• User AvatarHeather Mason { These look amazing. Man, that must have been rough to see all those beautiful pastries and not have gluten free options. } – Nov 20, 2:04 PM
  • User Avatarkellie@foodtoglow { What a fun post! A delicious, flavour-packed recipe for the winter holidays - or any winter meal -plus a gorgeous travelogue! Your pictures are terrific!... } – Nov 20, 1:33 PM
  • User AvatarThe Spicy RD { Thanks Laura-he's the best! And, oh my goodness, HUGE perspective about our messes after watching Hoarding. Note: I am typing this surrounded by big stacks... } – Nov 20, 9:13 AM
  • User AvatarLaura @ Family Spice { What a sweet hubby you have! Happy Anniversary! And oh yeah, it only takes one show of "Hoarding" to give us some perspective about our... } – Nov 20, 7:50 AM
  • User AvatarThe Spicy RD { I am very lucky indeed VIviane, and, the goat cheese tasting was especially fabulous! There was a curried banana apple goat cheese that was one... } – Nov 20, 6:19 AM