cheers to a healthy, happy holiday season and beyond!!!

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  1. My December goal each week is to fit in two mid-week runs of 3 miles and a slightly longer run on either day of the weekend.

  2. My personal goal is to get a minimum of 10,600 steps per day with the challenge of making that 12,000-15,000 steps per day. I also want to challenge myself to become more consistent with my exercise, doing at least 3 to 5 30 minute exercise sessions a week.

  3. Oh yes girl, December is so hectic. Mine is: Run at least 30 minutes 5 days/week in December.

  4. My december is crazy – but I want to increase my fitness by working out at least 3x per week

  5. Great challenge!

    For my challenge I will walk/run at least 10,000 steps per day (average), take at least 2 yoga or barre classes per week, and do 3 strength workouts per week.

  6. I pledge to not sit at my desk for 8 hours each day

  7. My challenge is to get to a size medium. I already shrank one size over the summer.

  8. I have to say that every time I do try and get fitter, I really do experience mood, stress and fatigue lifting. I’m back to aerobics this week, x

  9. My goal is to maintain my current routine- it is easy to get distracted with plans for the holidays! As long as I stick with the exercise schedule I am on, I will be happy. 🙂

  10. I love this opportunity! I’ve been lacking in motivation since late October and I’m ready to get motivated.

  11. My goal is to complete Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! I want to do this for myself and to get motivated for this year.

  12. I am challenging myself to run at lease 10 laps at a jogging park near my house and do 100 sit-ups a week 🙂 It’s not that big but I’m starting out small and realistic so I can fulfill it! 🙂 Let’s all have a fit holiday 😀

  13. My goal is to run/walk everyday. We just moved and have a driveway/street that is 1/4 mile long. I would like to run at least a mile every day if not 3. That’s 4 -12 lengths as it is right outside my door- I would hope this is doable. THe challenge is I have two kids under 6 years old so I have to take them with me.

  14. I would like to run 1 to 3 miles per day

  15. My goal in December is to (1) lift weights three times per week, (2) do yoga two times per week and (3) go on a walk/run w/ the dog once a week.

  16. My goal is to walk 30 minutes 5 days each week. I’m just starting up my fitness routine after learning my BMI says I’m obese(!). I’ve been pretty sedentary for the past couple of years, and I’ve really packed on the pounds. 🙁 But, here’s to new beginnings!

  17. cierra mccray says:

    My December goal is to lose 2lbs per week Exercise everyday and to fit a size 7 dress for my 17th birthday in February:) Start weight 185lbs Goal by the end of December 150lbs & Goal by February 27th 130lbs

  18. My goal is to get back on track with exercise and healthy eating. For exercise, I have the treadmill and I plan to begin today with 10 minutes and work up to 25 minutes, everyday. To launch the healthy eating, I plan three days of veggies, broth and other liquids only, beginning Sunday. My best to everyone joining in on this challenge!

  19. 10000 steps a day my wife has had one for 2 weeks and she’s already dropped 3 LBs

  20. My personal fitness challenge is to get up and get active. I’m a mom of 4 and finding the time to take care of myself has always been a challenge. I always make excuses not to exercise. I also have been battling an auto-immune disorder which brings on extreme fatigue, especially if I have been eating wrong. Realistically, I know I can eat healthier, I can start juicing and head to the gym before or after my husband goes to work. I have to be a positive role model for my girls.

  21. My goal for December will be to run at least twice a week, strength train twice a week and up my daily step average to 12,500 every week in December.

  22. My fitness challenge is running at least 20 minutes a day, everyday. ITs been really difficult finding time for myself with a full time job and family. My goal is to prioritze my heath and start a great new year!

  23. My big fitness challenge for December is going to be completing my second full marathon on December 14! Good luck to everyone in reaching their goals for the month of December and thank you for hosting this challenge again this year!

  24. My fitness challenge for December is to get moving! I’m challenging myself to walk 2 miles every Mon-Fri while my son is at school!

  25. My goal is to do yoga once a day!

  26. My December Fitness Challenge will be to be more active….walking with the kids, playing with them in the park (rather than sitting and watching) and just move more!

  27. My December fitness challenge is two-fold:
    1. Stop making excuses. 30 minutes out of a day is not hard to find for working out.
    2. Stop eating right before going to sleep. It’s a nasty habit I’ve developed and I can’t WAIT to get rid of it!

  28. Tyler Johnson says:

    Yeah, it’s been hard for me so far this past month! I’ve just gotten back into the swing of things and did some cardio the past 3 out of 5 nights!

  29. My December Fitness Challenge will be to be more active and walk my dogs everyday. Thank you for the chance!

  30. I will walk 3 miles 5 days/week (which I do now) but add on 2 strength-training sessions per week + daily stretching.

  31. My goal is to continue going to the gym 3-5 times a week for cardio (treadmill) and strength-training (free weights). Started going to gym 2 yrs ago before hitting a new decade to lose some weight and get fit. Since then, dropped 12 lbs and 2 pant sizes … that’s enough enticement to keep me going to the gym … plus the added energy and feeling of well-being! 60 is the new 40!!!

  32. My goal is not to touch the holiday treats at work.

  33. Drink more water, eat more veggies, run 3 times a week, strength train 2 times a week. Walk more

  34. December Goal: 2 days a week at the gym, 1 yoga class and 1 spin class!

  35. Christine Thompson says:

    My goal is continue with the workout schedule I have established this past year.

  36. I need to get me one of those FitBits. My parents have one and love it. Blogging has certainly put a damper on my exercise schedule!

  37. I am excited to be a part of the #DecFit group fun! I have been so busy, I find too many excuses to not go to the gym. I am starting to miss my workouts, and I feel so out of shape. My goal is to make baby steps, and work on getting to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. Each week I walk my dog after work, so that helps keep me moving. I would also like to do maybe 10-20 minutes of yoga after walking my dog. I am a determined girl, AND I know it is time to make fun, happy changes! Sending Hugs, Terra

  38. Caitlin dunlevy says:

    I would love to win the Fitbit because I would challenge myself to 10000 steps a day and track my sleep!


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